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hi-tech haikus - Google Groups
rian Roberts and I wrote these in a moment (hour?) of boredom.

one with nintendo
halcyon symbiosis
hand thinks for itself

cold matsushita
their technology stronger
enslaves our people

midori ito
girl finds glory, is broken
they can rebuild her

honda seatcovers
winter warm and summer cool
little lambs no more

the sand remembers
once there was beach and sunshine
but chip is warm too

oh no godzilla
guns and planes cannot stop him
tokyo is ablaze

samurai fighter
keyboard and mouse are his sword
digital battles

DAT arrives
frequency notch treachery
people are not fooled

young Sony worker
innocent hands build Walkman
tears run down faces
haiku  usenet  tech  cool  funny 
may 2018 by raphman
Telehack is a simulation of a stylized arpanet/usenet, circa 1985-1990. It is a full multi-user simulation, including 25,000 hosts and BBS's from the early net, thousands of files from the era, a collection of adventure and IF games, a working BASIC interpreter with a library of programs to run, simulated historical users, and more.
history  usenet  internet  console  cli  simulation  nostalgia  cool 
march 2015 by raphman

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