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Top Tips for Winter Climbing - Alpkit
The top tips...

Stay fed and watered.

Find a glove system that works for you.

Find a layering system that works for you.

Make sure your boots fit properly.

Keep your feet warm (consider taking dry socks along with you!).

Prepare yourself for a long belay by taking a good belay jacket.

Make sure you have the appropriate gear!

This tip from Will Gadd has served me well over the years: the key to staying warm is to eat fat and protein prior to climbing, and mainly carbohydrates during the climb. I tried it and it worked for me, so I’ve stuck to it ever since.
mountains  climbing  scotland  scotwinter  winter  food  clothing 
6 weeks ago by pozorvlak
Motivations. | Great Escape. Nick Bullock.
We all climb for different reasons, but there are now some reasons for climbing that are suspect. I feel its time to take stock and slow down. Let’s just celebrate inspirational and remarkable at whatever standard. Let’s just reduce the glamorising and the dressing-up.
climbing  mountains  winter  scotland  scotwinter 
april 2018 by pozorvlak
Avalanche Safety for Ice Climbers
As I concluded my presentation in Ouray, a climber approached me with a shovel in his hand, cocked back at a threatening angle, as if to strike. Thinking I had just become the village witch, I gulped and prepared to be beaten for my heretical comments. Much to my relief, he lowered the shovel and thanked me for the thought provoking discussion. He said he wasn’t convinced he would carry avalanche gear all the time, but he might carry it more frequently than in the past. And this, fellow climbers, is how cultural shifts happen.
avalanche  climbing  ice  winter  safety  culture 
march 2017 by pozorvlak
7000 in winter. All ascents.
RT @russianclimb: All winter climbs of 7000-meters peaks belong to Snow leopard program
mountains  winter  kyrgyzstan  tajikistan  ussr  mountaineering 
february 2017 by pozorvlak
Kindyk animal tracks
Lovely! Quick question: do look like snow leopard tracks to you? Issyk-Kul, about 4000m.
foxes  ibex  kuiluu  kyrgyzstan  mountains  snow  winter  snowleopard 
january 2017 by pozorvlak
The Central Gully of Bidean nam Bian | Alex Roddie
The northern cliffs of Bidean nam Bian This article was first published on Glencoe Mountaineer on the 1st of March, 2011. It details the culmination of my experiments with Victorian mountaineering equipment in a Scottish winter climbing context.
scotwinter  climbing  winter  mountains  scotland 
april 2016 by pozorvlak
Zero Gully – from first ascent to now
As modern adventurers with cutting-edge equipment prepare to enjoy a winter of climbing we look back 55 years to the first ascent of Zero Gully on Ben Nevis
winter  climbing  mountains  scotland 
march 2016 by pozorvlak
Interview with Tamara Lunger before her summit push on Nanga Parbat
Is it for you a special situation as the only woman among men on the Diamir side?

I have Igone (Mariezkurrena), the girlfriend of Alex, as my support here. Sometimes it is quite pleasant to be only among women. With the men you can only talk about the same two themes: women and what’s hanging between men’s legs.
women  interviews  climbing  winter  himalaya 
march 2016 by pozorvlak
Winter on Nanga Parbat: a good news story from Pakistan – Mark Horrell
I've spent a disproportionate amount of time in the last couple of years blogging bad news from the Himalayas and Karakoram. It’s only fair I help to restore the balance by reporting on a mountaineering story with a happy ending.
mountains  climbing  winter  pakistan 
march 2016 by pozorvlak
Outside Winter Insulation 7-layer clothing model - Tony Finch
RT @fanf: - OSI 7 layer winter clothing model (Internet style)
winter  clothing  networking 
january 2016 by pozorvlak
How To Drive In The Snow, In A Regular-Ass Car, Without Freaking Out
The best practices for snow-driving are, basically, the same as the best practices for dry-driving, only with the conservatism turned up 25 percent.

Accelerate more gradually than usual.
Drive at a reasonable speed.
Give the other cars enough space.
Don't squirrel from lane to lane like you are goddamn Alberto Tomba on the slalom. Don't do any more turning than you absolutely have to.
Decelerate more gradually than usual, too.
Avoid stopping where possible.
Don't brake and make a sharp turn at the same time if you can avoid it.
Be smart on hills - give the cars in front of you a lot of speed, accelerate into the incline, and then try to cruise up the hill without accelerating.
If you start to slide or spin, don't panic.
If you come across a car that has spun out or slid off the road or that can't get up an incline, get the fuck out of your car and help.
cars  winter 
january 2016 by pozorvlak
VBL Socks | Andy Kirkpatrick
"Vapour barrier layer" - ie a thin plastic bag worn next to the skin, stopping your socks from wetting out and losing loft.
climbing  mountains  clothing  winter 
january 2016 by pozorvlak
A child let loose in nature
What to Look for in Winter is a spectacular primer not only in natural history but in aesthetic pleasure
books  childraising  children  outdoors  winter  uk  farming 
january 2016 by pozorvlak
Black-and-white cat in snow
But there will be days when I shall rise, a dawn of my kingdom slowly comes ... I will fight again.
photos  cats  cute  winter 
december 2015 by pozorvlak
Grizzly attacks ice climbers on Mount Wilson in Banff National Park | Calgary Herald
More on Greg Boswell's bear attack, from the Canadian press: The mountain's closed for the winter. HT @GeoffdeGuere
climbing  ice  winter  canada  bears 
december 2015 by pozorvlak
Mountain Skills: Understanding ‘The Avalanche Problem’
RT : Winter is coming - so worth reading this piece in ‘THE AVALANCHE PROBLEM’
avalanche  winter  usa  skiing 
november 2015 by pozorvlak
UKC Articles - 10 Tips on Staying Warm in Winter by Andy Kirkpatrick
RT @psychovertical: Piece from @ukclimbing last year about staying warm (61k views!)
climbing  mountains  clothing  antarctica  winter 
december 2014 by pozorvlak
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