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Scorsese's New Documentary on Inscrutable Beatle George Harrison | Paul Theroux
George Harrison was liberated by rock and roll. Turns out Martin Scorsese was too.
25th  september  2011  newsweek  paul  theroux  profile  george  harrison  martin  scorsese 
10 weeks ago by pnjman
George Osborne's Revenge | Ed Caesar
No one saw it coming: in March, to the shock of his friends, the horror of his enemies and the dismay of many observers, especially in the press, George Osborne — abruptly sacked as chancellor of the exchequer by the new Prime Minister, Theresa May, in the wake of Brexit — was appointed editor of the London Evening Standard. Since then, the novice journalist has turned his newspaper into a powerful stick with which to beat May and her government, and told his allies that he wants her 'chopped up in bags in my freezer'. He has also made the Standard a must-read for political junkies, for the first time in years. What does Osborne hope to achieve? Is he only out for revenge? Or does he still believe that one day, with his Tory foes put to the sword and his Labour opponents dispatched, he might have another shot at Number 10?
esquire  ed  caesar  13th  september  2017  george  osbourne  politics  profile 
september 2017 by pnjman
Stop politicising the deaths of George Michael and Fidel Castro | Mark Steel
It's hard to see why anyone would read anything political into the life of a pop star who campaigned for 30 years for gay rights and was despised in the US for opposing the Iraq War.
30th  december  2016  independent  mark  steel  george  michael 
december 2016 by pnjman
George Harrison's Haven | Paul Theroux
The Australian Home of the Late Beatle and his Wife.
31st  july  2007  paul  theroux  architectural  digest  george  harrison 
july 2016 by pnjman
The Zimmerman trial showed an exciting new approach to murder cases: put the victim on trial | Mark Steel
So the genius of the legal system is that the case focussed on the way Trayvon Martin should have reacted when pursued by a neighbourhood watch official with a gun.
18th  july  2013  independent  mark  steel  george  zimmerman 
july 2013 by pnjman
King Egbert and the Naming of England | George T. Beech
George T. Beech investigates whether a King of Wessex adopted a new name for his country in 828, but failed to implement the change.
february  2013  history  today  george  beech  king  egbert  england  anglo  saxon  wessex 
february 2013 by pnjman
It's Official: Austerity Economics Doesn't Work | John Cassidy
Having adopted the policies of Keynes in response to a calamitous recession, the United States has grown more than twice as fast during the past three years as Britain, which adopted the economics of Hoover (and Paul Ryan).
john  cassidy  new  yorker  7th  december  2012  politics  george  osbourne  economics  finical  crisis 
december 2012 by pnjman
The Importance of Being Orwell | Christopher Hitchens
George Orwell’s best-known work (Animal Farm, Nineteen Eighty-Four) emerged from painstaking investigation. In the introduction to a groundbreaking volume of Orwell’s diaries, V.F.’s late columnist dissects one of the 20th century’s greatest political minds, a writer who was also his lifelong inspiration.
august  2012  christopher  hitchens  vanity  fair  george  orwell  literature 
september 2012 by pnjman
Temple of Gloom | Bryan Curtis
Why is the second Indiana Jones movie so dark?
31st  august  2012  grantland  bryan  curtis  indiana  jones  temple  doom  george  lucas  steven  spielberg 
august 2012 by pnjman
Travels in London’s sewers - Rose George
Beside a manhole in a street in Clerkenwell, I am presented with the things that will protect me in the hours to come: a white paper overall suit; crotch-high waders with tungsten-studded soles that will grip but won’t spark; a hard hat with a miner’s light; heavy rubber gloves, oversized; a ‘turtle’, a curved metal box that holds emergency breathing apparatus, to strap around my waist, along with a back-up battery; a harness to loop through my legs in case I need to be dragged out. The hazards include diseases like hepatitis A, B and C, leptospirosis (‘sewer workers’ disease’) and rabies. Then there are the gases: methane, hydrogen sulphide, and fumes from whichever effluents London businesses have poured down their drains and toilets today.
rose  george  london  uk  sewer  underground 
june 2012 by pnjman
A Hanging | George Orwell
A sickly light, like yellow tinfoil, was slanting over the high walls into the jail yard. We were waiting outside the condemned cells, a row of sheds fronted with double bars, like small animal cages.
george  orwell  adelphi 
june 2012 by pnjman
I Spy | Anthony Lane
John le Carré and the rise of George Smiley.
anthony  lane  new  yorker  john  le  carre  tinker  soldier  spy  george  smiley  tailor 
june 2012 by pnjman
We Are All Smiley’s People | David Denby
My wife, Susan, and I lost our minds. For more than two weeks at the beginning of February, we were locked in a ritual that became the center of our day, the center of our conversation—watching first the six-hour original 1979 BBC version of John le Carré’s “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” (not to be confused with the competent but muffled new movie version), and then its six-hour sequel from 1982, “Smiley’s People.” We would watch one episode each evening after dinner. Late at night, I would often creep back into the study and watch the episode again, just to be sure I had understood all of it, savored all of its intricacies, noted its omissions and implications. I needed to review what I knew and didn’t know at every stage—not just what we had seen, but what had happened off-camera, what had happened in the interim between the episodes, and also what might have been. After thinking everything over, I would discuss it with Susan—when she would let me. In obsessional situations like this, your overflowing pleasure can destroy someone else’s happiness. You want to blurt out everything.
david  denby  john  le  carre  george  smiley  tinker  soldier  spy  alec  guinness  smileys  people  new  yorker  tailor 
june 2012 by pnjman

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