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naked love (don't you dress it up)
“That was just a bit, right?”

“Hmm?” Shane hums, glancing up from his burrito bowl. Ryan almost regrets breaking their companionable silence, the kind that always settles over them during particularly long days when they have too much work on their hands and are forced to eat lunch at their desks.

“The Sims video?” Ryan prompts, hoping Shane will understand what he’s hinting at so he won’t have to get any more specific.

No dice. Shane merely raises an eyebrow and goes, “Yeah?” like he has no idea where Ryan’s going with this.

Fuck it. “You don’t really walk around your apartment like that, do you?”

Shane’s other eyebrow joins its twin near his hairline. His chewing slows, throat bobbing as he swallows, and Ryan keeps his eyes trained there so he doesn’t have to see the look on Shane’s face.

“Is naked the word you’re looking for, Ryan?”
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  romance  humor  first!time  1000-9999 
4 days ago by popkin16
how big your heart can get (with a little water and sunshine)
In which Ryan deals with a new neighbor, nosy employees who care a little too much about his love life, and flowers. Lots and lots of flowers.
buzzfeed:unsolved  au  romance  first!time  humor  cute  10000-29999 
4 days ago by popkin16
if i knew what you'd do
"Who the hell is Shane?"

Ryan sinks into his seat. "Necromancer," he mutters, ignoring the embarrassed flush seeping into his cheeks. Fuck, this is humiliating. It's one thing for the others to know; he can put up with Steven and Curly's teasing. Telling his boss is another matter entirely. "Look, it's no big deal, he just likes to... fuck with me."

He knows he's chosen the wrong words the moment they leave his mouth. At his sides, Steven and Curly are practically giggling.
buzzfeed:unsolved  au  romance  first!time  cute  humor  1000-9999 
4 days ago by popkin16
suns for bones
Ryan's bare feet shuffle across the carpet, the only sound in the room aside from their breathing, soft and hushed, and combined with the silent snowfall outside, the room feels… sacred, almost, like a private bubble suspended in time. Like they're the only two on earth. It’s a nice thought.

Maybe not as nice as Ryan’s hips, though, warm beneath Shane’s hands even through the terrycloth wrapped around his waist. Shane thrills in the heat of him and in the scent of his skin, hotel soap and the familiar bite of his aftershave, along with that undercurrent of warmth that Shane has come to associate with Ryan at all times, rich and sweet like the California sun has soaked straight into his skin and left brilliant summer spilling through his veins.

buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  au  romance  established!relationship  sweet  humor  1000-9999 
4 days ago by popkin16
tousled and undone
Shane’s a good person. He does his taxes, he doesn’t litter, he uses his goddamn blinkers. He’s a decent human being.

So he’d really like to know why the universe keeps fucking him over.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  romance  first!time  cute  humor  1000-9999 
4 days ago by popkin16
and i'm puffing my chest, getting red in the face
"Zack's going to be there?" Shane asks, masking his... whatever it is he's feeling in his chest, with nonchalance.

Ryan blinks. "Yes?"

Well, never mind dancing with the fucking sun. He’s Icarus, wings melted and falling face-first into the asphalt.

Or: Shane is definitely not at all jealous of how close Zack and Ryan are getting during the making of Sports Conspiracies. Except that he is.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  humor  romance  first!time  jealousy  angst  1000-9999 
9 days ago by popkin16
Out of Control with Ryan
“Are we a couple in this game?”

“A couple of scoundrels!” Ryan says. Shane smiles a patient little smile and lets Ryan dig his own grave. “Who needs labels nowadays, isn’t that kind of old-fashioned? Like, what is a couple anyway? I didn’t, I just, they started doing this without my permission. I don’t control Sim Ryan’s life.”

“Ryan,” Shane says, and Ryan stops babbling. “Ryan, you do. You literally control Sim Ryan’s life. That’s the entire point of The Sims.”

Shane’s got him there, Ryan has to admit.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  romance  humor  first!time  1000-9999  gorgeous/favorite 
9 days ago by popkin16
Tranquility Base
After their successful Sims series, Kelsey has a different video proposal for the boys. This time, they're testing how fast gossip travels in the office. But Ryan doesn't expect their relationship to change so fast because of it.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  romance  humor  first!time  10000-29999  cute 
9 days ago by popkin16
you want a piece of my heart (you better start from the start)
In which Ryan and Shane first meet (and make out) at a party on the final day of the semester, officially fall for each other over the course of a summer spent two thousand miles apart, and then make out some more, all while having spirited debates about ghosts, cryptids, and whether or not Medieval Times is awesome.

(Spoiler alert: they agree to disagree on all of the above.)
buzzfeed:unsolved  au  schoolau  romance  first!time  humor  series  30000-49999  sweet  happy!fic 
9 days ago by popkin16
guidance for sailors, lost at sea
“I’m not the mom,” Shane says, drowsily appalled.

Ryan raises his eyebrows. “I didn’t say you were the mom,” he soothes, sincere in the way that Ryan kind of always is, even when he’s being sarcastic. “I just said they reacted to you as if you were the mom.”

“It’s -- that’s the same thing,” Shane protests, but quietly, because he has a tiny ghost perched on his hip and he doesn’t want to wake her. It. Whatever. It’s kind of hard to tell, because they don’t look like people, exactly, more like -- outlines.

Actually, ironically, what they really look like is people covered in sheets, round at the top and kind of vague at the bottom, but Shane has stopped trying to say that because Ryan gets mad about it. He thinks it’s disrespectful.

Shane thinks it’s disrespectful that he was made step-parent to a bridge full of baby ghosts without anybody asking him, but sure. Pointing out that they look like sheets is the problem.
1000-9999  angst  humor  cute  first!time  canon  buzzfeed:unsolved 
9 days ago by popkin16
When It Happens
At some point Ryan and Shane stopped being just friends. That tension has been there just thrumming under the surface, waiting for the right moment to be released but it’s like a valve, slowly turned so it starts out trickling until they’re caught in the overflow.
1000-9999  romance  humor  hot  first!time  canon  buzzfeed:unsolved 
9 days ago by popkin16
play me like a love song
Wikipedia articles aren’t valid research sources.
Sent from my iPhone

“When he torpedoes you on Rate My Professor you’re gonna deserve it,” TJ informs him.


Or: Shane is Ryan's beleaguered history TA. Ryan won't stop suggesting insane theories.
buzzfeed:unsolved  au  schoolau  humor  romance  first!time  1000-9999 
10 days ago by popkin16
Bed-warm Hands and the Ghost of Elvis
They get used to sharing a bed while filming the show. Ryan's just trying not to let his feelings get in the way.

So Ryan tells himself he’s going to ride out whatever it is they’ve fallen into, but he’ll bow out gracefully when the time comes. He can just enjoy the now.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  romance  first!time  humor  10000-29999  gorgeous/favorite 
10 days ago by popkin16
The Christmas Curse
After kissing under the mistletoe, everyone in the office assumes they've slept together. They didn't, but now Shane can't stop thinking about Ryan.

And well, if his life was going to become a sad, pathetic holiday Lifetime movie about falling in love with your best friend, he’d play along.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  romance  first!time  humor  cute  10000-29999 
10 days ago by popkin16
only happy accidents
In hindsight, Shane is too old to have thought that friends with benefits was something that the two of them would be able to pull off. He’s had friends with benefits before that worked beautifully, but they were not with people whose jobs were tied up in his own, whose friendships were as closely interwoven into Shane’s everyday life as Ryan’s is. He’d thought these were the very things that could keep it from getting weird, because they were such good buddies, Ryan would be solidly cemented as his pal that nothing could shift him.

This was a miscalculation, on Shane’s part.


OR: Lots of friends sleep together casually without it getting weird. Surely Ryan and Shane can, too.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  romance  first!time  angst  humor  1000-9999 
10 days ago by popkin16
that first, initial feeling
“You’re called the Treasure Chest,” Shane says blankly to the man behind the counter, who is looking at him with a completely neutral expression. His name tag suggests that he is called Ryan. “It’s -- literally every sex shop in the history of sex shops was called The Treasure Chest. I’m pretty sure it’s in the by-laws.”

“The by-laws ... for sex shops?” Ryan asks.

Shane fixes him with a look. He sells crystals, which means he’s a con man, which means he’s a deviant of at least some kind, which means he’s been to a sex shop and he knows exactly what Shane means. “Listen,” Shane says, and then nothing else, because Ryan The Counter Man pulls an arm behind his head to stretch and the sight of his surprisingly beefy arms short-circuits Shane’s brain.

The man blinks patiently at him. “I’m listening,” he says, encouragingly.

OR: An AU in which Ryan runs a crystals store, and Shane is beguiled by him anyway.
buzzfeed:unsolved  au  romance  cute  first!time  humor  10000-29999 
10 days ago by popkin16
Here’s the thing – the winking has to stop.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  cute  humor  romance  first!time  1000-9999 
10 days ago by popkin16
"fear not, then," said the angel
five times they took part in holiday traditions for a video, and one time it was just for them.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  romance  first!time  cute  humor  1000-9999 
11 days ago by popkin16
Two Worlds Collided
There's a new guy at work and Ryan belatedly realizes they've actually already met once before.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  romance  first!time  angst  humor  1000-9999 
11 days ago by popkin16
Almost Cool
While filming the Yuma Territorial Prison episode, Shane gets bitten by what he thinks is a bat. Spoiler alert: it's not.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  au  fantasyau  first!time  romance  30000-49999  humor  angst 
11 days ago by popkin16
Zack's forehead is wrinkled as he tries to work this out. "Okay, but--wait. You know you can just...not keep your New Year’s resolution, right?”

"No," Ryan says mournfully. "No, I'm gonna."

Zack lets out a half-disbelieving laugh. "What the--dude, why?"
buzzfeed:unsolved  romance  first!time  canon  humor  cute  1000-9999 
13 days ago by popkin16
Your Touch Stays On My Skin
“Why are you looking at me like that?” Ryan asked as a nervous giggle escaped his throat.

“Because I want you to listen to me. You’re not stupid or an idiot or any of the other shitty things you tell yourself.”

“Then what am I?” Ryan asked, his voice more unsteady than he wanted to admit.

Shane grabbed both of Ryan’s shoulders, wincing through the obvious pain it put him in. “You’re my friend.”
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  romance  first!time  hurt/comfort  sweet  humor  1000-9999 
13 days ago by popkin16
secrets I have held in my heart are harder to hide than I thought
This was not how any of this was supposed to go. Shane was so sure that his intentions had been clear, if fueled by alcohol. But Ryan kept apologizing, like it was all one big regret. Like Shane regretted it.

He didn’t. He was confused, scared, and hungover, but regretful? Never. Not even now, with everything Shane had worked so hard for in danger of slipping through his fingers. Last night had been one of the best, most exhilarating, most profound nights of his life. He would never take it back. Not ever.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  romance  first!time  angst  humor  10000-29999 
13 days ago by popkin16
tie the knott
“You know,” Ryan says, voice casually conversational, “you can get married here. At Knott’s.”

“So? You got a serious girlfriend I don’t know about?” Shane says, laughing.

“The ceremony isn’t real, not, like, legal, but you do get a certificate.” Ryan smiles, gaze falling somewhere along the floor, and Shane watches him for a second, before drinking.

It takes him a while, maybe too long, to realize what Ryan had been suggesting.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  romance  first!time  humor  happy!fic  marriage  1000-9999 
13 days ago by popkin16
Alien Afternoon
Spock seeks Jim out while they're on shore leave.
star.trek  canon  au  romance  first!time  humor  1000-9999 
13 days ago by popkin16
Another Bad Habit
Shane has a thing for virgins, which Ryan just so happens to be.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  au  romance  first!time  10000-29999  pwp  hot  sweet  humor 
15 days ago by popkin16
A Sensitive Subject
"Hey ghosts, tousle my hair, gimme a little purple nurple or something. Let's have some fun!" - Shane Madej, 2016
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  romance  first!time  humor  hot  1000-9999 
15 days ago by popkin16
you and me and the ghosts make three
When Ryan was a kid, he fell into a pile of bricks. They were playing hide and seek, and he thought he had the best hiding spot: high up in a thickly lush tree, his knees drawn to his chest so that he’d blend in. But the branch broke. He hit his head and doesn’t remember much of what happened after that. When he woke up a few hours later, the sun was setting, and his friends were gone, and his parents were calling for him, their flashlights swinging across the grass. There’d been blood on his bangs.

Anyway, now he can see ghosts.

Kind of.

Look, he’s not great at it.


Or: Ryan, personally, has three lists: “NICE GHOSTS,” “GHOSTS I DON’T FUCK WITH,” and, “IDK, SPOOKY STUFF.”
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  romance  first!time  series  10000-29999  humor  angst  gorgeous/favorite 
15 days ago by popkin16
Indiana Bergara and the Treasure of Shane Madej
Two men walk into a forest. "We're looking for buried treasure," they say. There's no answer, so they go back to their rooms and have sex about it.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  humor  romance  episode.related  first!time  1000-9999 
15 days ago by popkin16
Let's just forget the Hollywood rules
Ryan rolls his chair closer to Shane. "Did you hear that, man?" he says under his breath. "That dog hates me, did you hear it growl at me? It almost took my fucking hand off! It could smell the curse. It recognized me with its primordial wolf senses."

"It's a fucking labradoodle," Shane says.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  romance  first!time  humor  cute  1000-9999 
15 days ago by popkin16
ghosts can't pick up power drills (probably)
“What you’re suggesting is that we have sex in the exact spot where a dude was once brutally murdered with a power drill. That is what you’re suggesting to me right now.”

Shane throws up his hands. “Well, sure, when you say it like that, it sounds ridiculous.”
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  humor  established!relationship  hurt/comfort  1000-9999 
15 days ago by popkin16
My Body Aches to Breathe Your Breath
“We should probably fight this,” Ryan says.

“Probably,” Shane agrees, but his voice is muffled because he’s nipping at the curve of Ryan’s ass.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  humor  kink  first!time  trinityofone  amtdi  pwp  1000-9999 
15 days ago by popkin16
"I don't have a fetish for nipples." —Ryan Bergara, a liar
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  romance  first!time  kink  humor  pwp  1000-9999  trinityofone 
15 days ago by popkin16
A Grand Unified Theory for Dummies
Shane had something of a grand unified theory of dating one Ryan Bergara brewing which—and bear with him here—used Pokemon as its central metaphor.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  romance  humor  established!relationship  hot  siriaeve  1000-9999 
15 days ago by popkin16
The One Where Ryan Aten't Dead
"Great news!" Ryan said, grinning ear to ear. "I'm dead!"
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  angst  romance  first!time  humor  series  1000-9999  siriaeve 
15 days ago by popkin16
Saying I Do in Hell
When you get married in Hell, there’s nowhere for your marriage to go but up.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  au  established!relationship  marriage  romance  humor  siriaeve  1000-9999 
15 days ago by popkin16
Asking the Big Questions
"You can't just ask a priest that!" Ryan said, poking Shane in the shoulder with a finger. "That's against the rules."

"Is not," Shane said.

"Is… is," Ryan said.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  humor  cute  first!time  romance  happy!fic  gorgeous/favorite  siriaeve  1000-9999 
16 days ago by popkin16
Full-Court Press
To be clear, these are not tactics Ryan would recommend. Being an athleisure-obsessed pervert, and lying, and clothes-sabotage: these are not things he’s proud of.

But they have undeniably worked.

Shane’s standing next to him in the hotel lobby while Devon checks them all out of their rooms, and he's wearing a sleeveless purple Lakers jersey and the world’s softest, clingiest sweatpants. It’s so exactly as Ryan pictured it, so precisely in line with his fantasies, that he has to pinch himself.


Or: Let’s talk about those jerseys in Ryan Bergara’s closet.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  humor  kink  romance  first!time  10000-29999  gorgeous/favorite 
16 days ago by popkin16
an idea whose time has come
Or: 5 times Ryan Bergara sort of joked that they should blow this popsicle stand,
+1 time he definitely didn’t joke about it.
buzzfeed:unsolved  romance  first!time  angst  humor  canon  10000-29999 
16 days ago by popkin16
I’ve Kissed You Before, but I Didn’t Do It Right (Can I Try Again)
Ryan grabs for Shane’s banana and takes a bite out of it. In his head it was supposed to be sexy, but he realizes as he’s chewing that it might hit a little close to home. Shane must be remembering the same thing, because he blanches and looks away.

“Sorry, too soon?”

“I’m having a Pavlovian response to the flash of your teeth around a phallic object,” Shane says, “and now my balls are trying to crawl back inside my body. Something tells me that’s not what you were going for.”

“No,” Ryan agrees, still chewing.


After months of mooning around each other, forces (read: alcohol, nerves, gravity, tender feelings) conspire to ruin Ryan and Shane’s first night together. With a little help from their friends, dramatic training montages set to 80’s rock anthems, and the early filmography of Harrison Ford, can our heroes get things back on track?
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  romance  first!time  humor  10000-29999  angst  sweet 
16 days ago by popkin16
want you in my room
As they watch, Tall Guy takes his beanie off, revealing a mess of thick, shiny brown hair. He runs his hand through it to shake out the hat hair and Ryan feels like he’s stuck in an Herbal Essences commercial, except he’s the one making inappropriate lustful noises.

Ryan adjusts his snapback, determined. He is, after all, wearing his very finest basketball shorts, without even a single hole at the hem, and the knowledge puts an extra spring in his step.

“I’m gonna climb that dude like a tree,” he tells Curly.
buzzfeed:unsolved  au  schoolau  romance  first!time  humor  10000-29999 
16 days ago by popkin16
Big Apple Steve and That Time He Obliviously Third-Wheeled His Friends All Summer
Steven Lim is not a stupid man. Steven Lim is a capable man, an ex-scientist, creator and producer of Buzzfeed’s most popular video series. He helped invent Tide Pods, for Pete’s sake. Tide Pods.

So he knows he’s no idiot. He’s naïve, perhaps. He has blind spots, like anyone, particularly when it comes to relationships, especially when it comes to sex.

Still, when he walks in on Ryan sitting astride Shane’s lap on the sofa, tongue fully in the guy’s mouth, hand fully down his pants, Steven reckons he should probably have seen this one coming.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  first!time  humor  crack  outside.pov  10000-29999 
16 days ago by popkin16
but i haven't thought of you lately at all
In 2026, seven years after the end of Buzzfeed Unsolved, a guy walks into a bar.

Tagged as "sad", but it's mostly because it makes me sad to think of all the time they spent apart.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  au  romance  first!time  humor  10000-29999  sad 
16 days ago by popkin16
Far Too Many Bats
Next thing he knows, Shane’s kneeling in front of him at the side of the bed, forcing uncomfortable eye contact and smiling uncertainly. His hair’s wet and he smells good from the shower, spicy black pepper and coriander thanks to that fancy body wash he seems to use only when he travels.

“Your pupils are still dilated,” Shane says. “Did you do hard drugs when I wasn’t looking, or is this some kind of lasting bat-related trauma that you’re going to need therapy for when we get back to L.A.?”

“The batter,” Ryan says. “Uh. The latter. I’ll put it on BuzzFeed’s tab.”

Or: Following a harrowing experience filming at Yuma Territorial Prison, Ryan's desperate to find a way to stop thinking about bats (hearing bats, smelling bats...). Shane has some ideas because he is a helpful problem-solving sort of person.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  romance  hurt/comfort  humor  first!time  kink  hot  1000-9999 
16 days ago by popkin16
Pushing All Your Buttons
Ryan and Shane get stuck in an elevator at Buzzfeed HQ. There is tension. They relieve the tension. That’s it, that’s the fic.
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  romance  first!time  humor  1000-9999  pwp 
16 days ago by popkin16
BFFS Get Married For A Week - Ryan and Shane [Buzzfeed Unsolved]
"As I was saying," Curly continues with a pointed glare in Ryan's direction. "It's my honor to join the two of you in unholy matrimony. The rules are simple, you'll live together, plan one date each, and cherish each other. Til week do you part."
canon  romance  marriage  humor  first!time  angst  jealousy  10000-29999  buzzfeed:unsolved 
17 days ago by popkin16
learning curve [Detroit: Become Human]
“While sexual activity is not my default purpose, I do possess the capability,” Connor says without so much as batting an eye, unaware that he’s completely shattered Hank’s world view in one single sentence.
misc:small-fandom  canon  romance  first!time  humor  10000-29999 
18 days ago by popkin16
Good Boys Gone Bad [Detroit: Become Human]
Fowler sighs. “It’s not that I don’t trust in your undercover abilities Connor, it's just that you can’t even say a swear-”

Connor frowns, face scrunched up. “I can say it. Hank says it all the time!”

From across the briefing table, Tina leans over to poke Wilson in the arm. “It’s like watching a puppy learn how to bark.”


Hank’s grin is unholy. “Good boy Connor. Now pay up, the lot of you.”

This is the slow corruption of RK800.
misc:small-fandom  gen  outside.pov  humor  cute  1000-9999 
18 days ago by popkin16
In These Frozen and Silent Nights [Buzzfeed Unsolved]
“You know me,” Shane says, “I love a good cabin. I’m a cabinhead.”

“I’ll show you cabin head,” Ryan rebuts without thinking, and then he turns his face into the pillow to stifle a nervous snicker. “Oh shit, wait, that’s—”

Planning a shoot at a remote cabin in Vermont the week before Christmas wasn't Ryan’s best-ever idea. Taking a leisurely walk in a blizzard wasn't Shane’s. Scrap the ep, there’s a new plan: survive the storm, stay warm, try not to kill each other, and figure some shit out along the way.

canon  romance  first!time  humor  angst  hurt/comfort  10000-29999  buzzfeed:unsolved 
19 days ago by popkin16
I’m Gonna Keep You in Love with Me (for a While) [Buzzfeed Unsolved]
Shane is pacing around the hotel room. It’s not a huge room and Shane’s legs are long enough that he doesn’t have much real estate to pace before he has to swing back around for another loop.

“Can you stop?” Ryan asks. “You’re making me dizzy.”

“Okay,” Shane says finally. “Okay. Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re just going to—we’re going to be married. The only way out is through.”

“Um,” Ryan says, because this plan strikes him as counterproductive to their shared goal of not being married.
canon  au  romance  first!time  humor  marriage  hot  10000-29999  gorgeous/favorite  buzzfeed:unsolved 
20 days ago by popkin16
Instructions Not Included [Detroit: Become Human]
Logically, Connor should have noticed something was different after the moment of his deviancy, after he consciously chose not to shoot Markus, but he truly didn’t notice it until months later, as he watched, in absolute interest, as Hank typed something on his computer across from him at his desk.

Or: In which Connor simultaneously experiences
misc:small-fandom  canon  romance  first!time  angst  humor  30000-49999 
20 days ago by popkin16
darling it's a faded notion [Buzzfeed Unsolved]
The sun is too bright and Ryan’s whole body is alight with something that is eating him all the way up from the inside out, but he keeps his eyes open and he makes himself look, and he tells himself that once he finds Shane, he’ll think about it. Once he finds Shane, they’ll make a plan. Once he finds Shane, and only then, he’ll let himself have the thought he’s been swallowing down like bile since he came to: that they didn’t fall.

They were pushed.

OR: Ryan and Shane get cursed by a ghost, and now they can't be not-touching. It's ... not great.
canon  romance  first!time  angst  humor  10000-29999  buzzfeed:unsolved 
21 days ago by popkin16
Short Stack [Buzzfeed Unsolved]
An AU where the first words your soulmate ever tells you are marked on your wrist.

And Shane isn't disappointed, because he knows he'll know his soulmate right away, with how unique his words are.

After all, not many people greet others by saying, "You're a fucking Sasquatch."
au  first!time  humor  romance  marriage  0-999  buzzfeed:unsolved 
22 days ago by popkin16
two bros chilling in a sleeping bag [Buzzfeed Unsolved]
“Dude. Dude. Shane. You gotta let me sleep in your sleeping bag.”

Shane rolls over. “”There- it’s a one-person bag.”
canon  humor  first!time  1000-9999  buzzfeed:unsolved 
22 days ago by popkin16
The Codex of Atlantis
The Mummy AU – Rodney and John accidentally release the evil queen buried in the ancient City of Atlantis
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  crossover/fusion  fantasyau  romance  first!time  action/adventure  jeannie.miller  humor  1000-9999 
4 weeks ago by popkin16
Sooner or Later
“Sooner or later I put everyone off. I mess up somehow and they hate me.”
Rodney catastrophises and John has hidden depths.
sga  mcshep  canon  romance  first!time  angst  hurt/comfort  sweet  humor  happy!fic  gorgeous/favorite  1000-9999 
4 weeks ago by popkin16
Merry Go Round
"And where'd you get the banana anyhow?" Ray asked suddenly. "You run after the kid, you come back with a banana."
due.south  canon  romance  established!relationship  angst  humor  speranza  10000-29999 
4 weeks ago by popkin16
Twelve Pairs of Gloves
On a very special day, Rodney sets John a challenge. Omega!Rodney/Alpha!John (though the ABO is very much background).

Leap Year is the one time a year an omega can propose to an alpha. When John turns Rodney down despite it being something they both want, he has to provide Rodney with gloves to hide the shame of his bare finger.
sga  mcshep  canon  au  crack  humor  romance  first!time  mific  1000-9999  marriage  pining!john  pining!rodney 
5 weeks ago by popkin16
Coffee and Juice Boxes
What happens at a Parents Without Partners meeting doesn't always stay at a Parents Without Partners meeting.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  romance  humor  first!time  hurt/comfort  kid!fic  30000-49999 
5 weeks ago by popkin16
don't fall (for your best friend)
written for the 'five times kissed' meme on tumblr.
daredevil  canon  romance  first!time  humor  cute  1000-9999 
5 weeks ago by popkin16
the world owes us nothing (and we owe each other the world)
“Pizza, Murdock,” Foggy says, in lieu of hello, as he walks into Matt’s apartment. “I have pizza and whiskey and I was going to bring Karen, as well, but then I realized you might be covered in a mix of different people’s blood, so I decided not to extend the invitation.”

“You could call ahead,” Matt suggests, lightly, “to gauge the normal blood ratio.”

“First of all, you never answer your phone, you troglodyte,” Foggy says, deadpan. “Second of all, how is it our lives that I have to call ahead to make sure you just have a normal amount of blood on and in your person?”
daredevil  canon  pre-slash  humor  angst  hurt/comfort  1000-9999 
5 weeks ago by popkin16
those powers not delegated
Foggy turns the paperback over. "After his best friend talks Del Cash into giving up a prestigious position at a high-ranking legal firm in favor of what amounts to public defense... Is someone seriously writing bad legal thrillers about us going after Fisk?"

"Yes," Matt says. "You should read it."
daredevil  canon  romance  humor  first!time  au  1000-9999 
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I’ll Be Home for Christmas
Franklin “Foggy” Nelson is a slick New York City attorney whose parents may literally die of heartbreak if he doesn’t make it to their new home in some sleepy village in North Country for Christmas.

Matt's a small-town lawyer with a prickly exterior and a heart waiting to be melted, if only Foggy can figure out a way to keep his foot out of his mouth for five seconds.

Unfortunately, Foggy's job tends to follow him around like a lost puppy, and Matt has his reasons for not trusting the holidays.
daredevil  au  romance  first!time  humor  cute  happy!fic  10000-29999  gorgeous/favorite 
5 weeks ago by popkin16
Dancing Queen
Matt Murdock may be a vigilante who draws a strict moral line at being lethal, but the cute blond neighbour downstairs who dances to pop music every morning is the making of Matt Murdock, Creep Supreme.
daredevil  au  romance  first!time  humor  cute  1000-9999  happy!fic 
5 weeks ago by popkin16
The Nelson & Murdock Holiday Extravaganza
St. Patrick’s Day has always been their Thing, capital T. Now, Foggy doesn’t know what it is, much less what they are, but…

Today sure is turning out to be something.
daredevil  canon  romance  humor  first!time  sweet  angst  series  1000-9999 
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Last Chance Power Drive
Rodney means to say something vague and cool, or perhaps just less embarrassing than what does come out, which is, “I kissed him on an airplane and now the government won’t stop trying to kill me.”
A Knight and Day AU.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  action/adventure  romance  first!time  team  humor  10000-29999 
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Sometimes, You Win
John had already decided that the Sotoman's were hinky and he couldn't wait for Teyla to finish her negotiations. If they didn't really need the minerals she was trading for, he would have pulled the plug on this trip already.
sga  mcshep  canon  romance  established!relationship  team  humor  cute  1000-9999 
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Space Ride With A Cowboy
In which Marshal John Sheppard and his team are going after a bounty/working a rescue mission, and one of John's secrets is revealed.
sga  mcshep  au  established!relationship  marriage  team  humor  romance  1000-9999  brumeier  wip 
6 weeks ago by popkin16
What's The Worst That Could Happen?
LJ Comment Fic for 90s TV prompt: Stargate Atlantis, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, Clarissa Explains It All AU – Rodney explains it all and John visits from next door via his window

In which Rodney fights with Jeannie, and John makes a confession.
sga  mcshep  au  crossover/fusion  romance  first!time  cute  humor  1000-9999  brumeier 
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heart like a kick drum
“You want to get dinner later?” he asks.

“Sure,” Foggy says. “Want to try that Indian place?”

“Definitely,” Matt says. “It's a date.”

He freezes after he says that, and Foggy gapes at him.

“Okay, bye,” Matt says, quickly, shutting the door behind him when he leaves.
daredevil  canon  schoolau  romance  first!time  cute  humor  1000-9999 
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can't get enough of you
“If I tell you what I was doing, you have to promise not to judge me.”

“Cross my heart,” Matt says.

“I’m learning how to deepthroat,” Foggy says, “Out of spite.”
daredevil  canon  romance  first!time  1000-9999  humor  pwp 
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What Happens In Rúmvegr
“Rodney, what happens in Vegas...”

“Oh don’t give me that crap. Pegasus is our home. Of course it counts. And furthermore, I’m insulted that you would even say such a thing-”
sga  mcshep  canon  established!relationship  marriage  team  humor  romance  1000-9999  gorgeous/favorite 
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Meant To Be
It’s Valentine’s Day, 2040, and Rodney had made plans. But that spiky white-haired, daredevil scoundrel of a husband had derailed them. How? By poking his head into someplace new, not fully explored. At least not by Rodney. And, now, they were trapped. Doomed ... oh, so very doomed.
sga  mcshep  canon  established!relationship  marriage  humor  sweet  romance  0-999 
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The Vecchio Problem
Four weeks into the Vecchio gig, Ray's having trouble getting his head around being undercover longterm. And trouble keeping his hands off Fraser.
due.south  canon  romance  first!time  humor  angst  10000-29999 
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When word gets out that Fraser has a porn collection, Canada is disgraced, Fraser's embarrassed and Ray nearly dies of curiosity.
due.south  canon  romance  first!time  humor  angst  10000-29999 
7 weeks ago by popkin16
Confirmation Bias
Fraser and Frannie avert a miscarriage of justice.
due.south  canon  humor  romance  first!time  jealousy  1000-9999 
7 weeks ago by popkin16
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