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Privacy News Online by Private Internet Access
Online Privacy blog by Private Internet Access VPN. Read about privacy and censorship news and issues from all around the world, as well as online privacy, security and VPN guides and tutorials.
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29 days ago by po
So long, Macbook. Hello again, Linux. // Richard Mavis dot info
Long story short, after a decade on my Macbook, I switched back to Linux. Recently I’ve just found myself disenchanted with Apple in a way similar to how I felt maybe twelve years earlier with Microsoft, when I switched to Linux the first time.

In other words, it's time.
linux  apple  tools  workflow  migrations  blogs  lists  interesting 
4 weeks ago by po
Can this be tweaked into shape? | Sci-fi interfaces
The sci-fi interfaces project is about analysis, not to have an excuse to just to poke fun at how interfaces made for one media won't work in another. That’s too easy, and doesn't really give sci-fi interface designers their due. The point of the blog is really to examine these interfaces critically so we can…
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4 weeks ago by po
apologetics | Sci-fi interfaces
Posts about apologetics written by Christopher Noessel
apologetics  podcasts  science.fiction  sf  design  research  blogs 
4 weeks ago by po
Letting neural networks be weird
I train neural networks, a type of machine learning algorithm, to write unintentional humor as they struggle to imitate human datasets. Well, I intend the humor. The neural networks are just doing...  machine.learning  blogs  fascinating  neural.networks  gan  generative.adversarial.networks 
4 weeks ago by po
World of Virtual Things, Cloudy Things, Automation and some DevOPS
blogs  devops 
4 weeks ago by po
About Richard Ward
Richard is a developer, designer, and serial entrepreneur with a passion for hacking.
blogs  odd 
4 weeks ago by po
Start Here - Asian Efficiency
Are you new to Asian Efficiency? Here's the best place to start your journey to become uber productive with some of our best tips, lifehacks and strategies.
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8 weeks ago by po
The Rise and Demise of RSS
This version of events is far too kind to Winer.
He has done as much to sabotage RSS as promote it.
RSS is for sharing but only _his_ way. q.v. 17 U.S.C. 101, et seq.

Winer, in a message to me, said that he was not trying to control RSS and just wanted to use it in his products.
Rot and rubbish.

Ask Tim OReilly or Rogers Cadenhead, both of whom were once staunch defenders of Winer, what their lasting impression of him is.
Or work backwards from "17 U.S.C. 101, et seq...
rss  history  internet  atom  blogs  syndication  web  standards 
8 weeks ago by po
Minikube without VirtualBox – Nicolas Doye – Medium
VirtualBox really sucks. I mean really, really sucks. It’s inefficient, and has a habit of killing my MBP overnight. In my previous article, I wrote a bare bones intro to getting minikube up on…
minikube  osx  blogs  kubectl  kubernetes 
10 weeks ago by po
Wiki for Collaborative Studies of Arts, Media and Humanities
blogs  arts  humanities  research 
10 weeks ago by po
Beautiful Bizarre Magazine
Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is a leading quarterly contemporary art magazine, featuring unique, cutting edge Australian and international creatives.
art  blogs  magazines  culture 
11 weeks ago by po
Design Dots
A daily list of curated links for designers
design  links  lists  ux  news  blogs 
december 2018 by po
Endnotes is a communist theoretical journal produced by a discussion group of the same name based in Britain and the US.
debate  communism  journals  blogs  books  philosophy  zines  provocative 
december 2018 by po
Endnotes is a communist theoretical journal produced by a discussion group of the same name based in Britain and the US.
debate  communism  journals  blogs  books  philosophy 
december 2018 by po
How they solved True Detective Season 1 | Robert Heaton
This is how Detectives Rusty Coehl and Marty Hart solved the murder of Dora Lange in True Detective Season 1. I have focussed on events that contributed directly to the chain of clues and suggestions that led to the solution, leaving out those that focus purely on characters.
blogs  plots  maps  visualizations  interesting  fiction  analysis  mysteries 
december 2018 by po
guten appetite!
Seems like a asian-german blog.
blogs  cooking  germany  japanese  food 
december 2018 by po
How to install Debian using Vagrant
How to install Debian using Vagrant with pictures. Learn all the steps with pictures and commands on how to install Debian using Vagrant.
vagrant  blogs  example  howto  debian  virtualbox 
december 2018 by po
The Narcissists Prayer
A Narcissist’s Prayer

That didn’t happen.

And if it did, it wasn’t that bad.

And if it was, that’s not a big deal.

And if it is, that’s not my fault.

And if it was, I didn’t mean it.

And if I did…

You deserved it.

narcissism  blogs  prayers  satire  funny  sad 
november 2018 by po
Discovery with Julia Evans
Bridget chats with Julia Evans (Stripe) about learning, service discovery, CAP theorem, distributed systems, remote work, zines, and more!
interview  computers  technology  blogs  interesting 
november 2018 by po
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