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I'm Learning To Share!
A lifetime of movies, cartoons, records, comics, bad teevee and lots of other ephemera 'n' junk has left me happily unfit for a normal life in the real world. - - And so here I am. Good to see you're here also! Welcome!
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4 days ago by raccoonnookkeeper
Abel Pann - Jessica Amanda Salmonson
In 1954 he did a limited edition of 30 copies of the lithograph "Lilith" based on his drawing from 1926.
art  goddess 
8 weeks ago by raccoonnookkeeper
Beef's World
snail and other creature art
8 weeks ago by raccoonnookkeeper
Draw all roads in a city at once
This website renders every single road within a city
art  maps 
9 weeks ago by raccoonnookkeeper
Eyes as Big as Plates
Eyes as Big as Plates is the ongoing collaborative project between the Finnish-Norwegian artist duo Riitta Ikonen and Karoline Hjorth. Starting out as a play on characters from Nordic folklore, Eyes as Big as Plates has evolved into a continual search for modern human’s belonging to nature.

The series is produced in collaboration with retired farmers, fishermen, zoologists, plumbers, opera singers, housewives, artists, academics and ninety year old parachutists. Since 2011 the artist duo has portrayed seniors in Norway, Finland, France, US, UK, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Sweden, Japan and Greenland.
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11 weeks ago by raccoonnookkeeper
Contemporary Artifacts Press & Gallery
Wayne White, Charles Liurance, Alexandra Dillon and others
artists  art 
december 2019 by raccoonnookkeeper
1482 Font Friday – NICOLA GINZLER
Mnemonic Alphabet of Jacobus Publicius (1482)
november 2019 by raccoonnookkeeper
My ‘Invisible Jumpers’ Series That Took 5 Years And Thousands Of Hours Of Knitting | Bored Panda
I spent 5 years creating these images with custom clothes knitted by an amazing knitter, Nina Dodd.

The project began when she showed me a sweater based on the seat covers of Brighton buses. This seemed too good an opportunity to miss, so we found an eye-catching model and photographed him on a bus.
knitting  art 
november 2019 by raccoonnookkeeper
Skeleton (or Gelatin?) in the Closet: Conservation of the Diableries | Unframed
Watch this special video of Brian May viewing some of the Diableries that were on view in 3D: Double Vision and see how these stereographs come to life in vibrant and ghoulish shades. Happy Halloween!
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october 2019 by raccoonnookkeeper
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