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Create a Slack notification using CloudWatch Alarms and AWS Lambda
ChatOps has emerged as one of the most effective techniques to implement DevOps. Hence, it will be great to receive notifications and infrastructure alerts into collaboration messaging platforms…
aws  chatbot  slack  cloudwatch  serverless 
2 days ago by program247365
You need more than one AWS account: AWS bastions and assume-role
You need more than one AWS account. This is to isolate production resources, manage limits (especially API rate limiting), handle costs, simplify compliance and security concerns, and restrict user…
aws  awssec  iam 
5 days ago by program247365
Apex – Serverless Infrastructure
Apex serverless infrastructure built on AWS Lambda
serverless  cli  aws  architecture  deployment 
6 weeks ago by program247365
Create a custom VPC with private and public subnets on AWS - Mike Tabor
How to create a custom VPC in AWS with a private and public subnet. Step by step instructions without using the AWS VPC wizard. Good for exam
aws  vpc  howto 
7 weeks ago by program247365
Scenarios for Accessing a DB Instance in a VPC - Amazon Relational Database Service
Discusses the various scenarios for accessing a DB instance in a VPC
vpc  db  aws 
7 weeks ago by program247365
How to Connect a Database with an Amazon VPC | Tutorial by Chartio
Learn how to connect a database with an Amazon VPC. In this data tutorial, we’ll explore how to create a VPC to creating an internet gateway to creating a cu…
postgres  aws  vpc 
7 weeks ago by program247365
GCP Comes Out Swinging Against AWS and Azure in 2020 Cloud Report | Cockroach Labs
The 2020 Cloud Report compares AWS, GCP, and Azure on microbenchmarks and customer-like-workloads to understand performance tradeoffs within each cloud.
comparison  gcp  azure  aws  cloud 
december 2019 by program247365
Amazon CodeGuru Features - Amazon Web Services
Learn about the CodeGuru features that allow you to automate code reviews, detect code issues, profile applications in production, and improve performance.
aws  codeguru  programming  codereviews 
december 2019 by program247365
Amazon Web Services In Plain English
It's named what? Figure out what Amazon Web Services should actually have been called.
august 2019 by program247365
AWS re:Invent Breakout Sessions
Easily sort, filter, and search across all AWS reInvent breakout sessions. Includes sessions from 2012 to current. Also with links to the podcast audio version of sessions where applicable. Share filtered videos with your friends.
aws  videos  learning 
december 2018 by program247365
Amazon Web Services Simple Monthly Calculator
The AWS Simple Monthly Calculator helps customers and prospects estimate their monthly AWS bill more efficiently. Using this tool, they can add, modify and remove services from their 'bill' and it will recalculate their estimated monthly charges automatically. The calculator also shows common customer samples and their usage, such as Disaster Recovery and Backup or Web Application.
amazon  aws  calculate  calculator  cost 
october 2018 by program247365
The hidden costs of serverless – A Cloud Guru
Serverless architecture is the next step in the evolution of computing power. The reasons for taking the leap are clear: Like the jump from on-premises to the cloud, the move to Serverless is more or…
serverless  cloudcomputing  aws  architecture  cost 
january 2018 by program247365
Packer is a tool for creating identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration.
sysadmin  aws  deployment  digitalocean  vmware  docker  puppet 
march 2014 by program247365
Amazon Web Services Developer Connection : Feature Guide: Amazon EC2 Availability Zones
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by kridgway
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ec2  amazon  aws  zones  availability  webservices  amazon_availability_aws_ec2_webservices_zones 
december 2010 by program247365
Photo Matt » S3 News
Three bits of Amazon S3 news:

We’re now using S3 as the primary storage for, rather than just for backups. We have some layers in front of it, notably Varnish, so the majority of our serving doesn’t hit S3. Still, our AWS bill went from around $200/mo to $1500/mo, and rising. It has simplified some of our requirements, but doesn’t look like it’ll save any money.
Amazon now has a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Big companies like this, but in the real world I’ve found there to be a low correlation with service reliability and the presence of a SLA.
In the Amazon newsletter they promoted Content Spooling Network as a good use of their services. Unfortunately, the service appears to be tailored for using Mechanical Turk to “ghostwrite keyword-based articles for SEO,” or more succinctly, “spam.” Get a web-savvy editor for that newsletter, guys!
s3  amazon  wordpress  storage  aws  hosting  amazon_s3  web_spam 
december 2010 by program247365

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