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Against the “Research vs. Olympiads” Mantra | Power Overwhelming
But we need this kind of problem-solving skill and talent too much for it to all be spent on computing R(6,6).
maths  olympiads  research  jobs 
5 days ago by pozorvlak
A definition of play, and how to live – Jessitron
When the end has some intrinsic value of its own, like the airplane, or the community, or operating useful software — then we call it work.
games  jobs  happiness 
8 days ago by pozorvlak
Hotel Concierge — The Stanford Marshmallow Prison Experiment
Much of IQ tests, job interviews, etc, is explained by the desire/ability to pass tests. This desire also drives low self-esteem and depression.
jobs  psychology  perfectionism  depression  mentalhealth  eatingdisorders  university  science  badscience  intelligence  interviews  racism 
13 days ago by pozorvlak
Here's Proof That Office Layout Doesn't Affect Productivity
Using the DeskTime time-tracking and productivity app, I examined people working in three different environments: an open office, a closed-space office, and a cubicle. It turns out that working in a closed office leads to just 4% more productivity than working in an open office (89.3% vs. 85.8%).

But here's the kicker: the most productive setup (91.1%) of the trio was the bane of every modern worker’s existence—the dreaded cubicle.
jobs  offices  furniture 
5 weeks ago by pozorvlak
A Deceptively Simple Way to Find More Happiness at Work - The New York Times
A study from the Mayo Clinic found that physicians who spend about 20 percent of their time doing “work they find most meaningful are at dramatically lower risk for burnout.” But here’s what’s fascinating: Anything beyond that 20 percent has a marginal impact, as “spending 50 percent of your time in the most meaningful area is associated with similar rates of burnout as 20 percent.”


For a full week, carry a notepad at all times. Draw a line down the center of a page and label one column “Love” and the other column “Loathe.” Whenever you perform a task, no matter how small, be mindful of how it makes you feel. Are you excited about it? Do you look forward to it? Does time fly when you’re doing it? Or did you procrastinate, dreading every moment and feeling drained by the time you’re done?
jobs  happiness  mentalhealth  burnout 
8 weeks ago by pozorvlak
The biggest lie in HR - People leave managers not companies
Yes, people leave bad managers, but it is not the number one reason people leave a company
In “good” companies, managers make a difference
In “bad” companies, good or bad managers make little to no difference to a person’s decision to leave


Like most myths, the one that “people don’t leave companies, they leave managers” contains a kernel of truth. Managers matter, but not nearly as much as leadership and development opportunities.
management  leadership  jobs 
10 weeks ago by pozorvlak
America’s Professional Elite: Wealthy, Successful and Miserable - The New York Times
The upper echelon is hoarding money and privilege to a degree not seen in decades. But that doesn’t make them happy at work.
happiness  jobs  usa  journalism 
march 2019 by pozorvlak
Programming Interview Questions Are Too Hard and Too Short - Triplebyte Blog
So, here's our advice, if you actually want to make your interviews more accurate, you probably need to start asking easier programming questions. This doesn't mean lowering the bar. It just means getting a better signal so you can hire the right people.
computers  programming  interviews  jobs  hiring  techindustry 
march 2019 by pozorvlak
Orchestrating false beliefs about gender discrimination
In this article from the New York Times, they claim that there is extreme gender discrimination in tech: This turned out to be fake. (Twitter thread with details). The study doesn’t actually exist…
science  badscience  hiring  jobs  interviews  sexism  music 
february 2019 by pozorvlak
The Value is in Dealing with the Messy Stuff – Subbu’s Blog
To conclude, silos are not bad. Most silos are centers of efficiency. Instead of always trying to overlay a new transformation, whether small or large, on top of existing silos and getting frustrated with the slowness and friction, you may have to first structure a solution, then figure out what kind of silos you need to execute efficiently, and then step up to lead that change. Success is not guaranteed, and you’re bound to make mistakes in this process. This is a cycle.</blockquote...
business  jobs  leadership  management 
january 2019 by pozorvlak
I helped Google screw over James Damore : JamesDamore
r/JamesDamore: The unofficial James Damore fan club of Reddit.
google  reddit  socialjustice  abuse  jobs  techindustry 
january 2019 by pozorvlak
Mutual Purpose and Agreed-Upon Methods – Jessica Kerr – Medium
Can we please replace “shared values” with “mutual purpose and agreed-upon methods”?
teamwork  programming  jobs  socialinteraction 
november 2018 by pozorvlak
What makes for a dream job? Here's what the evidence says.
Before we move on, here’s a quick recap of the six ingredients. This is what to look for in a dream job:

Work you’re good at,
Work that helps others,
Engaging work that lets you enter a state of flow (freedom, variety, clear tasks, feedback),
Supportive colleagues,
No major negatives like long hours or unfair pay, and
A job that fits your personal life.
jobs  happiness 
october 2018 by pozorvlak
The Engineer/Manager Pendulum –
There’s nothing worse than reporting to someone forced into managing. Please don’t be one of the reasons people burn out hard on tech.
jobs  techindustry  management  programming 
september 2018 by pozorvlak
Will high stress kill you, save your life, or neither? - 80,000 Hours
Our main conclusions are:

The consensus among researchers seems to be that stress is good when it’s moderate in intensity (not too low or too high) and when it’s short-term, rather than on-going.
Intense and on-going stress is strongly linked to poor health, including a weakened immune system, heart disease, depression and anxiety disorders, and higher chance of death.
Some studies have found a correlation between negative health outcomes and believing that stress is bad for your health, but it is hard to draw causal conclusions from these findings. However, there is experimental evidence that reframing stress as an opportunity rather than as a threat leads to better performance and better cardiovascular health at least in the short term.
Some studies suggest that people in higher responsibility positions, with greater job demands, have better health outcomes and are less stressed than people in lower responsibility positions. This may be because those in higher responsibility positions also tend to have greater autonomy, control and power.
stress  jobs  anxiety  mentalhealth  depression 
september 2018 by pozorvlak
You need a novelty budget |
Only use a few technologies for the first time in a commercial project. Everything else should be boring and familiar.
computers  programming  jobs  techindustry 
september 2018 by pozorvlak
Staffing your team: the math behind it.
Don't cheap out on pay rises, even for average engineers.
jobs  money  techindustry 
september 2018 by pozorvlak
The A.M.Y. rules of (meeting) engagement –
A.M.Y.’s meeting rules for facilitators

Send an agenda for the meeting. Make sure it’s embedded in the invite or emailed to attendees ahead of time.
A goal for the meeting should be clear and communicated.
There should be at least one item to be addressed during the meeting.
There should be at least one item directly related to each attendee (or multiple attendees to an item).
[M]inimal attendees:
Each attendee has at least one agenda item.
That agenda item provides or gains value to/from the meeting.
If not, they should be marked as optional or removed completely.
[Y]ields action:
There’s at least one agenda item that will yield an action to be taken or achieve a goal by being discussed in the meeting.
jobs  meetings 
august 2018 by pozorvlak
Being Glue
Your job title says "engineer", but you seem to spend most of your time in meetings. You'd like to have time for code, but then who will respond to customers, …
jobs  techindustry 
august 2018 by pozorvlak
Who Wants The Job? | Don't Worry About the Vase
If you’re wondering why many people can’t find work? I can’t help but wonder if it’s because they can’t do the very basic things even at high leverage points like the interview process. Things like showing up and responding to emails. Being on time. Being polite. Making sure the profile you show the world doesn’t have major errors and matches the jobs you’re applying to. Acting like you actually want the job.

Those are standards that 98% or so of applications we got failed to live up to. Presumably the same people, failing to live up to them, apply again and again, failing those standards again and again, wondering why they can’t get hired.
jobs  interviews  writing 
july 2018 by pozorvlak
You’re working in the wrong place. – Amar Singh – Medium
At my most recent job, I did all of my best work at home. I would actively try to avoid the office for as long as possible. At home, I had two desks and complete control over my environment…
jobs  lifehacks  architecture  offices 
november 2017 by pozorvlak
Frequently asked questions about Expo products such as dry erase markers & whiteboards.
art  jobs  tools 
november 2017 by pozorvlak
All you need to know about whiteboard markers – graphicfacilitation – Medium
Maybe hundreds of thousands of people are using whiteboards everyday to communicate, create and innovate. It has been too long that whiteboard markers stayed overlooked and the time has come to shed…
art  jobs  tools 
november 2017 by pozorvlak
Why You Can Focus in a Coffee Shop but Not in Your Open Office
Taken together, the lesson here is that the ideal space for focused work is not about freedom from noise, but about freedom from interruption. Finding a space you can hide away in, regardless of how noisy it is, may be the best strategy for making sure you get the important work done.
jobs  lifehacks 
october 2017 by pozorvlak
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