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How Does a Person Lose Track of Their Diary?
Beautiful graphic novel / comic article on writing diaries
Art  Illustration  Reference  Inspiration  diary  lettering  Comic  Inspiring 
august 2019 by rasagy
Your Plan, Your Planet - Home page
Great narrative with beautiful illustrations and interactivity
Google  Reference  WebDesign  Design  Inspiration  Awesome  Animation  storytelling  IxD  SVG  CSS  Illustration 
january 2019 by rasagy
Our Rainforest Is Not For Sale
Our Rainforest Is Not For Sale: Inspiring narrative for the campaign by Waorani people of upper Amazon in Ecuador to defend their ancestral lands from oil exploration.
Mapbox  Inspiration  Reference  Design  cartography  GraphicDesign  Illustration  storytelling  scroll 
may 2018 by rasagy
38 weeks/2015 | inktales
Notes from Sunandini’s sketchbook during her pregnancy.
sketchnote  diary  Illustration  Typography  lettering  Inspiration  Life  pregnancy 
april 2018 by rasagy
Canada Modern
Canada Modern is a physical and digital archive of Canadian graphic design, with modernism central to its glowing heart.
Design  GraphicDesign  Reference  Inspiration  people  history  Art  Illustration 
march 2018 by rasagy
Kalakriti Archives — Google Arts & Culture
Prshant Lahoti instituted a number of endeavors to capture the human creative enterprise ranging from old folk paintings to classical paintings to maps to modern and contemporary art, which are part of the Kalakriti Archives.
Design  maps  cartography  India  history  GraphicDesign  Illustration  Inspiration  Reference  Awesome 
march 2018 by rasagy
15 Trends in Graphic Design for 2018 - YouTube
Great set of examples for different trends using photography, type, illustration and more.
trends  Design  LogoDesign  GraphicDesign  Illustration  Typography  lists  Awesome  Video 
february 2018 by rasagy
From Raster to Vector- Patterns! Icons! Art! — Dylan Moriarty - YouTube
Good introduction to smoothening edges and making a texture repeatable in Photoshop and using Illustrator to create vector shapes.
Tutorial  Reference  Design  Inspiration  GraphicDesign  cartography  maps  Illustration  Photoshop  Illustrator 
december 2017 by rasagy
How to pretend you’re a great designer – The Design Team
The more buzzwords you use, the less you have to explain your actual design thinking.
Design  Illustration  Career  Reference  Inspiration  Fun  Article 
may 2017 by rasagy
Colossal NYC — Information is Beautiful Awards
A poster of New York City's tallest buildings arranged in order of the time they were completed.
p-city-data  maps  Inspiration  Illustration  Design  GraphicDesign  Reference 
february 2017 by rasagy
Natural Modernism - somethingaboutmaps
Great idea around Schematic map style for natural features | I've long been interested in portraying the natural world using the same sort of highly-abstracted, geometrically-precise visual language that we often apply to the constructed world on maps. When it comes to nature, though, we usually embrace the organic and chaotic shapes that it holds.
cartography  Reference  Design  GraphicDesign  Inspiration  maps  visualization  ToDo  Illustration 
january 2017 by rasagy
Quick Guides • STORYCITY
So on UNESCO designated International Museums Day on the 18 May, 2014 we created four  illustrated guides to museums in Mumbai and Delhi. They contain practical information about how to visit and highlights of each museum experience.
Design  Inspiration  GraphicDesign  print  Illustration  p-city-data  Reference  Mumbai  Delhi 
january 2017 by rasagy
Mumbai Museums • STORYCITY
A Storyseeker’s Guide to Mumbai Museums opens the door to nine of the city’s favourite museums and galleries. Filled with detailed watercolour illustrations inspired by the museum buildings and their collections, this hand booklet is a guide to Mumbai’s history and urban legends.
Design  Illustration  p-city-data  Reference  Inspiration  Fun  Mumbai  GraphicDesign 
january 2017 by rasagy
Sketch Swap
Draw cartoons, art, brainstorms, anything. Get one new sketch in return of each sketch!
drawing  Reference  Inspiration  Fun  resource  sketchnote  Illustration 
december 2016 by rasagy
Sketch Things Better with the 7 Ways of Seeing – Medium
The 7 Ways of Seeing
Symbolic, Gesture, Blind Contour, Simple Shapes, Contrast, Negative Space, and Guided Contour.
Design  sketchnote  Reference  Tutorial  ToDo  Awesome  MustRead  drawing  Illustration  Fun  GraphicDesign 
december 2016 by rasagy
Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series
The Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series is a celebration of our National Parks. The strength of the series comes from an eclectic mix of artists and the unique beauty of each park. Every screen printed poster is created by a prominent poster designer.
GraphicDesign  Design  Inspiration  Illustration  Reference  Awesome  p-side-project  DigitalPainting 
november 2016 by rasagy
Visualizing Emotions: 3 Graphic Artists Take on Mental Illness :: Design :: Galleries :: Paste
Visualizing Emotions: 3 Graphic Artists Take on Mental Illness through beautiful, minimal designs. #DataArt
Tweeted  Design  GraphicDesign  data-art  Reference  Inspiration  depression  Art  people  Illustration  Awesome 
august 2016 by rasagy
Unicef - Unfairy Tales - Landing
Unfairy Tales by UNICEF: Beautifully illustrated, but haunting stories about life of kids in/from Syria.
world  Reference  storytelling  war  Illustration  Design  Video  IxD  WebDesign  MustWatch  sadness  p-migrants 
july 2016 by rasagy
One Hour Watch | Theo & Harris
I design and draw a new original watch everyday for one hour or less.
p-365  p-side-project  Reference  Inspiration  Design  drawing  Illustration  Awesome  GraphicDesign 
july 2016 by rasagy
The Density of Things – Bureau of Betterment
So I made simple map illustrations of where I’ve lived, presented below in the same scale and in chronological order. Reflecting back on my dwelling places was an interesting study of how I felt in relation to what the maps showed me. Maybe the next step is to make a more interpretive version of these?
maps  Design  Inspiration  GraphicDesign  ToDo  Illustration  quantifiedself  project 
july 2016 by rasagy
Laser etched fictional map
Laser etched wood map of Hyrule from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, designed and illustrated by Alex Griendling in collaboration with Neutral Ground
Design  Inspiration  Illustration  Reference  Minimal  maps  GraphicDesign  Awesome  Icon 
july 2016 by rasagy
Random Face Generator - Cute!
So cute: Random Face Generator creates adorably cute illustrations! #GenerativeArt #Javascript
Reference  GenerativeArt  Inspiration  GraphicDesign  Illustration  Design  Fun 
may 2016 by rasagy
10 Cognitive Biases That Affect Your Everyday Decisions | Towergate Insurance
How Cognitive Biases Affect Our Everyday Decisions: Illustrations on Bandwagon Effect, Sunk Cost Fallacy & more!
Psychology  Illustration  Reference  Inspiration  Design  Awesome  Life  MustRead 
april 2016 by rasagy
Is it just me or is this ridiculously cute?! - Album on Imgur
When you feel sorry for demonic underworld creatures. Cute illustrations!
Illustration  Design  Fun 
april 2016 by rasagy
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