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DIY Branding and Design | The New School
"You have all the tools you need to express our commitment to creativity, collaboration, and innovation in graphic form. Below are the three cornerstones of the new visual identity system."
newschool  branding  neue  diy  selfserve  archetype  design  poster 
may 2016 by quarry
[Tutorial] How to create a great Pokémon fan-game? | Poké Forums
For example, Generation I is about genetics. The starters are all based on reptiles and/or dinosaurs (Bulbasaur is also a Dinosaur/Plant hybrid), Mew and Mewtwo is reflecting cloning (while Mew itself has the DNA of all Pokémon), Eevee representing DNA modification, and the fossils/extincting Pokémon are resurrected by scientific experiments. Generation II is about folklore and mythology.
pokemon  rom  rpg  twins  hack  design  diy  tutorial 
december 2015 by quarry

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