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The woman who invented abstract algebra | Cosmos
In Noether’s time, the scientific establishment worked hard to keep women out. A genius of Noether’s calibre, with Einstein’s backing, could maybe be included. Even today, in mathematics or physics, we can observe an asymmetry in the treatment of women and men in academia.

And as Emmy Noether taught us, whenever a symmetry is broken, that means something is being lost.
maths  antisemitism  sexism  physics  nazism  womeninstem  women 
5 days ago
America’s Professional Elite: Wealthy, Successful and Miserable - The New York Times
The upper echelon is hoarding money and privilege to a degree not seen in decades. But that doesn’t make them happy at work.
happiness  jobs  usa  journalism 
5 days ago
How Pinterest runs Kafka at scale – Pinterest Engineering – Medium
Pinterest runs one of the largest Kafka deployments in the cloud. We use Apache Kafka extensively as a message bus to transport data and to power real-time streaming services, ultimately helping more…
kafka  computers  bigdata  scaling  devops 
5 days ago
Going beyond the Golden Ratio. | Extreme Learning
The three "most irrational" (hardest to approximate with rationals) numbers are

- phi = (1 + sqrt(5))/2, the Golden Ratio
- 1 + sqrt(2)
- (9 + sqrt(221))/10
maths  dataviz 
7 days ago
Brexit papers: What no deal could mean - BBC News
We boil down the tranche of new papers from the government and what they could mean for you.
Brexit  politics 
7 days ago
The Mind Game: How to Overcome Fear - Climbing Magazine
While fear can seem like the enemy of any climber, I’ve learned that there are several things you can do before leaving the ground to mitigate its effect. Step 1: Do risk and ability assessments. Step 2: Have confidence in your ability and preparedness to avoid slipping into the fear state. Step 3: Push negative thoughts out of your mind the moment you feel them start to pop up. Step 4: Employ visualization, centering, and self-talk to prevent or come out of the fear state. Step 5: Review the climb and recall the things you did well. Lollar suggests focusing on actions, thoughts, and behaviors that helped you perform well.
fear  climbing  training  meditation 
7 days ago
Stray dog becomes first to conquer Himalayan summit after tagging along with climbing expedition
A stray dog befriended a mountaineering expedition and followed them to the top of a 23,389ft Himalayan peak in what may be a canine first.
dogs  climbing  himalaya  nepal  mountains  mountaineering 
7 days ago
Air pollution: How damaging are idling cars and buses? - BBC News
Public Health England calls for steps to discourage vehicles idling outside schools and hospitals.
cars  environment 
7 days ago
Solo Atlantic rower's lost boat found in Norway - BBC News
Duncan Hutchison had not seen the craft since September when he was rescued while trying to cross the Atlantic.
adventure  oceans  norway  scotland  rowing 
7 days ago
The Interview: Ranulph Fiennes on sawing off his fingers and sleeping in cars | The Sunday Times Magazine | The Sunday Times
Sir Ranulph Fiennes is the only human being to have crossed Antarctica and the Arctic Ocean and climbed Everest. His other claim to fame, apart from being a distant cousin of the royals, is that he was narrowly beaten by Roger Moore to play James Bond. Given his achievements, he’ll surely be chauffe
expedition  adventure  aging  arctic  Eiger  antarctica 
7 days ago
Zeroing Out | Don't Worry About the Vase
It is much, much easier to find a bias in a complex model, than it is to build an equally good model.

“I built a better model of Google’s future profits than the market” is a hard sell. “I found a factor the market isn’t properly accounting for” or “I got this news and figured out what it means before the market could price it in” is still a tough sell – it’s Google – but it’s less impossible.
interviews  rationality  modelling  finance 
11 days ago
More Dakka | Don't Worry About the Vase
If it helps but doesn’t solve your problem, perhaps you’re not using enough.
medicine  rationality 
11 days ago
These volunteers get malaria on purpose so we’ll know how to fight it - Vox
To test malaria vaccines, researchers give volunteers malaria. I asked one volunteer what it’s like.
medicine  science  malaria  vaccines 
12 days ago
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