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The open-plan office is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea
Shocking to absolutely nobody who actually creates value and stunning to the parasites who cannot imagine why anyone would not want to have the constant contact they crave.
office.politics  culture  labor  fail  design  business 
4 days ago
Goodbye Microservices: From 100s of problem children to 1 superstar · Segment Blog
I have so many questions... like: did failure of federated services ever occur to you before it actually happened? How about partial failure?
api  design  design.patterns  microservices  hype 
7 days ago
reminds me of w3m and that one-off console QT deal.
web  browsers  cli  terminal  console  text  ascii  opensores  weird  w3m 
8 days ago
Most People Think This Is A Smart Habit, But It’s Actually Brain-Damaging
there is categorical difference between eating anything and eating only fast food. from there this goes off a metaphorical cliff trying to shore up a bumpersticker slogan.
nonsense on stilts
learning  cognition  bullshit 
11 days ago
The age of heroes is over — Quartz
<blockqote>In some ways, it’s unfair to judge bygone greats and their past works by contemporary standards. We can’t simply condemn anyone who dared to document ideas that were widely circulated in their time—especially since some works that are troubling to read today were created as criticisms of societal norms, like Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn, which depicts American racism.

Not just in some ways.. (- and the Mark Twain example is a red herring.)
There is a certain unfairness of expecting human beings to be perfect, especially when culture has changed and will continue to change.
On the other hand, when history is to judge, we are the judges of our collective past too.

Which is not to exonerate or whitewash but to take care that we don't extinguish the value of human contribution because something else they did doesn't fit the moral standards of today.
This is even more peculiar in our contemporary grievance culture where we bond of what we hate and what makes us different rather than what we love and what makes us similar.

That said, it can be fun toppling sacred cows.
...look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.
heroism  racism  culture  history  literature 
11 days ago
Want to love your job? Read this article — Quartz
The problem with this approach is that it treats dissatisfaction as a character flaw.
All other things being equal, sure.
But being cheated by the long con of modernity, it's hard to accept this as anything other than placation propaganda.
Be satisfied.
Be happy with your lot.
Go back to sleep.
Somnambulists can do it in their sleep.
work  labor  wage.slavery  slave.mindset  stoicism  buddhism  zen  capitalism 
12 days ago
California's new 12-year ban on soda taxes is the result of diabolical industry maneuvering — Quartz
This is a wholly unnecessary rearguard action of the soda lobby.
Soda consumption has fallen way off and it's not going to come back.
This petty legislative chicanery is more interesting in that other lobby groups will be using it to exploit their own tax "reconciliation" leverages.

Under California law, a ballot initiative can be put before voters if gets enough signatures of support. To propose an amendment to the California constitution, you need signatures representing 8% of the state population, and to propose a new statute, you need 5%. The beverage industry was able to get enough signatures to put forth a ballot initiative that would require towns and cities to change the way they approve new taxes that are often used to balance their budgets, fund city projects, and run basic services such as trash collection. Rather than get a simple majority vote to approve such taxes, the ballot initiative would have changed the law to require cities and towns to get the OK with a two-thirds vote, making it more onerous to adopt routine measures to keep localities functioning smoothly.

That freaked out a lot of mayors. It also disturbed public worker unions, who responded by brokering a compromise with the beverage industry in which it would drop the initiative from the ballot in exchange for the passage of legislation implementing a 12-year ban on soda taxes.

The fingerprints of big soda companies were all over the measure. Over $7 million of the $8.25 million raised to launch a signature-collection campaign came from the American Beverage Association California PAC, which in turn is funded by name-brand companies.
regulation  corruption  law  california  petitions  ballot.initiatives  corporatism  capital  politics 
12 days ago
This speech about American history will change the way you think about identity politics — Quartz

Why is identity so frequently a cause of conflict?” Cobb asked. “The most safe answer I can give is that we have yet to triumph over the most narrow sense, the most zero-sum understanding of who we are. We have yet to permanently enshrine a concept of democracy that sees itself as enriched by the presence and success of others.”
identity  culture  usa  america  united.states  sovereign  independence  backlashes  synthesis  syncretism  selfishness  the.other  xenophobia  plurality  inclusivity  tolerance 
12 days ago
Initial coin offerings: Disclosure tends to mean better outcomes for ICOs — Quartz
Disclosure alone doesn't mean squat if your contracts are unenforceable.
Much like brazen, easily disprovable bald-faced lies go unpunished, what good is the transparency of knowing they are falsehoods if they are traded at the same value as earnest capital?
capital  lolbuttcoin  blockchain  economics  metrics  transparency  liquidity 
12 days ago
A USCIS immigration policy change threatens non-citizens with deportation if they lose status — Quartz

On June 28, USCIS announced that non-citizens who apply for a “benefit”–such as an extension or change of status, a green card, or citizenship—would be placed in deportation proceedings if that benefit is denied. For years, a criminal conviction has been required to be fast-tracked for deportation. Now, merely losing your petition for visa extension, being charged with a crime, or doing something DHS considers to be criminal (even if never arrested or charged) places you on the same fast-track.

this is grotesque
immigration  citizenship  usa  penalties 
12 days ago
What is ICE supposed to do? The strange history of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement — Quartz
An armed LEO that pretty much has unrestricted latitude and very little oversight under the broad banner of fighting "terrorism" ?
Gosh, that's always turned out well.
ice  usa  gestapo  police  law.enforcement  fail  immigration  refugees  corruption  terrorism 
12 days ago
How will HHS and DHS reunite separated immigrant children with parents? — Quartz
It's less about project management failure and more about a self-inflicted crisis and catastrophe that presents itself as "leadership."
It's about the powerful openly abusing and exploiting the powerless for material gain.
It's about cruelty that disguises itself as policy.
dna  privacy  government  politics  idiocy  immigration  usa  refugees  cruelty  bureaucracy 
12 days ago
Discover AudioKit | AudioKit Pro
severe background battery drain using this stuff.
music  audio  sound  synthesizers  ios  xcode 
12 days ago
Future - Wicked - YouTube
surprising symbolism in some of the cuts
video  music  hiphop 
13 days ago
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