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A World Turned Upside-Down | Paul Theroux
In 1966 Uganda was in a time of curfew and violence. It shaped my thinking about travel writing’s imperative to bear witness.
30th  march  2020  nyt  paul  theroux  travel  politics  uganda  covid19 
3 days ago by pnjman
Scorsese's New Documentary on Inscrutable Beatle George Harrison | Paul Theroux
George Harrison was liberated by rock and roll. Turns out Martin Scorsese was too.
25th  september  2011  newsweek  paul  theroux  profile  george  harrison  martin  scorsese 
10 weeks ago by pnjman
Japan Has Attracted the Sympathy of the World | Paul Theroux
Vulnerable, shaken Japan has attracted the sympathy of the world.
20th  march  2011  newsweek  paul  theroux  japan 
10 weeks ago by pnjman
Dispatch from a Shrinking Planet | Paul Theroux
Google Earth, cell phones, and the Internet are all making the world seem smaller—but the illusion of close contact makes travel more important than ever.
15th  may  2011  newsweek  paul  theroux  travel 
10 weeks ago by pnjman
Reflects on Honolulu, Hawaii | Paul Theroux
A small town with pretensions, fresh air, and good humor.
26th  june  2011  newsweek  paul  theroux  travel  honolulu  hawaii  usa 
10 weeks ago by pnjman
How Apple Revolutionized Our World | Paul Theroux
Steve Jobs's dazzling inventions have forever changed us.
29th  august  2011  newsweek  paul  theroux 
10 weeks ago by pnjman
If I Had a Son, He'd Look Like George Zimmerman | Paul Theroux
The implication of looks equating to innocence (or guilt) is illogical and emotive and divisive, and indeed racially charged.
newsweek  paul  theroux  9th  april  2012 
10 weeks ago by pnjman
My Gaggle | Paul Theroux
I have spent the greater part of my life, more than fifty years, doing what I am doing now, writing in ink on a lined white pad, hoping not to be interrupted, alone and grateful for my solitude. Weekends are a waiting period, most uninvited talk (the phone, repairmen, Jehovah’s Witnesses) drives me to distraction; national holidays are an annoyance, vacations – when I am unable to avoid them – make me impatient, unless I find a quiet place to read. Travel for me is not a vacation but rather an immersion, a long spell of dedicated observation during which I write in the evening, summing up the day. I hope to live like this until I die, selfishly you might say, but it is the only way I can think straight and write well.
20th  june  2019  paul  theroux  lrb 
june 2019 by pnjman
Priya Ramrakha’s Brief, Heroic Life as a Conflict Photographer, in Africa and Beyond | Paul Theroux
His camera was an extension of his brain and his eye, and it did not shy away from danger or death.
8th  february  2019  new  yorker  paul  theroux  photography  priya  ramrakha 
february 2019 by pnjman
A blue wave is predicted for the midterms. I’m not convinced | Paul Theroux
I have quite a lot of sympathy for certain Trump voters, and (wait, please, let me finish) I've been making a list of some concerns that Donald Trump the candidate (I beg you to stop interrupting me — this won't take long) raised when he was on the campaign trail and in the White House. If the Democrats (thank you, I appreciate your patience) ignore these subjects, they risk losing next week and in 2020.
1st  november  2018  washington  post  paul  theroux  politics  usa  mexico  donald  trump 
november 2018 by pnjman
Memories of V. S. Naipaul | Paul Theroux
He took to me for a simple reason. I had read everything he’d written.
24th  august  2018  new  yorker  paul  theroux  literature  obituary  naipaul 
august 2018 by pnjman
Myth and Reason on the Mexican Border | Paul Theroux
A firsthand look at life along the blurry 2,000-mile line.
21st  september  2016  smithsonian  paul  theroux  travel  mexico  usa 
may 2018 by pnjman
What's Changed, and What Hasn't, in the Town That Inspired "To Kill a Mockingbird" | Paul Theroux
Traveling back in time to visit Harper Lee’s hometown, the setting of her 1960 masterpiece and the controversial sequel hitting bookstores soon.
july  17th  2015  paul  theroux  smithsonian  harper  lee  to  kill  a  mockingbird  travel  literature 
may 2018 by pnjman
The Malawi I Loved | Paul Theroux
Half a century since serving in the Peace Corps in Nyasaland, I recall my first infatuation with a landscape and its people.
19th  september  2013  departures  paul  theroux  malawi 
may 2018 by pnjman
Haleiwa, Hawaii | Paul Theroux
When people in Hawaii first learned of North Korea’s latest threat — that it might soon launch a preemptive strike that could obliterate our lovely islands with a nuclear bomb as powerful as those that wiped out Hiroshima and Nagasaki — it was news for a few days. Older people mumbled about Pearl Harbor. Then we islanders went back to the issues that really concern us: the terrible traffic, the chronic homeless problem, the unfunded Honolulu Rail Transit project, the cost of gas, and the surf report — not necessarily in that order. “How often do you go to the States?” tourists sometimes ask, to the great annoyance of people here, which though very distant from the mainland is no stranger to the mainland’s woes.
october  2017  paul  theroux  hawaii  harpers 
may 2018 by pnjman
Life Magazine | Paul Theroux
A youthful love of its articles and photographs led the writer to a life of travel — and to an unexpected encounter with a fellow adventurer.
30th  march  2017  nyt  paul  theroux 
june 2017 by pnjman
Pardon the American Taliban | Paul Theroux
In the mid-1960s a young American teacher in a small central African country became involved with a group of political rebels — former government ministers mostly — who had been active in the struggle for independence. They had fallen out with the authoritarian prime minister, objecting to his dictatorial style. The country was newly independent, hardly a year old. The men advocated democratic elections and feared that the prime minister would declare himself leader for life in a one-party state.
22nd  october  2016  nyt  paul  theroux  politics 
june 2017 by pnjman
‘Let Me Tell You,’ by Shirley Jackson | Paul Theroux
How do we explain to the new, knowing wash-ashores, Brits and Aussies mainly, who have insinuated themselves into the media here, and into popular American culture generally, and to the very young, that there are touchstones and events that define us, that have formed us, that they know nothing about? They don’t have the slightest clue, nor do they know Bo Diddley.
27th  july  2015  nyt  paul  theroux  literature  review  shirley  jackson 
may 2017 by pnjman
Happily a State, Forever an Island | Paul Theroux
Once in the Elks Club in Honolulu, an elderly man of Chinese ancestry said in a low voice to me: “This club used to be very exclusive. And the one next door too.” He meant no Chinese were admitted — or anyone but haoles (whites) or ethnic Hawaiians — to the Elks or the Outrigger Canoe Club. This was true of nearly all of Hawaii’s posh clubs. “But all that changed,” his daughter said, “when Reverend King marched on Selma.”
20th  august  2009  nyt  paul  theroux  hawaii 
may 2017 by pnjman
Stanley, I presume | Paul Theroux
A new biography of Henry Morton Stanley.
30th  september  2007  nyt  paul  theroux  literature  book  review  henry  morton  stanley  tim  jeal 
april 2017 by pnjman
Shortwave Radio Days | Paul Theroux
A few years ago, during my "Dark Star Safari" travels in Africa, almost everything I had was stolen. Intending a foray into a dodgy part of Mozambique, I had left the valuable stuff in safekeeping and took with me only my notes, my passport and a few odds and ends. I returned to Johannesburg to find myself a pauper, owning only the clothes I stood up in. My plight was hard to dramatize in a country with an annual murder rate of about 20,000 and reported rapes at around 53,000. Still, I missed my things and was faced with a difficult decision: What do I replace first?
paul  theroux  nyt  20th  march  2005  travel  radio 
april 2017 by pnjman
How artist Ashley Bickerton became an alien in paradise | Paul Theroux
From sharks to transgender nymphs, Bickerton’s vibrant visions of tropical island life play on the experience of being an expat outsider. Paul Theroux meets a connoisseur of not belonging.
31st  march  2017  paul  theroux  guardian  art  ashley  bickerton 
march 2017 by pnjman
Paul Theroux on travelling | Alec Ash
Travel is a leap in the dark, says Paul Theroux – and one that will leave you a different person at the other end.
25th  june  2012  alec  ash  paul  theroux  travel  literature  interview  salon 
march 2017 by pnjman
Across the Two Karoos | Paul Theroux
I used to think it was axiomatic that the worst trains traveled on the greatest routes -- horrible choo-choos through the wonderful African bush, iron roosters across ancient Xinjiang -- and that the converse was true too: from comfortable trains all you got were disappointing glimpses of Bridgeport or Clapham Junction.
16th  july  2002  nyt  paul  theroux  travel  railways  south  africa 
march 2017 by pnjman
Traveling, Shoulder to Shoulder | Paul Theroux
Travel seems to produce a peculiar sort of licensed bore, the very worst of whom rejoice in the theme, ''When the going was good.'' The point is usually that when they traveled (''Oh, heavens, this was years ago . . .''), it was absolutely marvelous, and too bad you weren't traveling then. But this is largely boastful bunk, and misses the point, for travel is the opposite of a holiday. It is about enlightenment and, at its best, is a form of disappearance.
9th  december  1999  paul  theroux  nyt  travel 
march 2017 by pnjman
Salad Days | Paul Theroux
Several delicous courses of food foibles.
22nd  november  1987  nyt  paul  theroux  food 
january 2017 by pnjman
The Great Railway Bazaar | Paul Theroux
The route that led him to The Great Railway Bazaar.
30th  may  2013  guardian  paul  theroux  travel 
january 2017 by pnjman
With friends like these... | Paul Theroux
Bruce Chatwin was a solitary traveller but his letters reveal a need to know the great and the glamorous.
2nd  september  2010  telegraph  paul  theroux  literature  book  review  bruce  chatwin 
january 2017 by pnjman
Memory and Invention | Paul Theroux
Not long after my book ''Sir Vidia's Shadow'' was sent to the printer I was fossicking among some papers and found an old notebook labeled ''Diary,'' with a date and a sort of title, ''When I Was Off My Head.'' This was an unexpected discovery because, except for some letters and a few notes, I had depended on memory alone for my book.
1st  november  1998  nyt  paul  theroux  literature  naipaul 
january 2017 by pnjman
Voices of Love | Paul Theroux
“I was dying with shame under the sheet. June was my best friend.”
august  2009  atlantic  paul  theroux  fiction 
september 2016 by pnjman
The Hypocrisy of ‘Helping’ the Poor | Paul Theroux
Every so often, you hear grotesquely wealthy American chief executives announce in sanctimonious tones the intention to use their accumulated hundreds of millions, or billions, “to lift people out of poverty.” Sometimes they are referring to Africans, but sometimes they are referring to Americans. And here’s the funny thing about that: In most cases, they have made their fortunes by impoverishing whole American communities, having outsourced their manufacturing to China or India, Vietnam or Mexico.
2nd  october  2015  nyt  paul  theroux  politics  usa 
september 2016 by pnjman
The Wicked Coast | Paul Theroux
Maine is a joy in summer, but even more captivating in winter.
june  2011  paul  theroux  atlantic  maine  usa  travel 
september 2016 by pnjman
Rajat Neogy | Paul Theroux
Rajat Neogy was the founder and editor of Transition, one of Africa's most influential literary and cultural magazines.
15th  january  1995  independent  paul  theroux  obituary  literature 
august 2016 by pnjman
The Last Man of Letters | Paul Theroux
You only have to do a little arithmetic to see that V. S. Pritchett, who died recently at the age of 96, was older than George Orwell and Evelyn Waugh, a year younger than Hemingway, an impressionable teen-ager (and young adult) during World War I, old enough to read Henry James while James was still alive, and the same for Joseph Conrad, for Kipling, for D. H. Lawrence, for Joyce. He was middle-aged when H. G. Wells died in 1946; indeed, he knew Wells, and had the same lower-middle-class background on the shabby genteel fringes of London. As with Wells, these stifling suburbs were the origin of his frustration, which found release in his clearsighted satire.
25th  may  1997  nyt  paul  theroux  obituary  literature 
august 2016 by pnjman
Greene | Paul Theroux
The Ritz bar was empty, quiet, but crazed with decoration. I tried to get a fix on it. It was white, with a Bischof gleam, gold-trimmed mirrors that repeated its Edwardian flourishes of filigree and cigar wrappers, frosty statuettes, velvet and the illusion of crystal in etched glass. The chocolate box of a whore's boudoir. I guessed I would have to lie on my belly to get the shot I wanted, but then I noticed in all that tedious gilt a man behind the bar polishing a goblet. He wore a white dinner jacket and was bald; his head shone. I saw at once how the crown of his skull gathered the whole room and miniaturized it, and he wore it like a map pasted to his dome. Shoot him nodding and you've got a vintage Weegee.
april  1978  atlantic  paul  theroux  fiction  literature  graham  greene 
august 2016 by pnjman
Damned Old Graham Greene | Paul Theroux
The Life Of Graham Greene Volume Three: 1955-1991. By Norman Sherry. Illustrated. 906 pp. Viking. $39.95.
17th  october  2004  paul  theroux  nyt  literature  book  review  graham  greene 
august 2016 by pnjman
At Sea With McPhee | Paul Theroux
Looking for a Ship. By John McPhee. 242 pp. New York: Parrar, Straus & Giroux. $ 18.95.
23rd  september  1990  nyt  paul  theroux  literature  book  review  travel 
august 2016 by pnjman
The Wizard Of Kansas | Paul Theroux
Prairy Erth (A Deep Map). By William Least Heat-Moon. 624 pp. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. $24.95.
27th  october  1991  nyt  paul  theroux  literature  review  book  travel 
august 2016 by pnjman
What About Rushdie? | Paul Theroux
When the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini first issued his decree against Salman Rushdie three years ago tomorrow, I swear I thought it was a joke -- a very bad joke, a bit like "Papa Doc" Duvalier putting a voodoo curse on Graham Greene for writing "The Comedians," but a joke nevertheless, in the sense of being an example of furious but harmless flatulence -- just wind.
13th  february  1992  paul  theroux  nyt  salman  rushdie  literature 
august 2016 by pnjman
Professor James Lewton-Brain | Paul Theroux
Some of the most imaginative and productive linguists and anthropologists in post- colonial Africa had previously been members of the British Colonial Service. Many managed this by becoming trans- atlantic scholars, bringing their field experience and bush skills to American university campuses. James Lewton-Brain was one of these, and he made the transition with relative ease, for he had always been sympathetic, humane and fair- minded; an early champion of women's rights in Africa (and elsewhere), and a subtle and eloquent speaker of Swahili. He wrote widely on both these subjects in many articles, in papers, and in several books.
11th  january  1997  paul  theroux  independent  obituary 
august 2016 by pnjman
Memories That Drive Hong Kong | Paul Theroux
In the fiddling little matter of body counts, China's postwar martyrology, however colorful or cruel, is wildly unreliable. No one seems to know how many died or have been imprisoned through its injustices, only that they happened.
10th  june  1997  nyt  paul  theroux  hong  kong  china  politics 
august 2016 by pnjman
My friend, the doctor | Paul Theroux
Oliver Sacks's bizarre neuro-histories have made him one of the world's most celebrated doctor-writers. But what is he like as a doctor—in the ward, on the street, making a house call?
february  1999  prospect  paul  theroux  oliver  sacks  medicine  profile  psychology 
august 2016 by pnjman
An Affair She Seems Not to Have Remembered | Paul Theroux
DIANA The Goddess Who Hunts Alone. By Carlos Fuentes. Translated by Alfred Mac Adam. 218 pp. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux. $22.
22nd  october  1995  paul  theroux  literature  nyt  book  review 
august 2016 by pnjman
A Spirit on the Move | Paul Theroux
Anatomy Of Restlessness: Selected Writings 1969-1989. By Bruce Chatwin (Viking Penguin: $23.95, 206 pp.).
18th  august  1996  paul  theroux  la  times  bruce  chatwin  book  review 
august 2016 by pnjman
George Harrison's Haven | Paul Theroux
The Australian Home of the Late Beatle and his Wife.
31st  july  2007  paul  theroux  architectural  digest  george  harrison 
july 2016 by pnjman
The Road to Singapore | Paul Theroux
A Sensitive Restoration Reinvigorates a Historic Colonial in the Heart of the Capital.
31st  december  2006  paul  theroux  architectural  digest 
july 2016 by pnjman
Grand Opening in Hong Kong | Paul Theroux
Bringing a Sense of Space and Airiness to a Remodel by the Water.
30th  september  2006  paul  theroux  architectural  digest 
july 2016 by pnjman
The Last Picture Show | Paul Theroux
Restoring the Original 1920s Spirit to a Small-Town Movie Theater in Maine.
28th  february  2006  paul  theroux  architectural  digest 
july 2016 by pnjman
Big Island Production | Paul Theroux
Dayna and Steven Bochco's Getaway on the Kohala Coast.
31st  july  2005  paul  theroux  architectural  digest 
july 2016 by pnjman
AD 100: Jacques Saint Dizier | Paul Theroux
On Kukio Bay, a Hawaiian House Agrees With the Elements.
1st  august  2004  paul  theroux  architectural  digest 
july 2016 by pnjman
Finding Room at the Top | Paul Theroux
Soaring Spaces for a Collector's Residence High Above Columbus, Ohio.
31st  october  2003  paul  theroux  architectural  digest 
july 2016 by pnjman
Enchanted Isle | Paul Theroux
Betsy Wyeth's Magical Benner Island, Off the Coast of Maine.
31st  may  2003  architectural  digest  paul  theroux 
july 2016 by pnjman
Inn on the Blue Horizon | Paul Theroux
An Intimate Escape off the Coast of Puerto Rico.
31st  october  2000  architectural  digest  paul  theroux  travel  puerto  rico  vieques 
july 2016 by pnjman
At the Edge of the Sea | Paul Theroux
A book about Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket ranges from the North Atlantic to the South Pacific.
11th  june  2000  nyt  paul  theroux  travel  usa  cape  cod 
july 2016 by pnjman
Where Earth and Water Mix It Up | Paul Theroux
On Cape Cod, "landscape" is a word that defies definition.
2nd  may  2004  outside  paul  theroux  travel  use  cape  cod 
july 2016 by pnjman
The Art of Being Alone | Paul Theroux
Part of the wonder of travel is encountering other people, other customs. But total seclusion is sometimes the most thrilling state of all.
2nd  may  2014  traveler  paul  theroux  travel 
july 2016 by pnjman
Upside-Down Cake | Paul Theroux
“We had betrayed one another too many times to be able to sit comfortably around the same table together.”
27th  june  2016  paul  theroux  new  yorker  fiction 
june 2016 by pnjman
A Real Russian Ikon | Paul Theroux
Fred Hagberg, forewarned by his travel agent in Cleveland of the Russian hunger for hard cash, had been in Moscow for two days and there had not been even a glimmer of interest in his dollars. The plastic cover of his American Express wallet stayed buttoned; Intourist paid all the bills. He expected to be guided to seedy black-market shops off the beaten track or, at the very least, pestered for cigarettes and Chiclets. There wasn't a peep from the Muscovites, and Fred thought maybe his travel agent meant somewhere else.
paul  1969  commentary  december  1st  theroux  fiction 
august 2015 by pnjman
The Male Myth | Paul Theroux
Here is a pathetic sentence in the chapter ''Fetishism'' in Dr. Norman Cameron's book ''Personality Development and Psychopathology.'' It goes: ''Fetishists are nearly always men; and their commonest fetish is a woman's shoe.'' I cannot read that sentence without thinking that it is just one more awful thing about being a man - and perhaps it is the most important thing to know about us.
1983  paul  27th  gender  november  nyt  theroux 
august 2015 by pnjman
Subway Odyssey | Paul Theroux
New Yorkers say some terrible things about the subway - that they hate it, or are scared stiff of it, or that it deserves to go broke. ''I haven't been down there in years,'' is a common enough remark from a city dweller. Even people who ride it seem to agree that there is more original sin among subway passengers. And more desperation, too, making you think of choruses of ''O dark dark dark. They all go into the dark. ...''
31st  january  1982  nyt  paul  theroux  new  york 
july 2015 by pnjman
Cowardice | Paul Theroux
In the old days, fat young boys with nothing to do used to stand around drugstores talking excitedly of picking up girls. They now have other choices—they can pick up guns or protest-signs. I tend to take the druggist’s view: have an ice cream and forget the choices. I intend to give in neither to the army nor to the peace movement.
1st  june  1967  paul  theroux  commentary 
july 2015 by pnjman
The Soul of the South | Paul Theroux
Fifty years after the civil rights summer of 1964, renowned travel writer Paul Theroux chronicles the living memory of an overlooked America.
july  2014  smithsonian  paul  theroux  travel  usa 
april 2015 by pnjman
Africa's Aid Mess | Paul Theroux
The philanthropy of Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Bono, and Jeffrey Sachs largely fails. Here's what works.
30th  november  2013  paul  theroux  barrons  africa  aid  politics 
april 2015 by pnjman
The Powers That Flow From a Pen | Paul Theroux
I am writing these words on a sunny afternoon at the beach in Hawaii, and it so happens that this is my subject—not Hawaii or the curling surf, or the humpback whale that just breached about a mile offshore. My subject is that I am sitting with a pen in my hand, writing in longhand, on a clipboard pad.
18th  may  2012  wsj  paul  theroux  writing 
march 2015 by pnjman
The Story Behind Thomas Hart Benton’s Incredible Masterwork | Paul Theroux
The famed artist drew on his extensive travels to paint “America Today”.
december  2014  smithsonian  paul  theroux  art  thomas  hart  benton 
march 2015 by pnjman
'I feel lost in Hong Kong' | Fionnuala McHugh
The godfather of modern travel writing talks about his famous family and finding the unfamiliar in familiar places.
30th  november  2014  scmp  paul  theroux  interview  fionnuala  mchugh 
march 2015 by pnjman
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