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Low Hum & Little Lo | Martin Amis
Humbert Humbert, narrator of 'Lolita', is a sadist, narcissist and sexual deviant: so why should we think Nabokov's novel morally acceptable?
25th  october  1992  independent  martin  amis  vladamir  nabokov  literature  lolita 
6 weeks ago by pnjman
Scorsese's New Documentary on Inscrutable Beatle George Harrison | Paul Theroux
George Harrison was liberated by rock and roll. Turns out Martin Scorsese was too.
25th  september  2011  newsweek  paul  theroux  profile  george  harrison  martin  scorsese 
10 weeks ago by pnjman
In search of Dieguito | Martin Amis
He rose from the slums of Buenos Aires to become the world's greatest footballer - then spectacularly self-destructed. Now, from his Cuban hospital bed, Maradona has published a remarkably frank autobiography.
1st  october  2004  guardian  martin  amis  football  maradona  diego  literature  book  review 
january 2019 by pnjman
18 Photos of British Football and Its Beautiful Fans | Clive Martin
Stuart Roy Clarke is Britain's finest football photographer.
4th  may  2018  vice  clive  martin  football  photography  stuart  roy  clarke 
may 2018 by pnjman
The a yahoo With the Microphone | Martin Amis
Ranting in the rust belt with Donald Trump's perpetual-validation machine.
23rd  october  2017  esquire  martin  amis  politics  usa  trump  donald 
october 2017 by pnjman
Is Hungary the EU's first rogue state? Viktor Orban and the long march from freedom | Martin Fletcher
As a student activist, Orban helped free Hungary from communism. As its prime minister, he practises “illiberal democracy” and praises Trump and Putin.
1st  august  2017  new  statesman  martin  fletcher  hungary  politics  viktor  orban 
august 2017 by pnjman
Brand New Is The Best Band In The World | Martin Bergman
What do you love so much that you turn into an asshole when you talk about it?
16th  december  2016  awl  martin  bergman  music  brand  new 
december 2016 by pnjman
Newsflash for Tories: Being On the Dole Sucks | Clive Martin
It's not the paradise for young shirkers that David Cameron imagines it to be.
3rd  october  2013  vice  clive  martin  politics 
october 2016 by pnjman
Alan Pardew Must Pay for His Deal with the Devil | Clive Martin
Newcastle are playing like a damned team managed by a damned manager.
31st  august  2013  vice  clive  martin  football  alan  pardew 
july 2016 by pnjman
When Michael met Stef and Martin | Pete Brown
Trawling through old notebooks can yield unexpected treasures.
20th  april  2016  pete  brown  beer  brewdog  michael  jackson  martin  dickie 
april 2016 by pnjman
Oktober | Martin Amis
The crowd was diversified by thin streams of dark-skinned and dark-clothed refugees, their eyes haunted and determined, their tread leaden but firm.
martin  amis  new  yorker  7th  december  2015  germany  politics  munich 
december 2015 by pnjman
Ten Shitty Alternatives to Drinking Yourself to Death | Clive Martin
Courtesy of Drinkaware's "Alcohol-Free Nights" guide, the most depressing page on the internet.
3rd  january  2013  vice  clive  martin  drink 
october 2015 by pnjman
Why the Indian Super League Is My New Footballing Obsession | Clive Martin
Marco Materazzi managing Elano deep in Tamil territory; Jon Arne Riise bringing his spectacular ginger foot to Delhi; Lucio succeeding Robert Pires as the star man in the hippy paradise of Goa. What more could you want?
11th  vice  india  martin  september  football  2015  clive 
september 2015 by pnjman
Cutesters: Where the Fuck Did They Come From? | Clive Martin
Tracing the origins of London's newest and most annoyingly infantile youth tribe.
22nd  december  2014  vice  clive  martin  london  culture 
december 2014 by pnjman
I Spent a Day Pretending to Be a Tourist in London | Clive Martin
I wanted to see what it's like to be a stranger in my own city.
october  london  martin  travel  13th  2014  clive  vice 
october 2014 by pnjman
The Last Big Piss-Up at One of London's Doomed Local Pubs | Clive Martin
The regulars at The Admiral Mann aren't going down without a pint.
22nd  august  2014  vice  clive  martin  culture  london  pubs 
august 2014 by pnjman
Why we love to hate Martin Amis | Sam Leith
Amis is our most controversial and outspoken novelist. As he returns to the Holocaust with a comedy set in Auschwitz, why do we love to give Little Keith such a kicking?
15th  august  2014  guardian  sam  leith  martin  amis  literature 
august 2014 by pnjman
The VICE Alternative Premier League Preview 2014-15 | Clive Martin
The season's biggest bastards, flops and folk heroes revealed.
clive  martin  vice  football  15th  august  2014 
august 2014 by pnjman
Britain's Miserable Islanders Don't Get the European Dream | Clive Martin
How I woke up and realised the UK is nothing without its continent.
16th  2014  travel  martin  france  july  vice  clive  paris 
july 2014 by pnjman
Missing in Madrid | Clive Martin
I was starting to see Europe in a completely different way.
14th  july  2014  clive  martin  vice  travel  spain  madrid 
july 2014 by pnjman
'Fuck London': Why I Went Missing in Europe | Clive Martin
On the coach home from Lisbon, I glimpsed a new Europe.
10th  july  2014  clive  martin  vice  travel  europe  portugal  spain 
july 2014 by pnjman
Dapper Laughs Is the New Breed of British Tosser | Clive Martin
The Vine superstar has taken the tradition of being a dick to people and put it on the internet.
10th  june  2014  vice  clive  martin  culture 
june 2014 by pnjman
A Big Day Out with... Drunk Cambridge Students! | Clive Martin
Joining the privileged for a post-exam piss-up on Suicide Sunday.
19th  june  2012  vice  clive  martin  culture  cambridge 
june 2014 by pnjman
Joey Barton And Piers Morgan On Question Time | Clive Martin
UKIP were there too – it was a festival of wankers.
30th  may  2014  vice  clive  martin  politics  tv 
may 2014 by pnjman
A Big Day Out... at the Shitty UKIP Carnival! | Clive Martin
It's not much of a party if the steel drum band refuses to play.
21st  may  2014  vice  clive  martin  politics  ukip 
may 2014 by pnjman
It's Time for a Hipster Joke Moratorium | Clive Martin
Jokes about vegan food and fixies are sooooo 2009.
15th  june  2012  vice  clive  martin  hispters 
may 2014 by pnjman
Screw London, Move to Britain | Clive Martin
It's time for another city to rise up and replace England's capital.
30th  april  2014  vice  clive  martin  culture  uk 
may 2014 by pnjman
These Hilarious Stock Images Hint at London's Sad Future | Clive Martin
Thanks for all the selfie-taking coffee obsessives, Boris Johnson.
17th  april  2014  vice  clive  martin  london  photography 
april 2014 by pnjman
The shock of the Nou | Martin Amis
There was a collective will at work in Barcelona's stadium last Wednesday. And Martin Amis - after a long, strange trip - was just another face in the crowd.
29th  may  1999  martin  amis  sport  football  manchester  united  barcelona  bayern  munich  observer 
march 2014 by pnjman
How Sad Young Douchebags Took Over Modern Britain | Clive Martin
This is what happens when society stops loving its lads.
13th  march  2014  vice  clive  martin  culture  uk 
march 2014 by pnjman
Why Jose Mourinho Is the Harold Pinter of Football | Clive Martin
Maybe there's more to the game than crash-bang-wallop-Aguero-scores-again.
5th  february  2014  vice  clive  martin  sport  football  chelsea  jose  mourinho 
february 2014 by pnjman
Assessing the Legacy of Hologram Tupac | Clive Martin
It was great, but the music industry needs to be careful it doesn't fuck everything up.
17th  april  2012  clive  martin  vice  music 
december 2013 by pnjman
A Big Saturday Out at... The Boat Race! | Clive Martin
Getting drunk and making friends in high places on the banks of the Thames.
10th  april  2012  vice  clive  martin  sport  boat  race 
december 2013 by pnjman
Requiem for a Dreamcast: The Sad Demise of Game | Clive Martin
Thanks for pissing away all my pocket money, you useless pricks.
30th  march  2012  vice  clive  martin  gaming 
november 2013 by pnjman
A Bittersweet Love Letter to the London Suburbs | Clive Martin
They're not the soul-destroying hellholes everyone paints them to be.
6th  november  2013  vice  clive  martin  london 
november 2013 by pnjman
The Madness of the Transfer Window | Clive Martin
We spent transfer deadline day with the marauding Arsenal fans at the Emirates.
clive  martin  vice  3rd  september  2013  sport  football  arsenal 
september 2013 by pnjman
Juan Seba Veron | Martin Mazur
"Maradona called us to his hotel room: 'I have a present for you...'"
january  2013  442  Juan  Seba  Veron  Martin  Mazur  football  sport  interview  united  manchester 
december 2012 by pnjman
Martin Amis | Patrick McGrath
Martin Amis is the author of a book of essays and five novels, of which the last, Money, is a vividly black comedy set in New York and London, featuring the misadventures of a large and ugly filmmaker named John Self, a man “addicted to the 20th century.” I talked to Martin Amis in his working sock in Westbourne Park, and despite much scurrilous yuppie journalism to the contrary, he is a nice man.
winter  1987  bomb  martin  amis  patrick  mcgrath  literature  interview 
november 2012 by pnjman
One Island, Two Countries | Frank Jacobs
Divided islands, like Market in the Baltic Sea, conform to a version of Sayre's law: the smaller the territory, the more confusing the border.
frank  jacobs  borderlines  nyt  market  sweden  finland  boundary  island  australia  st  martin  24th  april  2012 
april 2012 by pnjman

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