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Listen to Japanese Breakfast's First Original Song Since 2017, "Essentially" :: Music :: News :: Japanese Breakfast :: Paste
Let it be known that Michelle Zauner's first original release as Japanese Breakfast since 'Soft Sounds from Another Planet' is "Essentially" an indie-pop bop.
music  bands  japanese.breakfast  artist  songs  videos 
18 days ago by po
Mr Woofer - Gary Numan: Are "Friends" Electric? (cover) - YouTube
This is a fairly honest recreation without inhibited and delayed metal riffs.
music  videos  cover  gary.numan 
11 weeks ago by po
The Dead Weather - Are Friends Electric? - YouTube
This is an interesting take but it doesn't work.
covers  music  videos  mediocre 
11 weeks ago by po
frank howarth - YouTube
Architecture at a small scale expressed through woodworking and film making. Disclaimer: My videos here are for entertainment, to share what I do, and to may...
video  woodworking  stop.motion  animation  videos  woodwork  wood 
11 weeks ago by po
Watch Carla Makes BA Smashburgers | Bon Appétit Video | CNE
Ground chuck is a great all-purpose, buy-it-anywhere choice for burgers. But if you want to get ambitious and blend, say, chuck with ground short rib or brisket, we say go for it.

Get the recipe:
cooking  videos  burgers  recipes  food 
april 2019 by po
Shoe Nice - YouTube
I AM CLOSED UNTIL 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS. something I have to stick to this time. my merch store:
stunts  videos  dares  dumb 
april 2019 by po
Matthew Colville - YouTube
MCDM presents: Running The Game. My name's Matt Colville, I'm a writer and designer in video games and this is my channel where we talk about nerd stuff! Mos...
dnd  nethack  fascinating  videos 
february 2019 by po
Frog Leap Studios - YouTube
Leo Moracchioli runs a studio in Norway called Frog Leap Studios. This channel contains music covers, gear review, studio updates and other shenanigans. www....
music  song.covers  youtube  videos 
february 2019 by po
YOLO+Rust+OBS finally running, now let's add correlation tracker @scanlime-in-progress - YouTube
Art, engineering, reverse engineering, and cats! The video blog of Micah Elizabeth Scott.
obs  videos  streaming  hacking 
february 2019 by po
scanlime - YouTube
Art, engineering, reverse engineering, and cats! The video blog of Micah Elizabeth Scott.
hardware  videos  electronics 
february 2019 by po
BeyondTrust on Vimeo
BeyondTrust is the worldwide leader in Privilege-Centric Security, offering the most seamless and straightforward approach to preventing data breaches related to…
videos  infosec  security  jay.beale  linux 
december 2018 by po
It’s World Goth Day: an ode to the cybergoth dancers, one of the best memes - The Verge
On the 10th annual World Goth Day we salute the fact that cybergoths can dance to anything, as long as it’s somewhere around 160 bpm
cybergoths  dancing  videos  memes  funny 
november 2018 by po
Евгений Кулик • Оfficial Сhannel - YouTube - YouTube
Евгений Кулик – российский актер, шоумен, режиссер, блогер и сценарист. Получил известность в качестве участника екатеринбургской команды КВН «Голоса», в кот...
russian  comedy  videos  comedian  funny 
april 2018 by po
The Signal Watch: Whatever Happened to The Girl in the Stop Sign Shorts?
Anyway, point is: After imprinting herself heavily upon my malleable 14 year old psyche, I now know who this person is (Cindyana Santangelo!) and a wee bit about her. Because she's got a website. She's an actress!
history  music  videos  bands  1980s  80s  hiphop  rock 
march 2018 by po
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