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The Lisbon lament | Matthew Engel
Once a backward country in the grip of a grim dictatorship, Portugal has become a hot spot for tech migrants, surfers, foodies and yoga gurus, with a popular socialist prime minister.
22nd  january  2020  matthew  engel  portugal  politics  travel 
10 weeks ago by pnjman
Saint Sardine | Cara Parks
On the eve of Lisbon’s annual sardine-and-beer bacchanal St. Anthony’s Day, Cara Parks looks at the uncertain future of a celebrated fish.
parks  roads&kingdoms  june  lisbon  2015  cara  12th  portugal 
june 2015 by pnjman
'Fuck London': Why I Went Missing in Europe | Clive Martin
On the coach home from Lisbon, I glimpsed a new Europe.
10th  july  2014  clive  martin  vice  travel  europe  portugal  spain 
july 2014 by pnjman
We Went There: Watching the USMNT on Copacabana Beach in Rio | Brian Phillips
I watched this game, which was already on the mind-exploding side of major sports experiences, under a very particular set of circumstances.
23rd  june  2014  grantland  brian  phillips  football  brazil  world  cup  portugal  usa 
june 2014 by pnjman
Manchester United faithful finally see the light after an eventful night in Braga’s amazing quarry stadium | Andy Mitten
From the Maracana to Camp Nou, San Siro to Sydney’s Olympic Stadium and Melbourne’s MCG, United have played in some of the world’s greatest stadia.
8th  november  2012  men  andy  mitten  sport  football  manchester  united  europe  chamions  league  braga  portugal 
november 2012 by pnjman

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