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Boris' advice for builders must come from all the plumbing he learnt at Eton | Mark Steel
If you believe what the scientists and doctors are saying, why would you think it’s all right for one million building workers to carry on working?
28th  march  2020  mark  steel  independent  politics  covid19 
2 days ago by pnjman
At least Boris Johnson is a laugh – pragmatism would’ve been so boring during this pandemic | Mark Steel
Each evening, he comes on television and says a random series of words, giving us the fun of putting them in the right order so we know what we’re supposed to do.
mark  steel  independent  26th  march  2020  politics  covid19 
3 days ago by pnjman
Thank God we have Trump and Farage to show coronavirus who’s boss | Mark Steel
How fortunate that the most powerful person in the world’s specialism is research. His devastating theories on the climate crisis, such as: ‘I don’t believe it’, could be the key to saving us all.
mark  steel  independent  politics  12th  march  2020  covid19 
17 days ago by pnjman
The US is already giving us chlorinated chicken, let’s bring in voter suppression too | Mark Steel
Over the last 700 years, the people entitled to vote have gradually increased, to property owners, all men, then women and finally anyone over 18. So it’s only fair we start going back the other way.
5th  march  2020  mark  steel  independent  politics  usa 
24 days ago by pnjman
The only way this government can reduce homelessness is by classifying a park bench as a studio flat | Mark Steel
The homelessness figures began to shoot up, even by the Tories’ own estimates, in 2010. It’s a complete mystery why that should be the year.
mark  steel  independent  politics  27th  february  2020 
4 weeks ago by pnjman
Soon we'll all enjoy supermarkets more - once the crowds of low skilled migrant staff have been deported | Mark Steel
From now on, wherever there’s a field of strawberries, instead of letting Romanians muck us about by picking them, the fruit can go rotten so British maggots can have somewhere to live at last.
20th  january  2020  independent  mark  steel  politics 
5 weeks ago by pnjman
Low Hum & Little Lo | Martin Amis
Humbert Humbert, narrator of 'Lolita', is a sadist, narcissist and sexual deviant: so why should we think Nabokov's novel morally acceptable?
25th  october  1992  independent  martin  amis  vladamir  nabokov  literature  lolita 
5 weeks ago by pnjman
The only thing the Tories learned from the Windrush scandal was the thrill of deporting people | Mark Steel
In this new and exciting environment, the possibilities for revelling in people’s despair are endless. We could even have deportation theme parks.
13th  february  2020  mark  steel  independent  politics 
6 weeks ago by pnjman
With their Iowa entertainment, the Democrats have made the news watchable again | Mark Steel
There’s no finer way of proving governmental competence than holding an election you’ve had three years to prepare for, only to declare all the votes have gone missing because no one knows how computers work.
6th  february  2020  independent  mark  steel  politics  usa 
7 weeks ago by pnjman
Brexit day can’t come soon enough – we’ll be free to drink all the bad wine we want | Mark Steel
Finally, we’ll be free to toast to a new spirit of harmony with Europe in the PROPER British way.
30th  january  2020  independent  mark  steel  politics  brexit 
8 weeks ago by pnjman
If you say Muslim women look like letterboxes, the only job you can get is prime minister – it’s the woke brigade’s fault | Mark Steel
Actors, in particular, have faced appalling hardship. Half of the country’s actors currently working were educated at private schools. We’re now so woke that the other half of acting roles are going to that lucky group known as ‘common people’.
23rd  january  2020  mark  steel  independent  politics 
9 weeks ago by pnjman
Who needs pompous scientists when we have Matt Hancock to solve the climate crisis | Mark Steel
The health secretary’s strategy for the election in 2060 is to win by five votes to three among the eight people left alive after the apocalypse.
16th  january  2020  mark  steel  independent  politics  climate  crisis 
10 weeks ago by pnjman
No wonder Meghan and Harry are stepping back - she's probably running for Labour leader | Mark Steel
The rule appears to be that it’s treason to criticise the royal family, until there’s a member of the royal family the establishment don’t approve of, then it’s treason not to call them vermin.
9th  january  2020  mark  steel  independent 
11 weeks ago by pnjman
Labour is too busy barking at its own reflection to come up with a solution for survival | Mark Steel
Instead of careful consideration, many in the party are determined to either to insist the left did everything wrong, or the left did nothing wrong and should try the same as before but with a Northern accent.
19th  december  2019  march  steel  politics  labour  independent 
december 2019 by pnjman
Labour's working class voters are now Hove baristas, while Blyth puts its trust in common blokes like Boris | Mark Steel
The people of Blyth decided to confirm their distaste for the establishment by putting their trust in common folk who understand what it’s like to live in an former shipyard town – people like Jacob ‘always drilling a rivet’ Rees-Mogg.
13th  december  2019  independent  mark  steel  politics 
december 2019 by pnjman
Nobody is asking you to go on holiday with Corbyn – you don't need to like him to vote Labour | Mark Steel
In this general election there are many constituencies where people who want to stop the PM are in a strong majority, but rather than unite behind one candidate that will beat him they still prefer to fight each other.
5th  december  2019  mark  steel  independent  politics 
december 2019 by pnjman
Boris Johnson is dodging the climate debate and I find it very reassuring | Mark Steel
It’s the same as if every scientist agreed all the country’s planes, cars, buses, boats and seaside donkeys were on fire. You wouldn’t expect the transport secretary to interrupt his busy schedule to worry about that.
28th  november  2019  independent  mark  steel  politics 
november 2019 by pnjman
It's a surprise Priti Patel is backing the Tory manifesto – she thinks government has nothing to do with your finances | Mark Steel
For most of the past nine years government policy has been to proudly follow ‘austerity’. How ridiculous to suggest that might lead to anything becoming austere.
21st  november  2019  independent  mark  steel  politics 
november 2019 by pnjman
Boris Johnson's sputtering tour of Britain makes Theresa May look like an expert campaigner | Mark Steel
The prime minister’s performance over the past few days should put to rest any questions about why he’s kept away from the public.
mark  steel  independent  politics  14th  november  2019 
november 2019 by pnjman
Maybe the Tories are being this bad in the name of ‘light-hearted satire’ | Mark Steel
James Cleverly says his party doctored a video of Keir Starmer in the name of mockery, not fakery. Could Jacob Rees-Mogg, Andrew Bridgen and the rest been tripping themselves up on purpose for our amusement?
mark  steel  independent  7th  november  2019  politics 
november 2019 by pnjman
After nine years, the Tories say "Britain deserves better" than them | Mark Steel
The Conservative campaign seems to be based on the idea that only they can be trusted to fix the problems they’ve caused. Okay then.
mark  steel  independent  politics  31st  october  2019  brexit 
october 2019 by pnjman
Is Britain really so bored we'll let a sociopath PM do whatever he wants? | Mark Steel
This is Boris Johnson’s selling point. He gets on with it. He’s not like those other stodgy politicians, bound by elitist codes, like the one that suggests if you print something as a fact in huge letters it ought to be true.
24th  october  2019  independent  mark  steel  politics 
october 2019 by pnjman
Rejoice! We finally have a Brexit deal that makes us poorer and hands power to sociopaths | Mark Steel
This is only the start, we can and must build on this now we’re free to shrink our economy by however much we choose, without having to consult the Germans first.
17th  october  2019  independent  mark  steel  politics  brexit 
october 2019 by pnjman
No wonder Extinction Rebellion is unpopular, they're trying to make us care about humanity | Mark Steel
The protesters can make their point, they should just do it without disrupting anything, maybe by drawing a turtle or looking out of the window. Only then can we contemplate giving up a few bad habits.
mark  steel  independent  10th  october  2019  climate  change 
october 2019 by pnjman
The government’s Brexit plans are sillier than we knew possible | Mark Steel
Now we can enjoy the thrill of wondering what else will be revealed. It might even be a giant mechanical parrot that flies across Europe identifying goods heading for the Irish border, squawking ‘that needs VAT paying on that, truckload of onions, truckload of onions’.
mark  steel  independent  3rd  october  2019  politics  brexit 
october 2019 by pnjman
Boris Johnson is desperate to honour Jo Cox, so maybe he could talk about the real betrayal of the 17.4m | Mark Steel
He’s had this job thrust upon him. And we should all remember that any of us, when we’re under pressure, react by insulting the memory of a woman who was murdered.
mark  steel  independent  politics  26th  september  2019  boris  johnson 
september 2019 by pnjman
Boris Johnson has gone so barmy he doesn’t even know what a journalist looks like | Mark Steel
It’s possible the prime minister had mistaken them for nurses and surgeons, which as we know look uncannily like cameras and tripods.
20th  september  2019  independent  mark  steel  politics  boris  johnson 
september 2019 by pnjman
The Tories are playing Anarchy in the UK while Labour goes out of tune | Mark Steel
Iain Duncan Smith is convinced that 17.4 million people – and no mathematician has ever been able to think of a bigger number, remember – voted explicitly to pay £35 for a tomato.
politics  mark  steel  independent  12th  september  2019 
september 2019 by pnjman
Imagine Diane Abbott sprawled on the front bench, texting mates. The Tory media would have been fine with that too | Mark Steel
In any reasonable, measured society, Jacob Rees-Mogg would be in a circus, billed as ‘The Gentry from another Century’. And people gather to watch him polish his monocle.
politics  mark  steel  independent  5th  september  2019 
september 2019 by pnjman
Johnson said Brexit was ‘do or die’. But no MPs opposed to no deal are willing to do either | Mark Steel
It shouldn’t be hard to vote this government down given the majority of MPs against leaving without a deal. But that would be too grubby, so they’re wasting time squabbling about the Queen instead.
politics  mark  steel  independent  29th  august  2019  brexit 
august 2019 by pnjman
Europe basically told Johnson to play with his toys for 30 days – that’s no breakthrough | Mark Steel
We’ve been told twice already that the EU will wait until the deadline and then back down. They haven’t yet, but perhaps the prime minister knows the third time’s a charm.
22nd  august  2019  independent  mark  steel  politics 
august 2019 by pnjman
The Lib Dems hate no-deal Brexit, but they'd rather burn than let Jeremy Corbyn douse the flames | Mark Steel
Maybe they’re worried that during his few days as prime minister, he’d sneak off in the night and make Britain part of Palestine.
15th  august  2019  mark  steel  independent  politics  brexit 
august 2019 by pnjman
The truth is the last thing that will set us free from Boris Johnson and his X-men of liars | Mark Steel
The duplicitous prime minister hasn’t just changed the rules, he’s playing a different game. It’s time for us to learn it and beat him at it.
politics  mark  steel  independent  25th  july  2019 
july 2019 by pnjman
Just like the racist president, no Tories will save us from the kipper-waver in chief | Mark Steel
Now he’s going to be PM, they’ve all caved in. ‘LOVED the fish, Boris, let’s go to war with Portugal, you can borrow my laptop if the other one broke in that incident that wasn’t your fault’.
politics  mark  steel  independent  18th  july  2019 
july 2019 by pnjman
No wonder Labour antisemitism got the Panorama treatment – Tory racism is way too much to fit into an hour | Mark Steel
Conservative members love politicians who protect the kind of British life a person can relate to, such as wearing a monocle and having 19 kids you never see until they’ve left Eton.
11th  july  2019  mark  steel  independent  politics 
july 2019 by pnjman
Jeremy Hunt’s fox hunting U-turn was charmingly boyish – just like a kid with no attention span | Mark Steel
That he can develop a fad and abandon it within half a day shows his humanity, like a five-year-old who plays with a toy dustcart before losing interest and opting for a shiny, squeaky donkey instead.
politics  mark  steel  independent  2019  4th  july  jeremy  hunt 
july 2019 by pnjman
Boris will finally bring some ‘positive energy’ to Brexit, using the gift of relentless incoherence | Mark Steel
His supporters have complained Johnson’s neighbours were ‘Remainers and liberals’, following the old Conservative values of being tough on the neighbours who report crime.
politics  steel  independent  mark  2019  27th  june 
june 2019 by pnjman
The Tories would sit in a nest of wasps if it meant we could leave the EU | Mark Steel
If Conservatives are prepared to ruin the economy and break up the nation for Brexit, what other barmy stuff would they do? Well, elect Boris Johnson for one.
politics  mark  steel  independent  20th  june  2019 
june 2019 by pnjman
Who cares if Boris is incompetent – at least he's ‘plain-speaking’, right? | Mark Steel
It’s the same with builders: you don’t want them bamboozling you with terms like ‘making good’ and ‘dovetail joint’ – it’s much better to have a plain-speaking one that says, ‘I’ve accidentally smashed your wall down’.
13th  june  2019  politics  mark  steel  independent  boris  johnson 
june 2019 by pnjman
We've given Trump the Royal treatment so why not bung him the NHS too? | Mark Steel
We must deal with the president of the US, we’re told. But you also have to deal with your energy supplier, and you don’t invite the board of EDF over for a sodding banquet.
politics  mark  steel  independent  2019  6th  june  donald  trump 
june 2019 by pnjman
Labour needs to realise that no version of Brexit will ever unite the country | Mark Steel
The Brexit Party’s message in the EU elections was ‘we demand Brexit NOW’, the Liberal Democrats had ‘bollocks to Brexit’ and the Labour Party’s was, well, a little more hard to follow.
30th  may  2019  mark  steel  independent  politics  brexit 
may 2019 by pnjman
May's final days are crashing us into a whole new world of Brexit madness | Mark Steel
So successful has she been, that having been 20 points ahead in the polls in 2017, her party now looks likely to win a quarter of the votes of a party boasting they’ll make us poorer until 2050.
politics  mark  steel  independent  23rd  may  2019 
may 2019 by pnjman
There are Tory leadership candidates as far as the eye can see – but not a principle in sight | Mark Steel
It’s a measure of how low the bar has sunk, that if they manage to pose for a photo without soiling the chair, that puts them in the lead.
politics  mark  steel  independent  16th  may  2019  conservatives 
may 2019 by pnjman
Brexit is tearing the Tories apart so fast that Chris Grayling is starting to look like a model MP | Mark Steel
Amidst this anarchy, Theresa May insists the problem isn’t with her, and in a way she’s right. But instead of doing something, the party has decided to treat us to its perpetual internal warfare.
politics  mark  steel  independent  9th  may  2019 
may 2019 by pnjman
Parliament has finally declared a ‘climate emergency’ so that's environment sorted then | Mark Steel
Michael Gove assured us of the Conservative Party’s ‘green thread of ambition’. He’s right, at the the recent climate change debate in parliament, as many as 10 Tory MPs turned up.
politics  mark  steel  independent  2nd  may  2019  climate  change 
may 2019 by pnjman
MPs have cracked the code to lasting popularity – all they have to do is cosy up to the far right | Mark Steel
The most dramatic part of this trend is it seems to work. The more characters like Farage, Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson associate with the far-right, the more successful they become.
politics  mark  steel  independent  18th  april  2019 
april 2019 by pnjman
Taking back control means begging the EU to let us stay – just so we can leave | Mark Steel
David Davis still says the EU would back down to our demands. They’ve waited so long to the last minute, that the last minute finished – but if we hold our nerve and wait until the 85th last minute, they’ll definitely back down.
11th  april  2019  politics  mark  steel  independent  brexit 
april 2019 by pnjman
Drunk on their warped sense of nationalism, now Brexiteers are fighting for no deal ‘just because’ | Mark Steel
A section of the country believes we can overcome any problem by being Britain. To mention the details of how we’ll do it, is treachery, apparently.
politics  mark  steel  independent  april  4th  2019  brexit 
april 2019 by pnjman
The momentum has finally switched to remain - Theresa May has engineered a political sea change | Mark Steel
As Boris preaches and the ERG cast spells of disaster on Britain’s embattled prime minister, perpetual chaos continues. But beyond the Westminster soap opera, the national mood is changing.
politics  mark  steel  independent  28th  march  2019  brexit 
march 2019 by pnjman
Theresa May wants us to follow her down the rabbit hole of Brexit madness | Mark Steel
In her current state, it’s possible the PM will decide to make a TV address three times a day, marching onto the set of Masterchef to declare herself emperor.
politics  mark  steel  independent  21st  march  2019  brexit 
march 2019 by pnjman
The handling of Windrush is so bad, you wonder If Chris Grayling accidentally spent a morning at the Home Office | Mark Steel
Taking almost a year over one claimant clearly means they must be making absolutely sure they give them exactly the right amount.
politics  mark  steel  independent  7th  march  2019 
march 2019 by pnjman
Labour's antisemitism row has made everyone look awful, from foolish activists to a hypocritical PM | Mark Steel
Theresa May would never tolerate the slightest hint of anti-Semitism. That’s why she was one of the only leaders in Europe to oppose a motion censuring Viktor Orban.
28th  february  2019  mark  steel  independent  politics 
february 2019 by pnjman
In a party edging closer to the 1850s, Sajid Javid’s response to Shamima Begum makes perfect sense | Mark Steel
Why strip Begum of her citizenship when she’ll make a great post-Brexit trade ambassador to the caliphate in a few short weeks?
21st  february  2019  independent  mark  steel  politics 
february 2019 by pnjman
The trouble with Winston Churchill is that he was a hero partly because he was such a daft racist | Mark Steel
Heroes are complex: it will probably turn out one day that Jesus had a gambling habit, and blew the widow’s mite on the 4.15 chariot race from Nazareth.
politics  mark  steel  independent  14th  february  2019  winston  churchill 
february 2019 by pnjman
Who does Donald Tusk think he is? We’ve always been so civil with these ‘EU dirty rats’ | The Independent
Telling EU leaders they’re like Hitler is exactly the sort of skilled diplomacy that has made these Brexit negotiations pass off so smoothly
7th  february  2019  independent  mark  steel  politics  brexit 
february 2019 by pnjman
Jeremy Hardy was a glorious friend – and a mischievous comedy delight | Mark Steel
Three days ago, he contemplated appearing at this year’s Glastonbury Festival: ‘I could do it’, he said, ‘but I’d be like Stephen Hawking, only not as funny’.
mark  steel  independent  1st  february  2019  jeremy  hardy  obituary 
february 2019 by pnjman
Britain must not let Brexit distract us from being horrible to two boys who escaped the Taliban | Mark Steel
You can understand the Home Office playing hardball. Boys often run away across continents and almost suffocate, pretending terrifying regimes have taken control of their house.
politics  mark  steel  independent  31st  january  2019 
january 2019 by pnjman
We'll stop admiring May's resilience when we're all fighting over carcass scraps from London Zoo | Mark Steel
This is sparkly British determination to see the good in someone. But Theresa May breaks records for scales of disaster every day and grins as if everything’s turned out fine.
17th  january  2019  independent  mark  steel  politics  brexit 
january 2019 by pnjman
Project Fear will threaten to instal a volcano in Hemel Hempstead next | Mark Steel
By showing what happens when everyone in charge is an idiot, perhaps the behaviour of MPs over the last two years has been in preparation for a no-deal Brexit all along.
10th  january  2019  mark  steel  independent  politics  brexit 
january 2019 by pnjman
Sajid Javid is right – those feckless refugees are ruining everything | Mark Steel
It’s only fair that a series of measures are taken which point the blame for the problems this country has got itself into at the people truly responsible for it – like feckless lazy types who spend all day idly walking from Syria to Calais and floating to Dover on a wardrobe.
mark  politics  steel  independent  3rd  january  2019  brexit 
january 2019 by pnjman
Jeremy Corbyn should be honoured to get feminism lessons from the entirely blameless Tories | Mark Steel
The Conservative Party is packed with passionate advocates of women’s rights – such as Boris “Suffragette” Johnson.
politics  mark  steel  independent  2018  20th  december 
december 2018 by pnjman
We should give up on approaching British politics with logic – our own prime minister has | Mark Steel
Theresa May set such a pattern of doing the opposite of what she promises so often, that nothing she says now is of any value at all.
13th  december  2018  mark  steel  independent  politics  brexit 
december 2018 by pnjman
Brexit fact deniers are becoming like climate change sceptics – all fingers in ears and tongues poked out | Mark Steel
It’s possible the Bank of England’s figures are wrong, which must be why Brexit enthusiasts haven’t made the mistake of producing their own documents, or research, or numbers.
politics  mark  steel  independent  29th  november  2018  brexit 
november 2018 by pnjman
Damn those Europeans ‘jumping the queue’ and taking all those jobs we’d rather not do anyway | Mark Steel
Meanwhile, the people we send to Europe are clearly vital to the economy, performing essential tasks such as completing word puzzles, and living in a country for fifteen years without learning how to count to three in the language.
politics  mark  steel  independent  2018  22nd  november  brexit 
november 2018 by pnjman
How do we know May’s Brexit plan is the fairest one of all? Every single person in the world hates it | Mark Steel
If only someone had pointed out to Brexit supporters at some point that the reality of leaving might result in us being worse off. Still, they’ll know for next time.
15th  november  2018  mark  steel  independent  politics  brexit 
november 2018 by pnjman
Democrats should make compromises with Trump – like painting smiley suns on cages | Mark Steel
When he makes up a story of a ‘caravan’ of dirty Hondurans heading towards the border to destroy the country, just reply: ‘With respect, Mr President, we’d like to make up that there’s only a Winnebago of dirty Hondurans’, and see if you can meet in the middle.
politics  mark  steel  independent  8th  november  2018  usa 
november 2018 by pnjman
I called my kids Somme, Trench and Mustard Gas so I'll never forget the war dead | Mark Steel
One company has commissioned a special Remembrance Bird House covered with pictures of poppies for the centenary. Gestures like that make you realise 60 million people didn’t die in vain.
mark  steel  independent  politics  remembrance  day  1st  november  2018 
november 2018 by pnjman
So many people are employed selling arms to the Saudis and sending bombs to CNN, it would be unfair to kick them out of a job | Mark Steel
This is a different situation to Iraq, because the arms we sell to Saudi Arabia are real, and therefore fairly harmless, whereas Saddam had those non-existent ones, and those things are lethal.
politics  mark  steel  independent  2018  october  25th  saudi  arabia 
october 2018 by pnjman
Who's to say it wasn't the Belgians who are responsible for Khashoggi's disappearance? Let's not jump to conclusions | Mark Steel
Trump has stayed as friendly as ever with the Saudi prince, and if he was shown film of the Saudis executing Khashoggi, he’d probably say, 'Well, let’s not jump to conclusions. We haven’t seen what he did to irritate them'.
politics  mark  steel  independent  2018  19th  october 
october 2018 by pnjman
Why not let the DUP run the whole of the British government? At least they're united | Mark Steel
The good news is that instead of dull press conferences, the Bank of England will be asked to announce all future changes in interest rates by painting them on a mural in East Belfast with someone on a white horse.
11th  mark  steel  politics  independent  2018  october 
october 2018 by pnjman
Theresa May admitted it ‘makes no sense’ to do what she's insisted on for the past decade – does that really deserve praise? | Mark Steel
Of few meaningful announcements, the prime minister promised to allow councils to borrow money to build houses, which councils have been demanding – and the Tories have opposed – for decades.
4th  october  2018  independent  mark  steel  politics  conservatives 
october 2018 by pnjman
I'm not worried that we're stockpiling food for Brexit – if anything, I'm glad | Mark Steel
Eventually we’ll be fighting each other to the death for an OXO cube, grunting ‘we’ve got our country back’.
politics  mark  steel  independent  27th  september  2018  brexit 
september 2018 by pnjman
Theresa May is trying to make us so bored with Brexit that we agree to anything | Mark Steel
No one will ever satisfy the people who scream complaints such as 'We used to have proper singers, like Engelbert Humperdinck, before the EU made all our music go metric'.
mark  politics  steel  independent  20th  september  2018  brexit 
september 2018 by pnjman
Nothing annoys Richard Branson more than other people's lateness – and as someone who relies on his trains, I agree | Mark Steel
Even these people who love crazy adventures, who row across the Pacific in a hollowed out zebra, or run across Syria carrying a combination boiler, aren’t so foolish as to attempt the rail journey from London to Brighton at a weekend.
mark  steel  independent  2018  september  13th 
september 2018 by pnjman
Tony Blair and Matteo Salvini – the politics of the centre we're 'crying out for' | Mark Steel
Blair’s reason for being in the centre was that we have to be realistic. That's now been updated to, 'we have to be so realistic, we deny the reality'.  Maybe their problem – and they may need to look into this, as it’s complicated – is that things can change.
politics  mark  steel  independent  2018  6th  september 
september 2018 by pnjman
Theresa May is right – who cares about Europe? South Africa will want to be our best friend now she's performed her special dance | Mark Steel
The prime minister managed an expression that may never have been given before at Robben Island: awkward and utterly unmoved, the face someone over 70 pulls when a teenager hands them controls of a PS4 for a game of 'Call of Duty'.
30th  august  2018  independent  mark  steel  politics  theresa  may  nelson  mandela  south  africa 
august 2018 by pnjman
This papal Che Guevera wants to stop every single bit of child abuse in the Catholic church | Mark Steel
When an institution sexually abuses children on an industrial scale, you won’t win back trust easily. You need to demonstrate you truly understand the scale of what you’ve inflicted, preferably by going without breakfast one morning.
24th  august  2018  mark  steel  independent  religion  catholicism  ireland 
august 2018 by pnjman
Islamic fundamentalist Corbyn should be ashamed of himself – if only he'd been more like Thatcher | Mark Steel
Corbyn supported every gay rights campaign at a time when it was considered extremist to do so. And the way he managed to be an extremist Islamic fundamentalist and an extremist gay rights fanatic at the same time only shows how dangerous he is.
16th  august  2018  mark  steel  independent  politics  jeremy  corbyn 
august 2018 by pnjman
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