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A Computer Art Exhibit At MoMA Shows How Artists Grappled With Artificial Intelligence Before Google
Instead of manipulating a pen, the artist altered parameters in an equation.

Her programmatic approach – in which she iterated on other artists' systems of abstraction in search of undiscovered variations – resembled the operation of a computer. Gradually Molnár began to think about making art on a machine.
Design  computational-design  GenerativeArt  algorithm  people  interview  Art  Article 
august 2019 by rasagy
On Generative Algorithms: Introduction · inconvergent
Inconvergent: Anders Hoff’s writings on how he uses randomness, noise to create his projects
generative  Reference  Article  introduction  MustRead  creativecode  Inspiration  CaseStudy 
august 2019 by rasagy
Building Hopes — giorgialupi
AR app to visualize google trends of topics people are hopeful for
process  Reference  Article  Inspiration  data-art  AR  Awesome  CaseStudy  Design  visualization  3d 
august 2019 by rasagy
Superhuman Email is Spying on You » Mike Industries
On ethical journey during the initial phase of a startup company
ethics  Startup  Technology  Reference  Article  news 
july 2019 by rasagy
Visualizing Statistical and Machine Learning Concepts at Strata 2019 by @mf_viz
These resources were used in Michael Freeman's talk on Visualizing Statistical and Machine Learning Concepts at Strata Data Conference in 2019.
visualization  machinelearning  statistics  Reference  Article  talk  Presentation  events 
may 2019 by rasagy
Why are tech companies making custom typefaces?
Great article on the good, bad and ugly of custom fonts for companies like Google, Airbnb, IBM etc.
Design  Inspiration  Reference  Typography  WebDesign  Branding  Article  introduction  Awesome  MustRead 
january 2019 by rasagy
What is Computational Design? – Computational Design
Computational Design is a change in the medium of design expression from geometry to logic.
Design  computational-design  process  Technology  Reference  Article  introduction 
january 2019 by rasagy
Why choose? Scrollytelling & Steppers – Zan – Medium
Great article with examples, tips and feedback on how to make scrollytelling and steppers work well.
visualization  Article  critique  process  Design  Inspiration  advice  MustRead  viz-stepper  scroll  Awesome 
january 2019 by rasagy
Shaping Design – Medium
An inspiring series about helping the diverse designers and design teams to self-reflect, direct their future and develop others.
Design  Career  Reference  designOps  Article  MustRead  ToDo  management  Awesome 
january 2019 by rasagy
Inadvertent Algorithmic Cruelty – Eric’s Archived Thoughts
The term to talk about stories of algorithms harming the users: Inadvertent Algorithmic Cruelty, coined by Eric after Facebook reminded me of his daughter’s death as a way to celebrate his year.
algorithm  Reference  Article  Technology  ethics  Fail  fb  people 
january 2019 by rasagy
Dirty dealing in the $175 billion Amazon Marketplace - The Verge
How sellers abuse the Amazon platform, and their unpredictable complaint system
Article  Reference  Technology 
january 2019 by rasagy
When TED lost control of its crowd
Great article on how TED diluted its brand by starting TEDx that were not curated, and how to balance open-ness with community collaborations
TED  TEDx  brand  Conferences  Article  management  Inspiration 
december 2018 by rasagy
Tech Has A Diversity Problem–So This Designer Went To Kentucky
John Maeda’s program on getting high school students introduced to design through remote calls
diversity  remote-work  Design  Career  Article  Education 
december 2018 by rasagy
Universal Principles Of User Experience Design — Smashing Magazine
Excellent compilation on Visual Grammar, Typography and more with great case studies and references
Design  UX  Reference  Article  advice  Awesome  MustRead  GraphicDesign  Typography  Inspiration  UI 
october 2018 by rasagy
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