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Type Network
An alliance of independent type designers. I only checked one set of prices and it was very expensive.
webdesign  web  design  graphic  type  typeface  fonts  foundry  designer  typography  network  alliance 
may 2018 by piperh
Fontanello – because you have a weak spot for fonts
extension for Firefox and Chrome that will show you font and applied styles
webdesign  web  design  font  type  typography  face  typeface  display  style  name  browser  extension  tool 
march 2018 by piperh
Production Type
Paris type design studio. They designed Spectral for Google fonts
foundry  design  designers  type  typeface  typography  fonts 
december 2017 by piperh
Spectral - Google Fonts
A font designed for screen (by 'Production Type' in Paris). Very chiseled serif. Looks interesting at text size but somewhat clunky/chunky at display. Lots of weights.
font  spectral  google  googlefont  type  typography  serif  face  typeface  free 
december 2017 by piperh
explanation and a few comments about fout, foit and foft, and font loading
webdesign  web  design  font  fout  foft  foit  performance  load  speed  @font-face  webfont  type  face  typeface 
july 2016 by piperh
Fonts In Use – Type at work in the real world.
They say: An independent archive of typography. Menus categorised by 'Industries', 'Formats' (media type), 'Typeface'
web  graphic  design  font  typography  inspiration  usage  examples  type  typeface  archive 
june 2016 by piperh
google webfonts helper
online resource that makes a package and provides code you need to self-host google webfonts. Author also mentions that they're hosted on Heroku, so I'm not 100% clear what the arrangement is
webdesign  web  design  font  webfont  typeface  @fontface  google  hosting  self-host  host  typography 
may 2016 by piperh
Overpass Web Font
an open source web font, looking very similar to interstate
webdesign  web  design  font  overpass  interstate  type  typeface 
january 2016 by piperh
The League of Moveable Type
a collection of open source @font-face fonts free to use
webdesign  web  design  fonts  type  typography  typeface  @font-face  free  opensource 
november 2015 by piperh
Clear Sans |
nice sans designed for Intel. Slightly narrow. Good for UI design. Capital I has slab serifs.
webdesign  web  graphic  design  font  typography  type  typeface 
june 2015 by piperh
IcoMoon App - Icon Font & SVG Generator
allows you to generate icon fonts with only your selected icons - ie, custom, small file, no unused guff. Also remember
webdesign  web  design  font  webfont  icon  iconfont  typeface  generator  webdev  svg  typography  @font-face  vector 
september 2014 by piperh
Fontello - icon fonts generator
allows one to generate custom icon font. Great for making small file - no unused characters. Also remember which also allows you to upload your own svg's. Also similar is
webfont  font  web  design  webdesign  icon  iconfont  generator  webdev  svg  typography  typeface 
july 2014 by piperh
iOS Fonts
list of fonts installed in iOS
fonts  ios  ipad  iphone  typography  type  typeface  apple  installed 
may 2012 by piperh Web Fonts
doesn't appear to be supported by Camino. On their site the fonts all appear in Verdana when you log in using Camino. In IE7 on the studio laptop, most fonts are drawn in Arial. One or two, weirdly, do draw in the correct font but don't look nice. On the Mac with Apple 'Cinema' screen most fonts look too bold (like 'over-inked') and some counters fill in.
@font-face  @fontface  css  web  design  webdesign  font-face  fonts  typography  typeface  type  webfonts 
may 2010 by piperh
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