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Fontello - icon fonts generator
Allows you to also make custom icon fonts
iconset  fonts  Design  Reference  resource 
7 weeks ago by rasagy
Jeffrey Alan Scudder - Artist Archive
Great archive of life of Jeff who spoke at IndiaHCI
Portfolio  Reference  people  Design  Inspiration  RSD 
november 2019 by rasagy
Re-Generate by Akshan Ish - issuu
Re-Generate is an attempt to find long lost love and meaning in code by experimenting with generative art as the intersection between creative thinking and programming.
Design  GraphicDesign  Processing  GenerativeArt  book  Reference  Inspiration 
august 2019 by rasagy
On Generative Algorithms: Introduction · inconvergent
Inconvergent: Anders Hoff’s writings on how he uses randomness, noise to create his projects
generative  Reference  Article  introduction  MustRead  creativecode  Inspiration  CaseStudy 
august 2019 by rasagy
The Kit War – Geolic
Beautiful scrollytelling on the sponsorship of football team jerseys
visualization  scroll  storytelling  annotation  Inspiration  Reference  Design  p-narratives  IxD  Football 
august 2019 by rasagy
How Does a Person Lose Track of Their Diary?
Beautiful graphic novel / comic article on writing diaries
Art  Illustration  Reference  Inspiration  diary  lettering  Comic  Inspiring 
august 2019 by rasagy
Building Hopes — giorgialupi
AR app to visualize google trends of topics people are hopeful for
process  Reference  Article  Inspiration  data-art  AR  Awesome  CaseStudy  Design  visualization  3d 
august 2019 by rasagy
Remote Triggering of Earthquakes
Great scrollytelling of how one earthquake triggers other earthquakes.
maps  p-narratives  Design  storytelling  scroll  visualization  Animation  Inspiration  Reference  geoViz-density-map 
july 2019 by rasagy
Superhuman Email is Spying on You » Mike Industries
On ethical journey during the initial phase of a startup company
ethics  Startup  Technology  Reference  Article  news 
july 2019 by rasagy
Circle of Nations: t-SNE visualization of countries
Great use of world map as a tile grid map with dots, connections and use of annotation for scrollytelling.
Data  visualization  machinelearning  Reference  Inspiration  Design  scroll  annotation  geoViz-grid-map  geoViz-cartogram  geoViz-connected-coords  storytelling 
july 2019 by rasagy
A complete guide to iconography: Figma Design Systems
Great guide on different kind of icons, colors, variations & perspective.
GraphicDesign  Icon  Design  Reference  advice  introduction  Awesome  MustRead  Tutorial 
july 2019 by rasagy
Interactive art and artists - Creative Coding - Monash University
Ivan Sutherland
Vannevar Bush’s article As We May Think, and the MEMEX
Douglas Engelbart and the invention of the computer mouse
Donald Norman
Edward Ihnatowicz’s The Senster
Stelarc: Exoskeleton
Myron Krueger’s Videoplace
Char Davis’ Osmose
Petra Gemeinboeck: Accomplice
Golan Levin
Daniel Rozin and Wooden Mirror.
IxD  Design  HCI  Reference  Inspiration  people  project  course  MOOC 
july 2019 by rasagy
Visualizing Statistical and Machine Learning Concepts at Strata 2019 by @mf_viz
These resources were used in Michael Freeman's talk on Visualizing Statistical and Machine Learning Concepts at Strata Data Conference in 2019.
visualization  machinelearning  statistics  Reference  Article  talk  Presentation  events 
may 2019 by rasagy
A cleaner Ganga: NDA’s unfulfilled promise
Map of polluted Indian river stretches and top populated cities & river quality around Ganga.
me  Data  visualization  India  Reference  environment  maps  Geo  geoViz-density-map  geoViz-graduated-proportional-symbol  Inspiration  project  ddj  journalism 
may 2019 by rasagy
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