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Scorsese's New Documentary on Inscrutable Beatle George Harrison | Paul Theroux
George Harrison was liberated by rock and roll. Turns out Martin Scorsese was too.
25th  september  2011  newsweek  paul  theroux  profile  george  harrison  martin  scorsese 
9 weeks ago by pnjman
Japan Has Attracted the Sympathy of the World | Paul Theroux
Vulnerable, shaken Japan has attracted the sympathy of the world.
20th  march  2011  newsweek  paul  theroux  japan 
9 weeks ago by pnjman
Dispatch from a Shrinking Planet | Paul Theroux
Google Earth, cell phones, and the Internet are all making the world seem smaller—but the illusion of close contact makes travel more important than ever.
15th  may  2011  newsweek  paul  theroux  travel 
9 weeks ago by pnjman
Reflects on Honolulu, Hawaii | Paul Theroux
A small town with pretensions, fresh air, and good humor.
26th  june  2011  newsweek  paul  theroux  travel  honolulu  hawaii  usa 
9 weeks ago by pnjman
How Apple Revolutionized Our World | Paul Theroux
Steve Jobs's dazzling inventions have forever changed us.
29th  august  2011  newsweek  paul  theroux 
9 weeks ago by pnjman
Rereading: The Go-Between by LP Hartley | Ali Smith
A story of lost innocence, hypocrisy and Britishness – but LP Hartley's masterpiece can also be read as a sophisticated gay novel.
17th  june  2011  guardian  ali  smith  hartley  literature 
may 2019 by pnjman
Sole Mate | Lauren Collins
Christian Louboutin and the psychology of shoes.
28th  march  2011  new  yorker  lauren  collins  profile  christian  louboutin  shoes  fashion 
april 2018 by pnjman
Le Divorce | Ian Buruma
Why Belgium, home of the European Union, has never been more disunited.
january  10th  2011  new  yorker  ian  buruma  belgium  politics 
february 2018 by pnjman
Covehithe | China Miéville
A trip to the Suffolk coast takes on a new urgency when Dughan decides the time is right for a night-time adventure.
china  miéville  22nd  april  2011  literature  fiction 
july 2017 by pnjman
City of Dreams | Evan Osnos
Battle of the Hutongs: They’re Beijing’s old, narrow alleys, repositories of the city’s intrigues and intimacies—and two-thirds of them have already been demolished to make way for new construction. This area, near Houhai Lake, is Beijing’s Greenwich Village and, for now, safe.
conde  nast  traveler  evan  osnos  china  travel  architecture  31st  march  2011 
january 2017 by pnjman
The Wicked Coast | Paul Theroux
Maine is a joy in summer, but even more captivating in winter.
june  2011  paul  theroux  atlantic  maine  usa  travel 
september 2016 by pnjman
In Athens | James Meek
Voula is a smart district of Athens for rich citizens who want to live by the sea. Sleek white apartment blocks with big balconies face the Aegean, which undulates like a lake of mercury under a cool grey sky. Set some way back from the coast is the local public hospital, Asklepieia Voulas, made up of low-rise buildings of plastered brick spread out among grass and trees and partly unmetalled tracks. You can wander in; there’s no security.
1st  december  2011  lrb  james  meek  politics  greece 
december 2014 by pnjman
Incredible Edibles | John Lanchester
The mad genius of “Modernist Cuisine.”
21st  march  2011  new  yorker  john  lanchester  cooking 
november 2014 by pnjman
A Murder Foretold | David Grann
Unravelling the ultimate political conspiracy.
4th  april  2011  david  grann  new  yorker  politics  guatemala  crime 
october 2014 by pnjman
The Great Oasis | Burkhard Bilger
Can a wall of trees stop the Sahara from spreading?
19th  december  2011  new  yorker  burkhard  bilger  environment  sahara  desert  oman  burkina  faso 
april 2014 by pnjman
Europe’s Little Piece of Brazil | Brett Forrest
South American influence is so important that Ukraine club's coach has learned to speak Portuguese.
6th  april  2011  wsj  brett  forrest  sport  football  ukraine  shakhtar  donetsk 
january 2014 by pnjman
Adrian Mole's royal wedding diary | Sue Townsend
To mark the royal wedding, Sue Townsend has written an exclusive Adrian Mole story for the Observer.
17th  april  2011  sue  townsend  adrian  mole  literature 
november 2013 by pnjman
Smell | QI
QI smells interesting.
6th  october  2011  telegraph  qi  smell 
october 2013 by pnjman
Just because you're an atheist doesn't make you rational | Mark Steel
Once you make it your primary aim to refute the existence of God, you miss what's really fundamental
29th  december  2011  mark  steel  independent  religion 
september 2013 by pnjman
Bedlam! Squinky Dies (?) | Brian Phillips
Our man from Stillwater reports on Oklahoma-Oklahoma State.
5th  december  2011  grantland  brian  phillips  sport  american  football  oklahoma  state 
september 2013 by pnjman
I'd like to be taken for lunch by the taxman | Mark Steel
You have to congratulate these companies for managing to pull this trick off.
21st  december  2011  mark  steel  independent  politics 
august 2013 by pnjman
OU vs. OSU: The Search for Squinky in Stillwater | Brian Phillips
Our staff demonologist heads home to Oklahoma to confront the beast.
2nd  december  2011  grantland  brian  phillips  sport  american  football 
august 2013 by pnjman
Hands off our greedy bankers | Mark Steel
It's the right of every Englishman to have his country robbed blind by the banks.
14th  december  2011  mark  steel  independent  politics 
august 2013 by pnjman
Let's ask florists for a credit rating | Mark Steel
Governments should be made to recite their policies in front of a panel on TV every Saturday.
7th  december  2011  mark  steel  independent  politics 
august 2013 by pnjman
Unions just want the mums to pay | Mark Steel
Michael Gove believes the strikers want 'mothers to give up a day's work or pay for childcare'.
30th  november  2011  mark  steel  independent  politics 
july 2013 by pnjman
Don't let's forget the rich are different | Mark Steel
You almost have to admire the front when people can't stop swiping billions.
23rd  november  2011  mark  steel  independent  politics 
july 2013 by pnjman
Oh, no! How can I pay the school fees? | Mark Steel
Ignoring your children is really the only loving thing a good parent can do.
16th  november  2011  mark  steel  independent  politics 
july 2013 by pnjman
How to be a giant and still second best | Mark Steel
Joe Frazier's problem was that his most celebrated opponent was much more than a boxer.
9th  november  2011  mark  steel  independent  sport  boxing  muhammed  ali 
july 2013 by pnjman
Seven billion? That's not a problem | Mark Steel
The mistake that the pessimists make is in seeing each of us solely as consumers.
2nd  november  2011  mark  steel  politics  independent 
july 2013 by pnjman
The price is always right (whatever it is) | Mark Steel
If prices go up, demand goes down. But not with university courses apparently.
26th  october  2011  independent  mark  steel  politics 
july 2013 by pnjman
If only we'd shopped around more | Mark Steel
Huhne will deal with electricity prices by saying he's hoping for a mild winter.
mark  steel  independent  19th  october  2011  politics 
june 2013 by pnjman
Stop the NHS prioritising parakeets | Mark Steel
The Housing Minister will say a local council built a town hall out of Wedgwood china.
12th  october  2011  independent  mark  steel  politics 
june 2013 by pnjman
Will we ever be rid of Tony Blair? | Mark Steel
Tony Blair keeps popping back to annoy us, doesn't he?
28th  september  2011  mark  steel  independent  politics  tony  blair 
june 2013 by pnjman
Dr. Don | Peter Hessler
The life of a small-town druggist.
26th  september  2011  new  yorker  peter  hessler  colorado  usa 
june 2013 by pnjman
Diner for Schmucks | Alan Richman
Alan Richman heard nothing but great things about M. Wells, one of New York City's hottest restaurants—the food was amazing, the setting sublime, the ambience charming. And, in fact, everything was going quite well. Until...
september  2011  gq  alan  richman  food  restaurant  review 
june 2013 by pnjman
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