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Black Hat: GDPR privacy law exploited to reveal personal data - BBC News
One in four firms holding a test subject's data released it to her partner without her permission.
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4 days ago by po
GDPR's Right of Access policy can be abused to steal others' data
A student researcher persuaded dozens of companies to send him sensitive data on his fiancée by impersonating her while invoking GDPR’s “Right to Access” .
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4 days ago by po
Amazon gibt intime Alexa-Sprachdateien preis | heise online
Durch einen Fehler von fielen rund 1700 Alexa-Sprachaufzeichnungen in die Hände eines Unbefugten.
amazon  alexa  infosec  security  surveillance.capitalism  audio  privacy  panopticon  gdpr 
december 2018 by po

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