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Low Hum & Little Lo | Martin Amis
Humbert Humbert, narrator of 'Lolita', is a sadist, narcissist and sexual deviant: so why should we think Nabokov's novel morally acceptable?
25th  october  1992  independent  martin  amis  vladamir  nabokov  literature  lolita 
6 weeks ago by pnjman
Scorsese's New Documentary on Inscrutable Beatle George Harrison | Paul Theroux
George Harrison was liberated by rock and roll. Turns out Martin Scorsese was too.
25th  september  2011  newsweek  paul  theroux  profile  george  harrison  martin  scorsese 
10 weeks ago by pnjman
The truth is the last thing that will set us free from Boris Johnson and his X-men of liars | Mark Steel
The duplicitous prime minister hasn’t just changed the rules, he’s playing a different game. It’s time for us to learn it and beat him at it.
politics  mark  steel  independent  25th  july  2019 
july 2019 by pnjman
We Are Not Worthy, Naomi Osaka | Brian Phillips
Osaka’s first Grand Slam win, the 2018 U.S. Open, over Serena Williams, was marred with controversy. In the Australian Open final, the stage is set for her to assume her place as the game’s next great champion.
25th  january  2019  ringer  brian  phillips  tennis  naomi  osaka 
january 2019 by pnjman
So many people are employed selling arms to the Saudis and sending bombs to CNN, it would be unfair to kick them out of a job | Mark Steel
This is a different situation to Iraq, because the arms we sell to Saudi Arabia are real, and therefore fairly harmless, whereas Saddam had those non-existent ones, and those things are lethal.
politics  mark  steel  independent  2018  october  25th  saudi  arabia 
october 2018 by pnjman
The Suffocation of Democracy | Christopher R. Browning
Whatever secret reservations Mitch McConnell and other traditional Republican leaders have about Trump’s character, governing style, and possible criminality, they openly rejoice in the payoff they have received from their alliance with him and his base: huge tax cuts for the wealthy, financial and environmental deregulation, the nominations of two conservative Supreme Court justices (so far) and a host of other conservative judicial appointments, and a significant reduction in government-sponsored health care (though not yet the total abolition of Obamacare they hope for). Like Hitler’s conservative allies, McConnell and the Republicans have prided themselves on the early returns on their investment in Trump.
25th  october  2018  nyrb  christopher  browning  politics  usa  history  germany 
october 2018 by pnjman
I hope the feminists are proud of themselves: the Presidents Club was clearly all part of a clever plan and now it's ruined | Mark Steel
What do women expect? Men can’t help it. So often you sit down for dinner and out comes the penis onto the table without you even seeing it. They’re attracted by roast potatoes.
mark  steel  independent  25th  january  2018 
january 2018 by pnjman
Don't worry about the Tory manifesto being uncosted for now – they'll have changed the policies again by next week | Mark Steel
The Conservatives are the party we can trust with the economy. They’re the only ones prepared to ignore marginal issues such as staff and buying stuff when it comes to finances.
25th  may  2017  independent  mark  steel  politics  conservatives 
may 2017 by pnjman
‘What election?’: West Midlands mayoral race struggles to overcome apathy | Stuart Jeffries
A reinvented Birmingham is booming, while the wider West Midlands faces real hardship. What can a single elected mayor for metropolises as different as Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Coventry really do to turn the tide?
25th  april  2017  guardian  politics  birmingham  election  stuart  jeffries 
april 2017 by pnjman
Paul Theroux on travelling | Alec Ash
Travel is a leap in the dark, says Paul Theroux – and one that will leave you a different person at the other end.
25th  june  2012  alec  ash  paul  theroux  travel  literature  interview  salon 
march 2017 by pnjman
Clinical hospitality | Katherine Long
I am in line to have my blood drawn at an HIV clinic on the outskirts of Dushanbe with seven or eight other people. Two women with leopard-print head scarves in slightly different patterns of leopard-print are working hard to distract a fretful year-old child with feverish cheeks firmly encased in a powder-blue snow parka and matching tasseled hat.
25th  january  2016  rohro  katherine  long  tajikistan  travel 
october 2016 by pnjman
At last Farage has emerged to defend the ordinary billionaires of the world, like Trump | Mark Steel
Farage ended his speech with a cry to defeat the establishment. This was the most heartfelt moment of all, because no one has had to fight harder against the establishment than Trump.
25th  august  2016  independent  mark  steel  politics  donald  trump  nigel  farage 
august 2016 by pnjman
The Last Man of Letters | Paul Theroux
You only have to do a little arithmetic to see that V. S. Pritchett, who died recently at the age of 96, was older than George Orwell and Evelyn Waugh, a year younger than Hemingway, an impressionable teen-ager (and young adult) during World War I, old enough to read Henry James while James was still alive, and the same for Joseph Conrad, for Kipling, for D. H. Lawrence, for Joyce. He was middle-aged when H. G. Wells died in 1946; indeed, he knew Wells, and had the same lower-middle-class background on the shabby genteel fringes of London. As with Wells, these stifling suburbs were the origin of his frustration, which found release in his clearsighted satire.
25th  may  1997  nyt  paul  theroux  obituary  literature 
august 2016 by pnjman
God, football and brutophilia - and why my memoir was 17 years late | Jonathan Meades
This is a transcript of a talk, ‘Composing the Past’, given at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh on 26 August 2015, about writing An Encyclopaedia of Myself, which won the Spears Memoir Prize and was shortlisted for the PEN Ackerley award.
25th  september  2015  jonathan  meades  spectator 
july 2016 by pnjman
Donald Trump could promise to sodomise his supporters and they'd still vote for him | Mark Steel
Thankfully we've got a sensible politicians like David Cameron who prefer to attack people using their mothers.
25th  february  2016  independent  mark  steel  politics  usa 
february 2016 by pnjman
A Facelift for Shakespeare | John H. McWhorter
A new translation effort aims to make all of Shakespeare’s plays comprehensible to today’s audiences.
25th  september  2015  wsj  john  mcwhorter  shakespeare  literature  language  culture 
september 2015 by pnjman
Tolkien‘s ‘immortal four’ meet for the last time | John Garth
One hundred years ago today, four young men convened in an English town, not having seen each other for some time. What makes this trivial event significant is that one of them was J R R Tolkien, and the four comprised what his first ‘fellowship’, the TCBS – a group with a profound impact on his youth and on his legendarium. This reunion, on 25 and 26 September 1915, was the last time the four met before they were separated, permanently, by war.
2015  september  john  tolkien  25th  garth 
september 2015 by pnjman
I'm still waiting for white people to start apologising for Dylann Roof | Mark Steel
When will they finally condemn their own people's extremist tendencies?
mark  steel  independent  25th  usa  politics 
june 2015 by pnjman
Tolkien's Middle Earth Travels to the Midwest | Dylan Leavitt
While a professor at Oxford University in the mid-1950s, author and scholar J.R.R. Tolkien worked with William B. Ready, director of libraries at Marquette University, to negotiate the sale of archive material related to some of his now-classic novels.
25th  may  2015  pbs  dylan  leavitt  tolkien  letter  antiques  roadshow 
june 2015 by pnjman
Another New England – in Crimea | Frank Jacobs
“I don't want to change the world”, sang Billy Bragg in the early 1980s, “I'm just looking for a New England.” Some nine centuries earlier, a similar thought must have crossed the mind of an obscure Saxon nobleman as he sailed away from his recently vanquished homeland.
25th  may  2015  frank  jacobs  strange  maps  bigthink  crimea  england 
may 2015 by pnjman
The conspiracy of curators | Jonathan Meades
Today’s growing curatocracy is a conspiracy against the laity.
25th  april  2015  spectator  jonathan  meades 
april 2015 by pnjman
The FC Barcelona Doom Metric | Brian Phillips
Quantifying the fall of soccer’s most beloved club.
25th  april  2014  grantland  brian  phillips  football  barcelona 
april 2014 by pnjman
Another long post about craft beer | Pete Brown
I did a pub industry conference the other week where I asserted that 2013 will be remembered as the year craft beer went mainstream.
25th  november  2013  pete  brown  beer  drink 
november 2013 by pnjman
Give credit to Bernie Ecclestone - every despot should have a Grand Prix | Mark Steel
Why stop at Bahrain? If Formula One spread to Syria, Libya, and the rest, we might see democracy in the Middle East yet.
25th  april  2012  mark  steel  independent  politics 
november 2013 by pnjman
But It Did Happen | Brian Phillips
The completely bonkers, wildly unbelievable, mind-bogglingly lopsided Tulsa-Houston game of 1968, featuring a future NFL coach, a country singer, and … Dr. Phil
25th  october  2013  brian  phillips  grantland  sport  american  football 
october 2013 by pnjman
All aboard the London Eye, claimants! | Mark Steel
You might as well say that some people are exploiting the NHS by being in intensive care.
25th  january  2012  independent  mark  steel  politics 
september 2013 by pnjman
Hail, new Prince George! Unworthy are we commoners to be in your presence! | Mark Steel
We haven’t just gone back 20 years to when the monarchy was popular; we’ve gone back past Victorian times when the rise of democracy made royalty seem outdated.
25th  July  2013  mark  steel  independent  royal  family 
july 2013 by pnjman
Cows | Molly Oldfield & John Mitchinson
QI on the wild origins of the domestic cow, why chattels are like cattle and the terrible truth about goulash.
25th  june  2013  qi  telegraph  cows  Molly  Oldfield  John  Mitchinson 
june 2013 by pnjman
At Hyde Park Corner | Jonathan Meades
The Queen unveiled the Bomber Command Memorial at Hyde Park Corner on 28 June. ‘Sixty-seven years too late’ according to a chorus of jingoists who have apparently long been militating for such a memorial. The urbane Air Forces Memorial at Runnymede designed by Edward Maufe was evidently reckoned insufficiently specific. And the appetite for acknowledgment was hardly sated by the perennially defaced statue of Air Marshal Sir Arthur Harris outside St Clement Danes.
25th  october  2012  lrb  jonathan  meades  architecture 
may 2013 by pnjman
No, cider is NOT the new beer | Pete Brown
The misinterpretation of Mintel’s cider category research left me wanting to cry into my pint.
25th  march  2013  morning  advertiser  pete  brown  drink  beer  cider 
march 2013 by pnjman
Introducing the strangest creature on the planet: the audience | Charlie Brooker
It's not misanthropy. I like the individual people. It's when they get together that they're a problem.
charlie  brooker  guardian  25th  march  2013  tv  media 
march 2013 by pnjman
Maradona, Then and Now | Brian Phillips
Maradona made his international debut for Argentina 36 years ago this week. Then everything went crazy.
25th  february  2013  grantland  brian  phillips  sport  football  argentina  diego  maradona 
february 2013 by pnjman
I know in my bones that a robot is going to kill you – the new micro-drones | Charlie Brooker
It's no use hoping a chilling video of drones being developed by the US is a hoax, as made-up tech tends to come true anyway.
25th  february  2013  guardian  charlie  brooker 
february 2013 by pnjman
A union of the erotic and the mundane | Paul Theroux
The `Kama Sutra' - now in a new boxed edition - is renowned as a titillating manual of sexual positions. But the book is also passionate about such essential skills as dancing, carpentry and bed-making.
25th  march  2005  sunday  telegraph  paul  theroux  literature  karma  sutra  review 
february 2013 by pnjman
I'm banned again | Paul Theroux
Paul Theroux has had his work censored in South Africa and Singapore. Now China thinks his new Hong Kong novel is too hot for the hoi polloi.
25th  august  1997  guardian  paul  theroux  literature  censorship 
february 2013 by pnjman
The Joy of Essex: In praise of much-maligned ancient county | Jonathan Meades
In recent years, the ancient county has been associated with fake tan and melodrama. In fact it’s one of the most extraordinary parts of Britain.
25th  january  2013  independent  jonathan  meades  essex 
january 2013 by pnjman
Third class eats on the oriental line | Jonathan Meades
Following last week's world-record spend at The Waterside Inn Pounds 103 per head should you require an indecent reminder I had thought to demonstrate that it is possible to eat grandly for a tenth of that sum. The first stop was so off-putting that my resolve went for a burton. The project got amended to cheapish. Oh dear. And after the third, I am inclined to the prodigal view that Pounds 206 in the pocket of Michel Roux gets you far, far more than three times the quality you buy with Pounds 76 chez Messrs Zen, especially when you consider that at the latter we ate only two courses and drank only one half-bottle of wine.
25th  july  1992  times  jonathan  meades  restaurant  review 
january 2013 by pnjman
Even Henry Fonda would fail to persuade Tony Blair | Mark Steel
Soon it will be like 'Twelve Angry Men', with only Bush, Rumsfeld and Blair refusing to budge.
25th  march  2004  mark  steel  independent  politics 
november 2012 by pnjman
Good pickings along the Bush trail | Jonathan Meades
Is it something in the water at Shepherds Bush? Is the place a covert well Shepherds Bath is not actually as risible as it might sound. At the height of the fashion for watering places there were schemes for resorts at such suburbs as Upper Norwood and Surbiton. The proposed Beulah Spa at Norwood would have been as grand as Buxton. But why spa? Why did that small town in the Ardennes become an eponym? Was it that a foreign suffix was reckoned to lend an exoticism not conveyed by wells or bath? No doubt. And in the promotion of pleasure enterprises the same practice continues today, as we shall see.
25th  april  1992  times  jonathan  meades  review  restaurant 
november 2012 by pnjman
The Plot to Destroy America's Beer | Devin Leonard
AB InBev is gobbling up the world's beers—and drinkers aren't happy.
25th  october  buisnessweek  devin  leonard  beer  budweiser 
october 2012 by pnjman
I’m sorry – so that’s all right then | Mark Steel
If Clegg was really sorry about trebling tuition fees, he’d smash up his own office in protest, then apologise for allowing the movement to be taken over by militants.
25th  september  2012  mark  steel  independent  politics 
october 2012 by pnjman
Riding the Mali Express to Dakar | William Langewiesche
In parts of the world where you know neither the language nor the local procedures, things appear to happen magically. A visa stamped at a border, a passenger arriving at a destination, the mere existence of a printed schedule -- it can all seem quite marvelous. This is especially true in West Africa, where much is chaotic, and time has little meaning.
nyt  willian  Langewiesche  travel  mali  senegal  25th  november  1990  africa 
july 2012 by pnjman

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