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disk utility - External Hard Drive Won't Mount - Ask Different
I personally ran this a bunch of times to be able to mount my drive to rescue the data. During this rescue process I rebooted my machine many times and everytime the hard drive wouldn't mount on its own. I had to kill the `fsck` processs. I think it finally got resolved when I had finally copied all the data and moved on, that I let the `fsck` process finish on its own.

Nevertheless, the Time Machine backup was corrupt and just reformatted my drive. Now I think things are back to normal.
apple.stackexchange  stackexchange  unix  commandline  howto  troubleshoot  fsck  process  hard  drive  cli  external  won't  mount  example  guide  reference  terminate  kill 
12 days ago by racl101
set git difftool to bbdiff
A useful Github gist demonstrating how to configure a non-preconfigured diff tool like bbdiff (BBEdit editor's diff tool) as the Git diff and/or merge tool.
github  gist  howto  example  global  configure  tool  software  utility  diff  merge  bbdiff  config  guide  reference 
21 days ago by racl101
How to use `git mergetool` to resolve conflicts
Here's a Github project specifically for learning to use vimdiff as the Git merge tool
github  gist  tutorial  howto  example  git  merge  tool  guide  reference  3  way  repository  toread  tolearn  totry  tounderstand 
21 days ago by racl101
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