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Back to You
When Atlantis finally got the go-ahead to return to Pegasus, Rodney didn’t go with them. He stayed on Earth, with Jennifer. As the months pass, though, Rodney finds he misses more about his time in Atlantis than he realized. He also realizes—with a little help from one Jeannie Miller—that perhaps his unrequited crush on his best friend may not be as unrequited as he’d originally thought. So, newly single, Rodney sets plans in motion to move back to Atlantis but his return is not what he thought it would be.

John Sheppard has gone missing and no one knows where he is. In order to find out if John returns his feelings, Rodney first has to find him.
sga  mcshep  canon  earthside  angst  romance  first!time  hurt/comfort  team  sweet  30000-49999 
3 days ago by popkin16
The Tock Is A Lie
“But you fixed it, right? I mean, my foot is fine, it’s right here.” Rodney flings the covers back to show them, but where his lower leg and foot should be there’s a bandaged stump. Elizabeth pulls back from the bed in shock, and Teyla places a comforting hand on her shoulder. “What? No. That’s not- My foot, where’s my foot?”
sga  mcshep  canon  au  romance  established!relationship  angst  hurt/comfort  team  10000-29999 
14 days ago by popkin16
Never Say Never
When Rodney gets kidnapped on an off-world mission, John leaps in to rescue him. Only, who rescues who in the end?
sga  mcshep  canon  team  action/adventure  angst  crossover/fusion  first!time  romance  30000-49999  sgamadison 
18 days ago by popkin16
In Too Deep by altyronsmaker
Off the coast of Florida, John Sheppard, a marine archaeologist, takes his team out to explore a famous shipwreck in search of antiquities. Once at sea, he and his logistics coordinator, Rodney McKay, find out they have more in common than either of them originally considered. As they explore the new boundaries of their relationship, a figure from John's past shows up, threatening John jab and his newfound relationship.
30000-49999  action/adventure  angst  au  earthside  first!time  hurt/comfort  mcshep  mcshep_match  oblivious!john  pining!rodney  romance  sga  team 
4 weeks ago by popkin16
Last Chance Power Drive
Rodney means to say something vague and cool, or perhaps just less embarrassing than what does come out, which is, “I kissed him on an airplane and now the government won’t stop trying to kill me.”
A Knight and Day AU.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  action/adventure  romance  first!time  team  humor  10000-29999 
4 weeks ago by popkin16
Sometimes, You Win
John had already decided that the Sotoman's were hinky and he couldn't wait for Teyla to finish her negotiations. If they didn't really need the minerals she was trading for, he would have pulled the plug on this trip already.
sga  mcshep  canon  romance  established!relationship  team  humor  cute  1000-9999 
5 weeks ago by popkin16
Space Ride With A Cowboy
In which Marshal John Sheppard and his team are going after a bounty/working a rescue mission, and one of John's secrets is revealed.
sga  mcshep  au  established!relationship  marriage  team  humor  romance  1000-9999  brumeier  wip 
5 weeks ago by popkin16
What Happens In Rúmvegr
“Rodney, what happens in Vegas...”

“Oh don’t give me that crap. Pegasus is our home. Of course it counts. And furthermore, I’m insulted that you would even say such a thing-”
sga  mcshep  canon  established!relationship  marriage  team  humor  romance  1000-9999  gorgeous/favorite 
6 weeks ago by popkin16
Package Deal [Critical Role]
Beginning a relationship with Caleb Widogast also means forming relationships with all of the Mighty Nein, as Essik quickly learns.

A series of moments in which Essik bonds with the members of Caleb’s family.
misc:small-fandom  canon  romance  first!time  team  humor  10000-29999 
9 weeks ago by popkin16
Gentle Goes the Night
John finally gets some sleep. Ronon and Teyla both experience things they can't explain. Rodney is no help at all.
sga  gen  canon  team  sweet  hurt/comfort  melagan  1000-9999 
10 weeks ago by popkin16
The Adventures of Rodney Hood
Rodney Hood is an outlaw who robs from the rich to give to the poor and Lord John is the Prince Regent’s ward, held prisoner until the return of the lost Queen Elizabeth.
sga  mcshep  au  humor  romance  first!time  team  action/adventure  crossover/fusion  1000-9999 
11 weeks ago by popkin16
Know How to Fall
Three-day event rider John Sheppard inherits Pegasus Farm and decides to build a new life there with old friend Teyla Emmagan and her son. When he meets prickly horse trainer Rodney McKay, he falls hard for him, while John's friendship shakes up Rodney's life, making him want to take chances again. A harassment campaign aimed at making John sell the farm soon turns violent though and endangers everyone before they can figure out what and who they really want.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  team  angst  romance  first!time  pining!john  oblivious!rodney  auburn  big.bang  80000-99999 
11 weeks ago by popkin16
Reading Between The Lines
What happened offworld, stayed offworld.

Rumours are flying and John overreacts (possibly) (definitely)
sga  mcshep  established!relationship  canon  angst  team  lorne  romance  humor  respoftw  1000-9999 
12 weeks ago by popkin16
There's no Crop Circles in Hyperspace
Without a Stargate, the world has found another way to travel to distant places through hyperspace. There are those brave enough - or foolish enough - to trailblaze new routes through uncharted hyperspace.
Captain John Sheppard and his crew are exactly those kind of people.

The stowaway Rodney McKay was someone that nobody had planned on.
sga  mcshep  au  romance  first!time  team  humor  angst  hurt/comfort  melagan  sga_santa  10000-29999 
december 2019 by popkin16
Four Times John Hated Having Sentinel Senses, and One Time He Didn't
John thinks his sentinel senses are worse than useless, but the Pegasus galaxy may prove him wrong. Explicit John/Other.
sga  mcshep  canon  au  the.sentinel  crossover/fusion  romance  first!time  hurt/comfort  team  pre-atlantis  sga_santa  mific  1000-9999 
december 2019 by popkin16
The Mourners
A boring mission to alien planet, and then things start getting weird.
sga  mcshep  canon  team  angst  first!time  hurt/comfort  action/adventure  sga_santa  10000-29999 
december 2019 by popkin16
Why it would never have worked
The team are on a trading mission when they are coerced into taking part in a drug (pollen) trial. How will this affect John and Rodney who have secret feelings for each other?
sga  mcshep  canon  team  romance  first!time  amtdi  humor  angst  1000-9999  sga_santa 
december 2019 by popkin16
put myself away [Critical Role]
"His feelings are complicating matters that don’t need complicating, so why - ?
- why can’t he just let it be?"

Caleb’s heart decides to be an uncooperative little bastard, and after the blood pact, his past comes knocking, among other things.
misc:small-fandom  canon  romance  first!time  angst  hurt/comfort  action/adventure  team  30000-49999  gorgeous/favorite 
november 2019 by popkin16
Following the incident of Teal'c becoming trapped in the Stargate, instead of being sent to Russia, Rodney McKay is given the chance to join a team at the SGC.

This is actually a series of eight stories, but since this series itself is part of a series, I've used the chapter function to keep the fics connected.
sga  mcshep  canon  au  romance  first!time  crack  humor  team  action/adventure  bottom!john  sg1  earthside  10000-29999  danvers 
november 2019 by popkin16
Two Hundred
A McShep Happyfest story, (that didn’t make deadline).
sga  mcshep  first!time  canon  team  bottom!john  humor  1000-9999 
october 2019 by popkin16
At Last
Aliens made them do it. Sort of.
sga  mcshep  canon  team  romance  first!time  amtdi  marriage  1000-9999  humor  cute 
october 2019 by popkin16
Teach Your Children Well
After Madara final attack on the village, Rokudaime Kakashi uncovers a time-travel scroll. Now he's Team Seven's sensei again. And this time, he's going to do things differently. A time travel fic.
naruto  canon  au  team  angst  first!time  humor  30000-49999 
october 2019 by popkin16
Season For All Things
To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1
sga  gen  team  canon  humor  sga_santa  1000-9999  angst  happy!fic 
october 2019 by popkin16
Strange How Certain the Journey
The Ancients were really concerned about the effects various distractions had on people's productivity.

From sex to love.
sga  mcshep  canon  established!relationship  romance  team  humor  1000-9999  telesilla 
october 2019 by popkin16
The Bacon Boys
What if the best characters in Stargate survived?
sga  mcshep  pre-slash  canon  episode.related  humor  oblivious!john  team  1000-9999 
october 2019 by popkin16
Down, Down, Down (a wide open sea)
A weird new planet to explore, two Ancient intalations, Rodney and John are in love of course (in the background), there is so much ocean, Rodney isn't the god of earthquakes.
sga  mcshep  canon  established!relationship  team  action/adventure  angst  sweet  10000-29999 
september 2019 by popkin16
The Revolutionaries
As far as Grantaire's concerned, nobody gives a shit about the bassist of The Revolutionaries without the rest of the band. He's absolutely fine with that. He doesn't want the attention anyway, and he sure as hell doesn't want all the rumours and speculation from strangers who seem to be able to read him a hell of a lot better than Enjolras can.
les.mis  au  romance  angst  first!time  team  hurt/comfort  1000-9999 
september 2019 by popkin16
Steal Your Heart Away
Grantaire comes back from his latest job redistributing priceless art to find that Fantine has hired an archangel to work at Sur-Mer Antiques. It certainly makes his life more interesting.
les.mis  au  romance  first!time  humor  10000-29999  team 
september 2019 by popkin16
K'diwa: A Steamy Novel of Interspecies Romance, by Jim Kirk
Jim wrote a romance novel, just to prove he could. Then someone leaked it on the public Starfleet server, and suddenly Jorim’s embarrassingly smutty and sentimental Human/Vulcan love story is all over campus.

Luckily for Jim, no one knows that he’s the author.

Unluckily for Jim, someone forwarded the novel to the staff of the Vulcan embassy. Now, every Vulcan in San Francisco is reassessing the logical merits of taking Human bondmates.
star.trek  canon  au  romance  first!time  angst  hurt/comfort  sweet  team  wip  80000-99999  gorgeous/favorite 
september 2019 by popkin16
Best of Three
Stuck on a frozen wasteland during a storm, the team must huddle for warmth. John and Ronon fight to be the one to get to snuggle with Rodney, who gives off heat like a minature sun.
sga  mcshep  canon  team  cute  romance  sweet  first!time  1000-9999 
september 2019 by popkin16
only fools rush in
Foggy Nelson has one rule: do not fall for a member of the wedding party. Not the bride, not the groom, not the flirty bridesmaid who keeps winking at him during the rehearsal dinner. It’s a matter of professionalism. It’s also a matter of making sure that he gets paid what he’s owed, with no sex scandal interfering.

If he had a second rule, it would be no sex scandals.

The rule was never all that hard to follow, because weddings tend to bring out the worst in people, and he’s immune to the wedding terror that makes you want to hook up with the next person you see. The only problem came with the introduction of Matthew Michael Murdock, handsomest boy in the city and professional costumed weirdo with a smile that could knock a guy out if he wasn’t careful with it.

Foggy knew from the second he saw that smile that he was in big trouble.
daredevil  au  romance  first!time  humor  10000-29999  team 
august 2019 by popkin16
Cake or Death
It was just a piece of cake, but for Rodney it was far more dangerous.
sga  mcshep  canon  team  angst  hurt/comfort  brumeier  first!time  romance  gorgeous/favorite  1000-9999 
august 2019 by popkin16
strapped to a moving vehicle
In space, no-one can hear you scream.
What a crock of shit.
sga  mcshep  first!time  canon  team  angst  hurt/comfort  1000-9999  respoftw 
august 2019 by popkin16
Watching (And Watched)
A pleasant trip to Ohio leads to a surprising revelation.
sga  mcshep  canon  earthside  team  romance  first!time  pining!john  oblivious!rodney  elayna88  1000-9999 
august 2019 by popkin16
Sharing Body Heat
Rodney's complaining about the cold and the wet, Ronon's amused, and Sheppard's suggesting they take their clothes off. Just another day in Pegasus, right?
sga  mcshep  canon  team  pre-slash  gorgeous/favorite  1000-9999  humor 
august 2019 by popkin16
John wiped his mouth with his hand, clearing his chin of the thin bile that he had just left all over the ground of PY9 -8TY, only mildly surprised to realise his hand was shaking.
sga  mcshep  canon  team  pre-slash  angst  hurt/comfort  respoftw  0-999 
july 2019 by popkin16
"Honestly, McKay," Sheppard says as he crouches down next to Rodney. He wipes at his face with his sleeve. Water drips from his hair, his clothes. "If you wanted to get back to the gate so bad, all you had to do was say so."

Rodney clamps down on the urge to punch him in the face. "I did. Repeatedly."

There's a dry, rustling sound as Renzie shakes out an emergency blanket. A moment later it's draped over Rodney.

"Really?" Sheppard tucks a corner of it under Rodney's shoulder, pats it like this is nothing out of the ordinary, like Rodney regularly lies in a puddle of his own blood, light years from medical attention and clean infirmary rooms and Carson's TLC. “I must have tuned you out."
sga  mcshep  canon  established!relationship  team  angst  hurt/comfort  1000-9999 
july 2019 by popkin16
In which both Rodney and John get a little jealous.
sga  mcshep  canon  team  humor  established!relationship  jealousy  1000-9999 
july 2019 by popkin16
CoT ’Verse (& Extended Environs)
“D’you realize,” [Crowley] said, “that we never tire of things humans get bored with on the regular?”

Aziraphale shrugged, lazily basking. “I’ve always assumed it’s that we don’t tire of each other.”
GoodOmens  canon  romance  first!time  series  100k+  team  gorgeous/favorite  sweet  angst  hurt/comfort  humor 
july 2019 by popkin16
Good Endings
Eight - give or take - matchmakers trying really, really hard, honest; two clueless ethereal/occult beings mutually pining their endless days away; and one witch, who can't leave well enough alone when it comes to matters of the heart, no matter how many centuries ago she died.
GoodOmens  canon  au  romance  first!time  humor  50000-79999  team  angst 
july 2019 by popkin16
Just Bruises
What happened in the three hours Rodney was missing?
sga  mcshep  canon  first!time  angst  hurt/comfort  team  series  1000-9999 
july 2019 by popkin16
things i knew when i was young
It’s not unheard of to make people from real life appear in the game. But it’s always obvious, both to Mike and the rest of them, and at that person’s expense. Never once has Mike included someone they actually like. Never once has Mike called someone they know, a guy they know, handsome.

The fact that it’s Steve makes this doubly shocking.
stranger.things  canon  team  angst  hurt/comfort  1000-9999 
july 2019 by popkin16
Happy as Happa
John saves... pretty much no one, but he's damned good at being captured all the same. set post-series, alien planet who aren't bad but are useless at being allies, John finds an unexpected friend who saves the day
sga  mcshep  canon  established!relationship  angst  hurt/comfort  action/adventure  team  1000-9999 
july 2019 by popkin16
heat exhaustion/heat stroke
Rodney's skin was dry when they found him. In the heat of the space, that should have been a relief but the stink of long evaporated sweat that lingered on the pile of clothes that Rodney had obviously managed to strip out of some time ago told a truer story.
sga  mcshep  canon  first!time  team  hurt/comfort  angst  1000-9999  respoftw 
july 2019 by popkin16
Moments universe
John's home on leave, he lies on Rodney's floor. Hes sad. Not much angst.

Set before DADT was repealed, like the show
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  established!relationship  hurt/comfort  series  1000-9999  team 
june 2019 by popkin16
Funnel Of Love
After having an allergic reaction on a mission, John attempts to take Rodney back to Atlantis for medical treatment. Then there's a tornado, and a crash landing, oh, and then there's only one sleeping bag...
sga  mcshep  canon  team  first!time  hurt/comfort  angst  1000-9999  pining!john  pining!rodney 
june 2019 by popkin16
Timelines 1-2.1 [The Umbrella Academy]
As the world ends, Five takes his siblings back into their child bodies on the day he originally left. With the knowledge of how the world ends fresh in their minds, the Hargreeves siblings do what they can to leave clues for their past selves on how to grow up a little less fucked up before returning to the present.

A present where they all have different lives they can't remember, there's a fun new apocalypse on the way, and Reginald Hargreeves remembers the day where all his children suddenly and inexplicably lost their minds and all respect for him at once a little too well.
misc:small-fandom  canon  au  gen  team  series  100k+  angst  hurt/comfort  action/adventure  gorgeous/favorite  wip 
june 2019 by popkin16
Partners, Parents, or None of the Above [The Umbrella Academy]
Kenny's mom assuming that Diego and Klaus were A) a couple and B) Number Five’s parents was both bemusing and amusing at the time. But that was because it was the only time it had ever happened. Now though? Now they just can't understand why these misunderstandings keep happening.
misc:small-fandom  humor  angst  hurt/comfort  canon  30000-49999  team  gorgeous/favorite 
june 2019 by popkin16
The Truth Hurts [The Umbrella Academy]
Diego whirled on her, glaring. “No! Our brother died! And what, that asshole just left him there? Didn’t even think to bring it up?!”

“Wow,” Klaus murmured, “He’s…really mad.”


(Klaus lets it slip that he died, met God, and came back to life. His siblings are understandably shocked).
misc:small-fandom  canon  hurt/comfort  team  gen  1000-9999 
june 2019 by popkin16
I'm Not Okay (I'm Getting There) [The Umbrella Academy]
Between seven adults, even ones as severely damaged as they are, there's got to be at least enough common sense to mimic one semi-functional, competent human. Post-season one, Klaus and his siblings travel around in their own pasts, sort out some of their shit, and relive the week of the apocalypse one last time.

This time, they get it right.
misc:small-fandom  team  humor  hurt/comfort  30000-49999  gen 
june 2019 by popkin16
Good Morning
snippet of an early morning interaction between John and Rodney on one of the very rare peaceful planets.
sga  mcshep  established!relationship  canon  team  humor  sweet  1000-9999 
june 2019 by popkin16
Marital Bliss
An accidental marriage leads to surprising revelations.
sga  mcshep  canon  team  humor  first!time  amtdi  marriage  1000-9999 
june 2019 by popkin16
Field Trip
They all hear it at once and pause in unison, the dull metallic scrape of rusty metal underneath a foot mid stride.
sga  mcshep  canon  established!relationship  team  sweet  0-999 
june 2019 by popkin16
asset [The Umbrella Academy]
As it turns out, "leave me alone, I'm sick" isn't an adequate deterrent when directed toward the living or the dead.
misc:small-fandom  gen  canon  team  hurt/comfort  30000-49999 
june 2019 by popkin16
When his fellow Gifted were being politically correct they called Grantaire a “courtesan.” But out of his hearing – and as the evening progressed – correctness went the way of the ballroom’s wine. No matter what they called him, Grantaire still sold his own Guide gifts, not through the rules and regulations of the Center, but to clients of his own choosing and for monetary gain.

Politely put: Grantaire was a prostitute.
les.mis  au  crossover/fusion  first!time  hurt/comfort  the.sentinel  team  10000-29999 
may 2019 by popkin16
the year that wasn't [The Umbrella Academy]
Diego turned to Five. “I’ve already, uh, lived today. This has already happened.”

Everyone went still.

“Ooh, that’s a mind-fuck,” said Klaus.
misc:small-fandom  canon  romance  first!time  angst  team  10000-29999 
may 2019 by popkin16
how do i get you alone [The Umbrella Academy]
“All I’m saying,” Klaus is saying, “is I’m still offended.”

Diego has only been half-listening, and Klaus only makes complete sense at the best of times, so he’s sort of lost. “Offended?” he repeats through a mouthful of bran. “About what?”

Klaus’ face lights up, like he wasn’t actually expecting Diego to take the bait.

“You.” And here, he points the butter knife he was using to overload his toast with jam in Diego’s direction, a move that is both ballsy and incredibly stupid, which is actually pretty on-brand for Klaus. “You said you wouldn’t date me.”

“I wouldn’t,” Diego says matter-of-factly. “Like I said, you’d be the last person I would date.”
misc:small-fandom  canon  first!time  humor  1000-9999  team 
may 2019 by popkin16
master of my domain [The Umbrella Academy]
“You’re asking five 13-year-old boys not to jerk off for – it can’t be done,” Luther says. “Now that we’re older, it would be different, but back then –”

“Excuse me, I could do it,” Five says. “I could certainly outlast all of you.”

They all look at each other.

“Oh, no,” says Allison.
misc:small-fandom  canon  first!time  humor  team  1000-9999  kink  bdsm 
may 2019 by popkin16
"And you really think this is worth getting married for?"

Rodney gave him his You Are An Unspeakable Moron glare. "It's not like it counts," he said. "You just tick the box on the mission report form saying you don't wish the marriage to be ratified."

John stared. He knew he was kind of haphazard with his paperwork sometimes, but- "There's a tickybox for alien weddings?"
sga  mcshep  canon  team  humor  amtdi  marriage  first!time  1000-9999 
may 2019 by popkin16
The Road Home
McKay gets captured and is forced to work on Ancient Tech. Everyone on Atlantis believes he's dead, until he manages to get a message to them. When they rescue him, John finds a beaten, broken, and far too-quiet Rodney. Can John help put him back together? Is there enough of Rodney left to heal?

This is a long, slow burn about healing from trauma. None of the torture is shown and only some of it is described after the fact. This is not a story about torture, it is a story about surviving, about picking up the pieces of yourself and moving forward.
sga  mcshep  canon  angst  hurt/comfort  team  romance  first!time  bottom!john  10000-29999 
may 2019 by popkin16
The caves were nice as far as caves went...
sga  mcshep  canon  team  humor  sweet  first!time  1000-9999 
may 2019 by popkin16
Mostly Harmless
"Well, I'm glad you were able to evade the, um -- "

"Highly dangerous aliens?" Rodney said, glaring.

"You know, some of them were pink," Ford put in, with a straight face.

Teyla said calmly, "Truly, Dr. Weir, they were mostly harmless."
sga  mcshep  canon  team  humor  first!time  astolat  1000-9999 
may 2019 by popkin16
Honesty Is the Best Policy
If he hadn’t realized that something was wrong when Rodney thanked Ronon and Teyla, the dilated pupils and whispered, “John,” would have done it.
sga  mcshep  canon  team  humor  romance  first!time  hot  1000-9999 
may 2019 by popkin16
Certainly Not a Thing
John finally gives in to Rodney's lascivious ways, but insists they keep things casual. The problem with that is -- Rodney McKay doesn't know how to do "causal".
sga  mcshep  canon  first!time  humor  sweet  romance  1000-9999  team 
april 2019 by popkin16
Team Rebuilding
Take one Air Force Colonel, add a brilliant scientist, an Athosian leader, and a Satedan named Ronon Dex. How do three team members learn to move on after losing Ford and what does it take to convince their new member to stay.
sga  gen  team  angst  hurt/comfort  action/adventure  series  canon  episode.related  earthside  30000-49999 
march 2019 by popkin16
Shut Up And Dance
"Oh don't you dare look back
Just keep your eyes on me
I said you're holding back
He said shut up and dance with me"

Rodney hated dances.
sga  mcshep  canon  first!time  romance  sweet  0-999  team 
march 2019 by popkin16
Touching and Touched
Half-Vulcan security officer John Sheppard joins the crew of the USS Atlantis on a mission to the Beta Quadrant and meets his match in human science officer Rodney McKay.
sga  mcshep  au  crossover/fusion  romance  first!time  team  action/adventure  angst  star.trek  gorgeous/favorite  1000-9999 
march 2019 by popkin16
In Which, After Everything, Riku Still Feels Undeserving [Kingdom Hearts]
There's not a whole lot in this world that can convince Riku he's not still a villain somehow.
canon  romance  angst  hurt/comfort  humor  team  10000-29999  kingdom.hearts 
march 2019 by popkin16
Phoenix Rising
On their first mission with Teyla back from maternity leave, the team gets separated, trapped, and manipulated in a deadly game of chance.
sga  gen  team  canon  action/adventure  hurt/comfort  1000-9999 
february 2019 by popkin16
The Long Way Round
A magical accident sends Stiles back in time. Now he's stuck in New York, living with Derek and Laura, and the only way to get back to his own time is to learn to use magic. Meanwhile, he must figure out how much he can tell them about their future. Can he warn them about the dangers they face? Can he change his own past?

And can he trust the creature known as Bookworm, who seems to know him better than he knows himself?
teen:wolf  canon  au  romance  first!time  angst  100k+  hurt/comfort  team  action/adventure  series 
february 2019 by popkin16
Worry Stones
When the local political leader injects an obligatory, unspecified ceremony into the schedule, John believes that a certain level of concern is warranted.
sga  mcshep  canon  gen  pre-slash  team  humor  cute  1000-9999 
february 2019 by popkin16
drama queens
No one knows why, but suddenly Rodney McKay has become like catnip for the Wraith queens.
sga  mcshep  canon  established!relationship  team  humor  angst  1000-9999  crack!fic 
february 2019 by popkin16
Ways McShep Could have Happened: A Ficlet Collection
This a sporadically updated collection of ficlets exploring how John and Rodney could have ended up together. It's mostly short fluffy stuff-like a freshly popped kernel of popcorn on team movie night. If anything ends up straying too far from fluff territory, I'll put a note at the beginning of the section warning you.

sga  mcshep  canon  first!time  romance  humor  team  1000-9999  cute 
february 2019 by popkin16
Three Times John Used His Words
John doesn't always choose the best times to confess his feelings, but it always seems to work out in the end.
sga  mcshep  team  canon  angst  hurt/comfort  romance  sweet  humor  marriage  1000-9999  brumeier 
february 2019 by popkin16
Creature (Double) Feature
A tale of mystery, intrigue, alien critters!
sga  gen  team  canon  humor  action/adventure  fanart  0-999 
february 2019 by popkin16
Worth Waiting For
He did sort of hope John would show up for his party.
sga  mcshep  canon  romance  first!time  team  sweet  cute  1000-9999 
february 2019 by popkin16
The Way To A Man's Heart
Many successful relationships begin with a meal.
sga  mcshep  canon  team  happy!fic  romance  first!time  1000-9999 
february 2019 by popkin16
Not Quite a Fairy Tale
Rodney is chosen for a potentially humiliating...mission.
sga  mcshep  canon  first!time  humor  team  romance  0-999 
february 2019 by popkin16
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