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pnjman : 2020   25

Boris' advice for builders must come from all the plumbing he learnt at Eton | Mark Steel
If you believe what the scientists and doctors are saying, why would you think it’s all right for one million building workers to carry on working?
28th  march  2020  mark  steel  independent  politics  covid19 
yesterday by pnjman
At least Boris Johnson is a laugh – pragmatism would’ve been so boring during this pandemic | Mark Steel
Each evening, he comes on television and says a random series of words, giving us the fun of putting them in the right order so we know what we’re supposed to do.
mark  steel  independent  26th  march  2020  politics  covid19 
3 days ago by pnjman
Brits need coronavirus reassurance like French President Macron's | Mark Steel
Now the threat of losing jobs and homes is off the table, British folk must heed Government advice and stay safe indoors during the Covid-19 outbreak.
21st  march  2020  daily  mirror  mark  steel  politics  covid19 
7 days ago by pnjman
Boris Johnson's coronavirus speech was laughable - 'Blitz spirit' won't save us | Mark Steel
The Prime Minister wanted to tell the country that we would survive the global pandemic gripping the world simply by being British - but he is very, very wrong.
14th  march  2020  daily  mirror  mark  steel  politics  covid19 
13 days ago by pnjman
Thank God we have Trump and Farage to show coronavirus who’s boss | Mark Steel
How fortunate that the most powerful person in the world’s specialism is research. His devastating theories on the climate crisis, such as: ‘I don’t believe it’, could be the key to saving us all.
mark  steel  independent  politics  12th  march  2020  covid19 
17 days ago by pnjman
Truth is the first victim of the virus of Boris Johnson | Mark Steel
When it comes to the coronavirus, it’s lucky that in Britain we’re led by Boris Johnson, with his famous truthful attention to detail.
7th  march  2020  mark  steel  politics  daily  mirror  covid19 
21 days ago by pnjman
The US is already giving us chlorinated chicken, let’s bring in voter suppression too | Mark Steel
Over the last 700 years, the people entitled to vote have gradually increased, to property owners, all men, then women and finally anyone over 18. So it’s only fair we start going back the other way.
5th  march  2020  mark  steel  independent  politics  usa 
24 days ago by pnjman
Classless Act | Jonathan Meades
Gavin Stamp believed in what he saw. Roger Scruton saw what he believed in.
march  2020  jonathan  meades  critic  architecture 
26 days ago by pnjman
The only way this government can reduce homelessness is by classifying a park bench as a studio flat | Mark Steel
The homelessness figures began to shoot up, even by the Tories’ own estimates, in 2010. It’s a complete mystery why that should be the year.
mark  steel  independent  politics  27th  february  2020 
4 weeks ago by pnjman
Soon we'll all enjoy supermarkets more - once the crowds of low skilled migrant staff have been deported | Mark Steel
From now on, wherever there’s a field of strawberries, instead of letting Romanians muck us about by picking them, the fruit can go rotten so British maggots can have somewhere to live at last.
20th  january  2020  independent  mark  steel  politics 
5 weeks ago by pnjman
The only thing the Tories learned from the Windrush scandal was the thrill of deporting people | Mark Steel
In this new and exciting environment, the possibilities for revelling in people’s despair are endless. We could even have deportation theme parks.
13th  february  2020  mark  steel  independent  politics 
6 weeks ago by pnjman
With their Iowa entertainment, the Democrats have made the news watchable again | Mark Steel
There’s no finer way of proving governmental competence than holding an election you’ve had three years to prepare for, only to declare all the votes have gone missing because no one knows how computers work.
6th  february  2020  independent  mark  steel  politics  usa 
7 weeks ago by pnjman
Squalid optimist | Jonathan Meades
The PM’s mendacity about the sunlit uplands of New Model Britain is psychotic.
february  critic  jonathan  meades  2020  politics 
7 weeks ago by pnjman
Brexit, the most pointless, masochistic ambition in our country's history, is done | Ian McEwan
The magic dust of populism has blinded reason, and damage and diminishment lie ahead.
1st  2020  february  ian  mcewan  guardian  politics  brexit 
8 weeks ago by pnjman
Brexit day can’t come soon enough – we’ll be free to drink all the bad wine we want | Mark Steel
Finally, we’ll be free to toast to a new spirit of harmony with Europe in the PROPER British way.
30th  january  2020  independent  mark  steel  politics  brexit 
8 weeks ago by pnjman
The Lisbon lament | Matthew Engel
Once a backward country in the grip of a grim dictatorship, Portugal has become a hot spot for tech migrants, surfers, foodies and yoga gurus, with a popular socialist prime minister.
22nd  january  2020  matthew  engel  portugal  politics  travel 
9 weeks ago by pnjman
If you say Muslim women look like letterboxes, the only job you can get is prime minister – it’s the woke brigade’s fault | Mark Steel
Actors, in particular, have faced appalling hardship. Half of the country’s actors currently working were educated at private schools. We’re now so woke that the other half of acting roles are going to that lucky group known as ‘common people’.
23rd  january  2020  mark  steel  independent  politics 
9 weeks ago by pnjman
Christopher Tolkien obituary | John Garth
Son of JRR Tolkien who edited much of his father’s posthumously published work including The Silmarillion.
john  garth  tolkien  christopher  guardian  20th  january  2020  literature  obituary 
9 weeks ago by pnjman
The Subversive Joy of Cold-Water Swimming | Rebecca Mead
Britons are skipping the heated pool and rediscovering the pleasures of lakes, rivers, and seas—even in winter.
27th  january  2020  new  yorker  rebecca  mead  wild  swimming 
9 weeks ago by pnjman
Who needs pompous scientists when we have Matt Hancock to solve the climate crisis | Mark Steel
The health secretary’s strategy for the election in 2060 is to win by five votes to three among the eight people left alive after the apocalypse.
16th  january  2020  mark  steel  independent  politics  climate  crisis 
10 weeks ago by pnjman
No wonder Meghan and Harry are stepping back - she's probably running for Labour leader | Mark Steel
The rule appears to be that it’s treason to criticise the royal family, until there’s a member of the royal family the establishment don’t approve of, then it’s treason not to call them vermin.
9th  january  2020  mark  steel  independent 
11 weeks ago by pnjman
Welcome waste land | Jonathan Meades
The marshes, creeks, hulks and hidden beaches of the Thames estuary are thrilling.
critic  jonathan  meades  january  2020  architecture 
11 weeks ago by pnjman

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