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Why Freelancing Creates Anxiety About Money
The time-is-money mind-set is hard to escape.

When you reduce everything to an economic curve you, yourself, will always lose.
entrepreneurs  freelancing  hazards  finance  anxiety  monetization  time  quantification 
february 2019 by po
Algorithms can't fix societal problems—and often amplify them — Quartz

“What we’re doing is using the idea of eliminating individual irrational bias to allow this vast structural bias to sneak in the back door of the system,” she said.
machine.learning  risks  hazards  no.fucking.shit 
october 2018 by po
10 things I hate about Git | Steve Bennett blogs
Git is the source code version control system that is rapidly becoming the standard for open source projects. It has a powerful distributed model which allows advanced users to do tricky things with branches, and rewriting history. What a pity that it's so hard to learn, has such an unpleasant command line interface, and treats…
git  hazards  lists 
july 2018 by po

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