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The Most Dangerous Writing App
Don’t stop typing, or all progress will be lost.
1 hour ago
How Only Using Logic Destroyed a Man’s Life -- Science of Us
"Antonio Damasio calls this the “high-reason view.” It assumes, he writes in his seminal book Descartes’ Error, that when people are at their decision-making best, that they’re the “pride and joy” of Plato, Rene Descartes, and Immanuel Kant, all of whom espoused a coolly computational mode. “An important aspect of the rationalist conception is that to obtain the best results, emotions must be kept out,” Damasio observes. “Rational processing must be unencumbered by passion.”"
emotions  decision-making  neuroscience 
22 hours ago
The Castañé Collection Series: “Three: Marshal Zhukov’s Pocket Knife” | Houghton Library Blog
By Michael Austin, Manuscript Cataloger, Houghton Library The José María Castañé collection of material relating to major conflicts of the 20th century, held by Houghton Library, contains an incredible variety of artifacts: chiefly papers, such as correspondence, military orders, work permits, and personal identification cards, but also a significant number of photographs and objects. In…
russia  history 
23 hours ago
4 Rules for Intuitive UX – Learn UI Design
Obey the Law of Locality · ABD: Anything But Dropdowns · Pass the Squint Test · Teach by example
ux  ui 
facebookresearch/XNLI: Evaluating Cross-lingual Sentence Representations
Evaluating Cross-lingual Sentence Representations. Contribute to facebookresearch/XNLI development by creating an account on GitHub.
pytorch  nlp  bert 
2 days ago
Every productivity thought I've ever had, as concisely as possible - Alexey Guzey
I combed through several years of my private notes and through everything I published on productivity before and tried to summarize all of it in this post.
If you’re unproductive right now Here’s what you should do if you’ve been procrastinating for an entire day:
Accept that you won’t do anything today and try not to get angry at yourself Set the alarm for the time you will be preparing to go to bed today No, really. Do it. It will take 20 seconds Procrastinate for the …</blockquot...
2 days ago
Ted Chiang: Realist of a Larger Reality | Public Books
What is science fiction for? A good friend says that in imagining other worlds, science fiction helps us understand our own. Such work addresses scientific ...
3 days ago
Display refreshing - Psychology vs the graphics pipeline
To test this prediction we exposed participants to photographs of faces or polygons [on a computer monitor] at suboptimal durations (40 ms) and optimal durations (400 ms).

This is interesting because most modern monitors cannot display an image for exactly 40ms. At the typical refresh rate of 60hz you can display an image for 33ms or 50ms, but not 40ms.
display  refreshing 
4 days ago
The Invincible by Lem – 1964 novel | Hacker News
Lem, Strugaccy;

Michael Kandel translation are the best
hn  lem  sci-fi 
4 days ago
StroyTime - Write and read stories instead of documentation
StoryTime enables developers to easily simulate debugger-like visuals to tell or read a story about pieces of code.
programming  documentation  literate  walkthrough  code  tutorials 
5 days ago
I wasn’t getting hired as a Data Scientist. So I sought data on who is.
At the time I’m writing this, every single trending article in my Towards Data Science home page is talking about applying or learning a particular skill in data science. Every single one. At the…
data-science  career  phd 
5 days ago
On The Beaten Trail
Dedicated to the paths that humans prefer, rather than the paths that humans create.
pathway  walking  physics 
6 days ago
What It Takes to Hire 10 Employees in San Francisco · Kapwing Blog
We started Kapwing almost two years ago and grew the company from 2 co-founders to 12 full-time employees in the last 12 months. Our team is based full-time in San Francisco, where the unemployment rate is astonishingly low. In this article, I share a list of our tactics and learnings about hiring for other first-time entrepreneurs trying to hire engineers.
hiring  networking  startups 
7 days ago
Psytrance Guide
Welcome to the very first, complete, up-to-date Psytrance styles guide. It's a great place to discover new subgenre you haven't heard before and to use it as a reference for organising your DJ collection tags.
music  psytrance 
7 days ago
How to Provide Great Feedback When You're Not In Charge
The authors of "Getting it Done" tell us why our feedback usually stinks, the three types of feedback, and how to make feedback a lot better. 
advice  feedback  psychology  communication 
7 days ago
Planet | Imaging the entire Earth, every day
See how the Earth is slowly build up from each of the 600,000 satellite images taken by Planet's satellites in a single day
earth  satelitte  3d  data-visualization 
7 days ago
Detecting heart arrhythmias using machine learning and Apple Watch data
Yancheng is an Insight alumnus from the first Health Data Science session and is now a data scientist at AthenaHealth. While at Insight, he partnered with the UCSF Health eHeart study to detect…
arrhythmia  atrial-fibrillation  watch  health 
7 days ago
I am dyslexic – Matthew Sag
Years of bitter experience at school and in the workforce  had taught me that if you have a learning disability, many people think you are stupid. Some of those who don’t think you are stupid think that you are just lazy or a liar instead.
dyslexia  psychology  adhd 
8 days ago
Atari - Solving Games with AI 🤖 (Part 1: Reinforcement Learning)
In today’s article, I am going to show you how to implement one of the most groundbreaking Reinforcement Learning algorithms - DDQN (Double Q-Learning). After the end of this post, you will be able…
9 days ago
Risks and Rabbit Holes | SHAPE UP
Trusted by millions, Basecamp puts everything you need to get work done in one place. It’s the calm, organized way to manage projects, work with clients, and communicate company-wide.
productivity  programming  design 
9 days ago
deepset - open sourcing German BERT
Insights into pre-training a BERT model from scratch
bert  nlp  german 
9 days ago
The magical thinking of guys who love logic | The Outline
Feminism vs rationalism
Why so many men online love to use “logic” to win an argument, and then disappear before they can find out they're wrong.
feminism  rationalism 
11 days ago
Loops in Python - comparison and performance - Duomly Blog - Programming courses online
This article compares the performance of several approaches when summing two sequences element-wise with different Python loops.
python  loop  numpy  performance 
13 days ago
amejiarosario/dsa.js-data-structures-algorithms-javascript: Data Structures and Algorithms explained and implemented in JavaScript
Data Structures and Algorithms explained and implemented in JavaScript - amejiarosario/dsa.js-data-structures-algorithms-javascript
javascript  programming  algorithms 
14 days ago
How to code The Transformer in PyTorch
Learn how to code a transformer model in PyTorch with an English-to-French language translation task.
pytorch  nlp  bert 
14 days ago
Lukizm i seksizm a komplementy i flirt – Święta Ladacznica
"ak to jest, że kobiety mogą być nieatrakcyjne seksualnie i żaden mężczyzna nie ma prawa się do tego odnieść, bo to seksizm (chyba że chodzi o Krystynę Pawłowicz, po której jadą wszyscy), a mężczyzna, który nie jest Adonisem, ma siedzieć cicho i wstydzić się swojej łysiny, zarostu na twarzy, wieku 40+ czy oponki na brzuchu?"
gender  double-standards  dating  discrimination 
14 days ago
Millions of people eat octopus- here's why we shouldn't | World Economic Forum
Farming octopuses is not only unethical but deeply damaging to the environment, scientists say.
octopus  food  environment 
15 days ago
Sex By Numbers: What Statistics Can Tell Us About Sexual Behaviour review | British GQ
David Spiegelhalter expands on his findings from his fantastic quantitative study of sex, Sex By Numbers
dating  demographics 
15 days ago
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: The danger of a single story | TED Talk
Our lives, our cultures, are composed of many overlapping stories. Novelist Chimamanda Adichie tells the story of how she found her authentic cultural voice -- and warns that if we hear only a single story about another person or country, we risk a critical misunderstanding.
storytelling  ted  video 
15 days ago
Mental Models Box
A collection of mental models useful in everyday life.
16 days ago
enkimute/ganja.js: Javascript Geometric Algebra Generator for Javascript, c++, c#, rust, python. (with operator overloading and algebraic literals) -
:triangular_ruler: Javascript Geometric Algebra Generator for Javascript, c++, c#, rust, python. (with operator overloading and algebraic literals) - - enkimute/ganja.js
javascript  math 
16 days ago
Instytut Badań Edukacyjnych - Przemoc w polskiej szkole
Instytut Badań Edukacyjnych (IBE) jest placówką badawczą prowadzącą interdyscyplinarne badania naukowe nad funkcjonowaniem i efektywnością systemu edukacji w Polsce. Instytut uczestniczy w krajowych i międzynarodowych projektach badawczych, przygotowuje raporty, sporządza ekspertyzy oraz pełni funkcje doradcze.
poland  bullying  school  violence 
16 days ago
Would you wear this avant-garde jewellery to protect your identity from CCTV? — The Calvert Journal
This brass mask looks like futuristic jewellery — but it&#8217;s really an act of rebellion
jewelry  adversarial 
17 days ago
Most detailed ever 3D map of Milky Way shows 'warped' shape | Science | The Guardian
Our galaxy is like a distorted disc, study based on Cepheid stars confirms
galaxy  milky-way  astronomy 
20 days ago
Another Study Finds Our Galaxy Is ‘Warped and Twisted’
A team of Polish astronomers has created the most accurate three-dimensional map of the Milky Way to date, revealing surprising distortions and irregularities along the galactic disk.
astronomy  milky-way  galaxy 
20 days ago
Linear algebra cheatsheet / Sam Petulla / Observable
Linear algebra cheatsheet This is my notes cheatsheet for Gilbert Strang&#x27;s legendary MIT linear algebra class and textbook and the fastai numerical linear algebra class. This is a work in progress. If you&#x27;d like to contribute, please fork the notebook! It&#x27;d be great to get community contributors to a good cheatsheet. I plan to maintain these notes when I use linear algebra in my work. I strongly recommend watching 3Blue1Brown&#x27;s videos alongside any linear algebra ...
linear-algebra  javascript  maths  matrix 
20 days ago
Composing better emails
Tips for writing effective emails avoiding misunderstandings with examples from the software development world.
email  writing 
20 days ago
Human Height - Our World in Data
Human height is determined by a range of genetic and environmental factors. How do average heights vary across the world? How have heights changed over time? See global and country-level data on the evolution and differences in human height.
statistics  history  height  gender  demography  health 
23 days ago
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