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New School Archives: Digital Collections: Collection: The New School oral history program [NS070101]
"The New School Oral History Program, initiated in 2012, consists of recorded sound interviews conducted by Archives and Special Collections staff and faculty partners on an ongoing basis to document aspects of university history that may not exist in other recorded formats. Interviewees consist of New School administrators, faculty, and staff, both current and retired. These interviews cover the twentieth and early twenty-first history of different academic departments and disciplines, university offices, and affiliated institutes. Recordings are all in English."
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Why Architects Suck | The Cooper Pioneer
"Consider the example of the Rubix cube as demonstrative of design thinking. Many feel pride in ‘solving’ a Rubix cube, organizing the squares so that each face is singular in color. However at this moment, the only thing that can happen to the object is repeated disorganization. In then end, the Rubix cube always embodies the same problems it had before, because its operation anticipates problems. For the engineer, fixing the problem requires that the end product is a static object. Institutions—their structures, cultures, and corruptions—are ever changing. Architects are trained to work with time and space as both a parameter and an artistic medium. Rational thought mandates an architect-trustee."
POPR  thepioneer  2016  studentnewspaper  architecture  calltoaction  studenttrustee  cooperunion  rubikscube 
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