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Democrats Need to Make Getting Rid of the Electoral College a Top Priority | The Nation
Two Republican losers have “won” the presidency in 16 years—that should be a lesson for Democrats.

This is one of those simple, obvious fixes that won't work.
And will likely make things worse.  electoral.fraud  democracy  dumb 
6 weeks ago by po
TSA's 'Quiet Skies' Program Tracks, Observes Travelers In The Air : NPR
Some U.S. citizens have been trailed during their flights by undercover air marshals who take detailed notes on their behavior. The program was first reported on by The Boston Globe.  dumb  tsa  surveillance. 
october 2018 by po
David Guetta – Sexy Chick Lyrics | Genius Lyrics
"Nothing you can compare to your neighborhood, hood"
yeah, that's not quite what you're implying
lyrics  dumb  song  music 
april 2018 by po

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