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The Dalai Lama to Buddhist sex abuse victims: “You have given me ammunition” — Quartz

“You have given me ammunition,” the Dalai Lama reportedly told the group, according to Oane Bijlsma, one of the four victims who met with him.

What a weird use of a metaphor of implied violence.
buddhism  abuse  dalai.lama 
13 hours ago
How To Travel The World On The Cheap with Record-Breaking Globe-Trotter Graham Hughes - YouTube
a lot of obvious advice but also ignoring some key things like locations, especially overall western countries.
travel  advice  budget  video 
The Death Clock - When Am I Going To Die?
odd that "mode" seems to influence more than weight or smoking.
death  mortality  time  clock  interesting 
2 days ago
The world has decided bottom up is the way it's going to stop climate change — Quartz
I think that was the only choice all along.
At no point are entrenched elites going to give up power and privilege.
Even if the participants wanted to, capitalism and its oligarchical structure will always aggregate power and privilege to itself.
This means giving up the trappings and conveniences of inexpensive airfare and imported food.

This is a generational conflict. People born before 1990 will never truly see the outcome of what we've done.
climate.change  energy  capitalism  power  elite  oligarchy  imperialism 
2 days ago
People with depression use language differently – here's how to spot it
Nearly a year later, this still reeks of BS.
I'd really like to see a replication.
depression  language  heuristics  statistics  psychology 
2 days ago
data recovery - Accidentally executed sudo rm /* on a remote server - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
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If you just deleted the /lib64 symlink to /lib and you still have the console open, just do:

/lib/ /bin/ln -s /lib /lib64
and you should be able to run commands normally again. Adjust the path to your actual ld library. You can also run any other command you want by just prefacing it with the full ld library path.
debian  linux  lib64  symlinks  rootfs  failure  thinko  typo 
4 days ago
debian - Can I recover from "rm /*"? - Server Fault
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At the risk of necroing, I came to this answer while trying to resolve the same. It's worth noting that if you try to recover from this while the system's still running, you may not be able to execute 'ln' because you'll be missing a lib - you'll need to do something like:

/lib/ /bin/ln -s /lib/ /lib64/
linux  failure  recovery  rm  typo  thinko 
4 days ago
The Tech Skills That Earn The Most Money In 2017
This is such a wrongheaded list.
Some of these keywords are not highly correlated to specific jobs.
So manager salaries are probably being included with ABAP.

What is even more sad about lists like these is that knowing the technology doesn't really make you that effective.
Especially tools like Cassandra or languages like ABAP.
I know a dozen fools who have Cassandra on their resumes who have barely passable CQL and I'm not sure I would trust them to write a range report that wouldn't blow all caches and indexes.
To think they command ~123K salaries is absurd.
And with ABAP it's a distorted average I'm sure.
An FI specialist is likely paid 2-3x what MM module specialist is paid.
They do at least acknowledge that the financial sector is likely to be the most highly compensated.
buzzwords  jobs  labor  technology  hiring  keywords  lists 
7 days ago
Danzig - It's Coming Down Lyrics | SongMeanings
THIS SONG IS ABOUT GLENN YELLING AT HIS SON. HIS SON HAD AN ACE OF BASE POSTER IN HIS ROOM AND GLENN TOLD HIM "ITS COMING DOWN"!!!111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
comment  funny  lyrics  music 
8 days ago
Dallas officer goes home to wrong apartment, kills man inside, police say - Story | KDFW
POSTED: SEP 07 2018 06:19AM CDT


UPDATED: SEP 07 2018 08:31AM CDT

DALLAS - An off-duty Dallas police officer shot and killed a man after walking into the wrong apartment in her building just south of Downtown Dallas.

It happened around 10 p.m. Thursday. The Dallas Police Department said the officer had just finished her shift and entered what she believed was her own apartment at the South Side Flats. The complex is near the department's headquarters on Lamar Avenue.

But it was not the right apartment and the officer ran into a man who she didn’t recognize. She ended up shooting him. Responding officers found 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean badly wounded. He was taken to the hospital and died a short time later, police said.
police  law.enforcement  lethal.force  police.misconduct 
11 days ago
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