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The Lisbon lament | Matthew Engel
Once a backward country in the grip of a grim dictatorship, Portugal has become a hot spot for tech migrants, surfers, foodies and yoga gurus, with a popular socialist prime minister.
22nd  january  2020  matthew  engel  portugal  politics  travel 
10 weeks ago by pnjman
The rise and fall of local newspapers | Matthew Engel
The local newspaper, which prized truth and accountability, was once the best training ground a journalist could possibly have.
11th  december  2019  new  statesman  matthew  engel  journalism 
december 2019 by pnjman
The plot against the Prime Minister | Matthew Engel
Boris Johnson was parachuted into Uxbridge four years ago and has never bothered to make himself popular there. Now, activists in this odd and divided constituency are agitating to overthrow him.
15th  november  2019  new  statesman  matthew  engel  politics  london 
november 2019 by pnjman
First World Cup transfixed England but set tone for 44 years of hurt | Matthew Engel
Following failure in 1975, England assumed the cricket world would be small enough to conquer eventually. They’re still waiting but now have their best chance yet.
guardian  matthew  engel  13th  july  2019  cricket  world  cup 
july 2019 by pnjman
New Zealand, a land for all seasons | Matthew Engel
It has suffered one of the most brutal terror attacks in recent history, but under Jacinda Ardern the country is increasingly considered a beacon of sanity in a world of extremism.
3rd  april  2019  new  statesman  matthew  engel  politics  travel  zealand 
april 2019 by pnjman
Can’t-do country: how Australia is on the brink of environmental disaster | Matthew Engel
Rather than tackle the impending catastrophe, Australia seems intent on becoming the most nannyish nation on earth.
13th  march  2019  new  statesman  matthew  engel  politics  australia 
march 2019 by pnjman
Romania, the land of no return | Matthew Engel
Known for corruption, orphans and Dracula, Romania wants to become a modern nation, but while its people keep leaving it doesn’t stand a chance.
30th  january  2019  matthew  engel  romania  new  statesman  politics 
february 2019 by pnjman
A life on the tracks | Matthew Engel
From Alpine tunnels to the Zambian border, seeing the world by train brings adventure, intriguing company – and a deep sense of contentment.
5th  december  2018  new  statesman  matthew  engel  travel  railways 
december 2018 by pnjman
Cold comfort in Copenhagen | Matthew Engel
The Danes are considered to be among the happiest people in the world. But they can be clannish – and demographic change has unsettled many.
28th  november  2018  new  statesman  matthew  engel  politics  travel  denmark  copenhagen 
december 2018 by pnjman
A view from the border: Ireland on the brink of Brexit | Matthew Engel
With a declining Catholic church, a gay premier and a politically astute citizenry, Ireland has come of age. But on the border old wounds are reopening.
17th  october  2018  matthew  engel  new  statesman  politics  europe  ireland 
october 2018 by pnjman
Basil D’Oliveira’s 158 not in still shames England and South Africa | Matthew Engel
Fifty years ago a seemingly unignorable knock from ‘Dolly’ fell by the wayside due to apartheid politics..
matthew  engel  guardian  23rd  august  2018  cricket  politics  south  africa  basil  doliveira 
august 2018 by pnjman
Anarchists and engineers | Matthew Engel
In the Netherlands, the bicycle is king and planners have built new towns out of the sea. But in this strong and stable society, immigrants are under pressure and fissures are beginning to appear.
11th  july  2018  new  statesman  matthew  engel  politics  travel  netherlands 
july 2018 by pnjman
Dressed for success: Royal Ascot is a day at the races like no other | Matthew Engel
The logic reveals itself only slowly but Royal Ascot’s ability to host the best thoroughbred racing in the world comes because of its baffling dress code not in spite of it
22nd  june  2018  guardian  matthew  engel  horse  racing  royal  ascot 
june 2018 by pnjman
Germany reclaimed: Berlin’s Jewish revival | Matthew Engel
For Jews, the city was once the heart of darkness. Now, it is full of young Israelis and Arabs. Could this be a recipe for peace, not war?
23rd  may  2018  new  statesman  matthew  engel  travel  politics  germany  berlin 
may 2018 by pnjman
Losing my cricket religion but can novelty of baseball fill the gap? | Matthew Engel
As Britain’s summer sport continues its slump, the narrative and brevity of its US cousin increases in appeal.
11th  may  2018  guardian  matthew  engel  sport  cricket  baseball 
may 2018 by pnjman
Dictator’s playground: inside Viktor Orbán’s Hungary | Matthew Engel
Once part of a great empire, Hungary has become used to standing alone. But as the prime minister prepares for re-election, his corrupt and puffed up regime is spreading fear and anxiety.
3rd  april  2018  matthew  engel  new  statesman  hungary  politics 
april 2018 by pnjman
Malta: an island of secrets and lies | Matthew Engel
Business is booming in the tiny former British colony. But stories of corruption and assassination are filling the newspapers, and it may be headed for the EU’s naughty step.
27th  february  2018  new  statesman  matthew  engel  travel  politics  malta 
february 2018 by pnjman
Croatia: the fragile heart of the Balkans | Matthew Engel
The youngest member of the EU, Croatia is popular with tourists. But it is still defined by the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s, and its young people are leaving.
13th  february  2018  matthew  engel  new  statesman  travel  politics  europe  eu  croatia 
february 2018 by pnjman
Slovenia – the happy country that should be even happier | Matthew Engel
Slovenia is a small country on the sunny side of the Alps, once part of communist Yugoslavia. The streets are clean, crime is low and education good. But birth rates are falling and people are not as cheerful as one might expect.
20th  december  2017  new  statesman  matthew  engel  travel  solvenia 
january 2018 by pnjman
Travels in Belgium, the dysfunctional, fractured state at the heart of the EU | Matthew Engel
Donald Trump called Belgium a “beautiful city”. One British prime minister said that it was “not even a country”.
Belgium  travel  matthew  engel  new  statesman  20th  november  2017  politics 
november 2017 by pnjman
The slow train to Tallinn | Matthew Engel
The Baltic state of Estonia, where people place great trust in technology – but not the motives of their neighbours.
24th  october  2017  new  statesman  matthew  engel  travel  politics  estonia 
october 2017 by pnjman
First lesson from world championships: there is no next Usain Bolt | Matthew Engel
Attempts to anoint Wayde van Niekerk were doomed to fail. As for exotic gastric viruses, there is no link to the London Stadium’s wretched food.
matthew  engel  guardian  12th  august  2017  athletics  world  championships  london 
august 2017 by pnjman
The Last Wolf by Robert Winder — island stories | Matthew Engel
Geography is destiny in this historical meditation on the peculiarities of the English.
ft  matthew  engel  11th  august  2017  book  review  literature  robert  winder 
august 2017 by pnjman
Huddersfield embraces revivalist talk before taking Premier League plunge | Matthew Engel
Yorkshire town hopes team’s promotion to the big time energises the area in a repeat of the Swansea trickle-down effect.
9th  august  2017  guardian  matthew  engel  football  sport  huddersfield  town 
august 2017 by pnjman
MCC’s masters of the cricket universe have all but lost their footings at Lord’s | Matthew Engel
Club’s failure to buy three tunnels beneath the Nursery end in 1999 have caused a problem which will not go away.
3rd  july  2017  guardian  matthew  engel  cricket  lords 
july 2017 by pnjman
Why is Britain so disenchanted with its politicians? | Matthew Engel
A tour of Middle England in search of the root of voter disillusionment.
matthew  engel  ft  2nd  june  2017  politics 
june 2017 by pnjman
How South African cricket has changed since England’s 1982 rebel tour | Matthew Engel
South Africa begin their 2017 tour with a warm-up in Hove and of the 15 players in the one-day squad, eight are non-white.
19th  may  2017  guardian  matthew  engel  sport  cricket  south  africa  politics 
may 2017 by pnjman
The fish-eaters and the fasters | Matthew Engel
In certain respects Nelson feels like similar-sized towns in Ulster: two communities separated by a gulf of non-communication.
18th  new  statesman  matthew  engel  politics  may  2017  lancashire  nelson 
may 2017 by pnjman
Northern Ireland: an uncertain peace | Matthew Engel
In the week an election was called and Martin McGuinness quit as deputy first minister, a walk through Portadown reveals political and cultural changes that will radically affect the region’s political future.
2017  21st  january  guardian  matthew  engel  northen  ireland  politics  travel 
january 2017 by pnjman
The bubble that turned into a tide: how London got hooked on gentrification | Matthew Engel
Gentrification is a familiar story in the capital – but now even the 1% are being squeezed out. What do the stories of Peckham, Holland Park and Chelsea tell us about the new reality?
24th  september  2016  guardian  matthew  engel  london  housing 
september 2016 by pnjman
The trouble with the Olympic Games | Matthew Engel
In light of the Russian doping scandal, London’s debatable legacy and the craven prostrations of prospective future hosts, the Olympic ideal looks shabby indeed as we draw closer to Rio. What is the point of the Games today?
matthew  engel  guardian  sport  olympics  2016  29th  july  politics 
july 2016 by pnjman
The buffalo roam again | Matthew Engel
Buried deep within America's empty heartland lies North Dakota: remote, inhospitable, a state in crisis. But as its human inhabitants give up on the plains and move out, the original settlers are on their way back.
8th  february  2003  guardian  matthew  engel  travel  usa  north  dakota 
july 2016 by pnjman
Birmingham after Brexit: hope and regret in the 50-50 city | Matthew Engel
Britain’s second city voted Leave by a tiny margin, and a sense of two worlds living side by side is palpable in the suburb of Kings Norton. In its cafes, churches and tattoo parlours, residents are still trying to process it all.
politics  matthew  engel  guardian  1st  july  2016  birmingham  eu  referendum 
july 2016 by pnjman
'I hope I don’t live to regret this': Brexit doubts linger at the centre of England | Matthew Engel
Meriden, West Midlands, has woken up to the EU referendum result – leaving some leave voters overjoyed but others enduring terrors of self-doubt.
24th  june  2016  guardian  matthew  engel  politics  eu  referendum 
june 2016 by pnjman
The weird world of Cheltenham festival: horse racing's great rite of spring | Matthew Engel
Next week, the roar of a colourful cavalry will reverberate through the heart of the picturesque Cotswolds. Even if horse racing can’t hope to fight football’s supreme popularity, Cheltenham is still a sporting celebration like no other.
12th  march  2016  guardian  matthew  engel  horse  racing  cheltenham 
may 2016 by pnjman
Slow train coming | Matthew Engel
Unlike most of the developed world, Britain and the US are still waiting for the second age of rail.
4th  december  2015  matthew  engel  ft  railways 
april 2016 by pnjman
London sprawling | Matthew Engel
The capital’s influence is now felt in ever more distant parts of the country, yet it is the voters of ‘unLondon’ who will decide next year’s election.
21st  november  2014  ft  matthew  engel  politics  uk  geography  shropshire 
february 2016 by pnjman
British Institutions: London Underground | Matthew Engel
The Tube is more confident now than at any time in memory. What is going on?
matthew  engel  ft  tube  london  uk  underground 
june 2012 by pnjman

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