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Fontello - icon fonts generator
Allows you to also make custom icon fonts
iconset  fonts  Design  Reference  resource 
6 weeks ago by rasagy
Jeffrey Alan Scudder - Artist Archive
Great archive of life of Jeff who spoke at IndiaHCI
Portfolio  Reference  people  Design  Inspiration  RSD 
november 2019 by rasagy
A Computer Art Exhibit At MoMA Shows How Artists Grappled With Artificial Intelligence Before Google
Instead of manipulating a pen, the artist altered parameters in an equation.

Her programmatic approach – in which she iterated on other artists' systems of abstraction in search of undiscovered variations – resembled the operation of a computer. Gradually Molnár began to think about making art on a machine.
Design  computational-design  GenerativeArt  algorithm  people  interview  Art  Article 
august 2019 by rasagy
Re-Generate by Akshan Ish - issuu
Re-Generate is an attempt to find long lost love and meaning in code by experimenting with generative art as the intersection between creative thinking and programming.
Design  GraphicDesign  Processing  GenerativeArt  book  Reference  Inspiration 
august 2019 by rasagy
Type + Code: Processing For Designers by John Corrigan - issuu
Type + Code, explores the aesthetic of experimental code driven typography, with an emphasis on the programming language Processing
GenerativeArt  generative  Typography  Design  GraphicDesign  Inspiration  Processing  book  MustRead  ToDo 
august 2019 by rasagy
The Kit War – Geolic
Beautiful scrollytelling on the sponsorship of football team jerseys
visualization  scroll  storytelling  annotation  Inspiration  Reference  Design  p-narratives  IxD  Football 
august 2019 by rasagy
Building Hopes — giorgialupi
AR app to visualize google trends of topics people are hopeful for
process  Reference  Article  Inspiration  data-art  AR  Awesome  CaseStudy  Design  visualization  3d 
august 2019 by rasagy
Remote Triggering of Earthquakes
Great scrollytelling of how one earthquake triggers other earthquakes.
maps  p-narratives  Design  storytelling  scroll  visualization  Animation  Inspiration  Reference  geoViz-density-map 
july 2019 by rasagy
Circle of Nations: t-SNE visualization of countries
Great use of world map as a tile grid map with dots, connections and use of annotation for scrollytelling.
Data  visualization  machinelearning  Reference  Inspiration  Design  scroll  annotation  geoViz-grid-map  geoViz-cartogram  geoViz-connected-coords  storytelling 
july 2019 by rasagy
A complete guide to iconography: Figma Design Systems
Great guide on different kind of icons, colors, variations & perspective.
GraphicDesign  Icon  Design  Reference  advice  introduction  Awesome  MustRead  Tutorial 
july 2019 by rasagy
Interactive art and artists - Creative Coding - Monash University
Ivan Sutherland
Vannevar Bush’s article As We May Think, and the MEMEX
Douglas Engelbart and the invention of the computer mouse
Donald Norman
Edward Ihnatowicz’s The Senster
Stelarc: Exoskeleton
Myron Krueger’s Videoplace
Char Davis’ Osmose
Petra Gemeinboeck: Accomplice
Golan Levin
Daniel Rozin and Wooden Mirror.
IxD  Design  HCI  Reference  Inspiration  people  project  course  MOOC 
july 2019 by rasagy
Colorgorical: Creating categorical color palettes
Great set of options to tweak, from starting colors to perceptual distance, name uniqueness and pair preference.
tools  visualization  Color  GraphicDesign  Design  resource  Awesome 
june 2019 by rasagy
Findings - The Stanford Open Policing Project
Great insights on how minorities like black and hispanic are policed more than whites
USA  Design  visualization  Data  dataset  Reference  Inspiration  ddj  Racism 
march 2019 by rasagy
Alan Cooper - The Oppenheimer Moment at Interactions 2018
Great talk on understanding the system level of how solutions can cause harm and how to prevent that from happening using Ancestor thinking.
Design  Video  Reference  ethics  history  Career  Awesome  MustWatch  talk  IxD 
march 2019 by rasagy
Data Visualization Society
The Data Visualization Society aims to collect and establish best practices and foster community to support its members as they develop their data visualization skills.
Design  Inspiration  Reference  visualization  Data  community  people  Awesome 
february 2019 by rasagy
Krisztina Szerovay – UX Knowledge Base Sketch
Amazing collection of sketchnotes on UX / Design on Medium. Nice way to build a following!
sketchnote  Inspiration  Awesome  people  UX  Design  Reference  ToDo 
january 2019 by rasagy
Niccolò Miranda — Visual Interaction Designer
Fun interactive website with a lot of hover interactions, and a great work section
Design  Inspiration  Reference  WebDesign  Portfolio  people  Awesome  IxD  RSD 
january 2019 by rasagy
Dotto Dot
Architectural studio with a eclectic huge typography
Design  Inspiration  Reference  WebDesign  Typography  Animation  IxD  scroll  Portfolio  RSD 
january 2019 by rasagy
Your Plan, Your Planet - Home page
Great narrative with beautiful illustrations and interactivity
Google  Reference  WebDesign  Design  Inspiration  Awesome  Animation  storytelling  IxD  SVG  CSS  Illustration 
january 2019 by rasagy
Studio Job
Crazy & quirky website design for a studio.
Design  WebDesign  Inspiration  Reference  Portfolio  Fun  lol 
january 2019 by rasagy
Why are tech companies making custom typefaces?
Great article on the good, bad and ugly of custom fonts for companies like Google, Airbnb, IBM etc.
Design  Inspiration  Reference  Typography  WebDesign  Branding  Article  introduction  Awesome  MustRead 
january 2019 by rasagy
Expertly Crafted Gin | Whitetail Gin
Beautiful website with subtle transitions on scroll
Design  WebDesign  Inspiration  Reference  scroll  Animation 
january 2019 by rasagy
Guide to Visual Storytelling for UX
Good set of frameworks and examples for storytelling on the web using scroll, video and more.
storytelling  Reference  introduction  UX  Design  WebDesign  scroll  Inspiration 
january 2019 by rasagy
Eat Genesis
Beautiful website with subtle css animations, plenty of minimal svg illustrations, and very beautiful fade that works with the cursor on hover. And in beautiful black & white style.
Design  WebDesign  Inspiration  Reference  Portfolio  CSS  Animation  IxD  scroll  RSD  Awesome  Minimal 
january 2019 by rasagy
See the light
Interactive video that shows the view of a house with and without lighting
Video  Inspiration  WebDesign  Design  IxD  Fun 
january 2019 by rasagy
Copywriters of Distinction | Rule of Three Copywriting Studio
Amazing website for a copywriting studio, with black and white pages fading in and out through use of videos as backgrounds.
WebDesign  Design  studio  Inspiration  Portfolio  Awesome  scroll  Minimal  RSD  Animation  Parallax  CSS 
january 2019 by rasagy
Millennials Are Screwed - The Huffington Post
Huge long form interactive article with illustrations, data viz and animation.
job  Career  Reference  USA  world  economics  WebDesign  Design  Inspiration  IxD  scroll  Parallax  Animation  PixelArt 
january 2019 by rasagy
Fundamentals of Data Visualization
Online preview of the book “Fundamentals of Data Visualization”
visualization  book  Design  Inspiration  Reference  introduction  ToDo  MustRead 
january 2019 by rasagy
What our Numbers Don't Show: the Story of Data Misinterpretation - Mathura
introduction to key concepts of data analysis such as correlation vs. causation, bias, overfitting, and statistical anomalies.
Design  Data  Inspiration  Reference  statistics  Fail  Fun  introduction  project 
january 2019 by rasagy
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