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Borg Binary Builder / borg-binaries · GitLab
an interesting recipe used to build a python program into native ARM binaries
arm  pyinstaller  build  borg  packaging  how-to  docker 
xkcd: Workflow
it's hard to do semantic versioning
xkcd  reference  updates  breaking  api  semver 
12 days ago
The C2 Matrix
Various command and control channels documented in a matrix. It didn't seem to be malware, more pentest tools (which can be used by malicious groups)
c2  reference  cnc  matrix  empire  meterpreter  cobalt-strike  pentest  redteam  security 
19 days ago
Coronavirus US: How canceled classes and events and self-quarantines save lives, in one chart - Vox
why preventing spread will reduce load on the healthcare system: flatten the curve
health  corona  virus  covid-19 
21 days ago
wknapik/vpnfailsafe: IP leak prevention for OpenVPN
It can seal your VPN config pretty well including DNS
openvpn  vpn  config  arch  script 
5 weeks ago
founded by a rapid7 founder
security  awareness  training  infosec 
6 weeks ago
Sails.js | Realtime MVC Framework for Node.js
with an automatic API openly accessible that is generated by default
framework  javascript  nodejs  web 
6 weeks ago
The Crystal Programming Language
ruby-inspired, strongly typed, type inference
programming  language  jvm  concurrent  development 
7 weeks ago
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