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A complete guide to iconography: Figma Design Systems
Great guide on different kind of icons, colors, variations & perspective.
GraphicDesign  Icon  Design  Reference  advice  introduction  Awesome  MustRead  Tutorial 
july 2019 by rasagy
Why choose? Scrollytelling & Steppers – Zan – Medium
Great article with examples, tips and feedback on how to make scrollytelling and steppers work well.
visualization  Article  critique  process  Design  Inspiration  advice  MustRead  viz-stepper  scroll  Awesome 
january 2019 by rasagy
Tips for Public Speaking –
Great set of articles on typography, animations, images, color etc.
speaking  Awesome  Inspiring  Reference  advice  MustRead  Conferences 
december 2018 by rasagy
Universal Principles Of User Experience Design — Smashing Magazine
Excellent compilation on Visual Grammar, Typography and more with great case studies and references
Design  UX  Reference  Article  advice  Awesome  MustRead  GraphicDesign  Typography  Inspiration  UI 
october 2018 by rasagy
Rob Roy Kelly: Home
Great set of writings on education, pedagogy, management and more
Design  Inspiration  Education  teaching  Reference  Inspiring  advice  MustRead  people  history 
october 2018 by rasagy
Responsibility: Not Apologizing When You Succeed Or Complaining When You Fail
“When you take responsibility for what is happening in your life, you’re no longer the victim of circumstances.“
Great article on success and failure, how we react and what we take responsibility for, and how self-made is an illusion.
Life  Psychology  Article  Inspiring  advice  MustRead  Reference 
september 2018 by rasagy
Effective Interviewing
Great slide deck for a workshop on teaching interviewing
user-research  Reference  Design  process  advice  Presentation  Awesome  MustRead 
july 2018 by rasagy
On Burnout and The Year Of Hell
“It didn’t matter how much energy I was expending; the more I threw in, the less I got back.”
Such an important piece ‏on burnout in tech/design industry, how to notice the signs & how to build resilience.
Design  Career  Life  Psychology  therapy  ToDo  Article  advice  MustRead  Awesome  work-culture 
july 2018 by rasagy
Two Weeks Notice Is for Sandwich Artists – Dear Design Student
Your notice needs to be based on your workload, not a specific period of time.
job  management  Reference  Career  advice  Design  Article 
july 2018 by rasagy
Bits or pieces?: On Pioneers, Settlers, Town Planners and Theft.
Great piece on identifying people as Pioneers, Settlers & Town Planners, when each kind adds value in an org/team, and how each kind innovates/disrupts.
management  Leadership  hiring  Career  Reference  Article  advice  Inspiring  MustRead 
july 2018 by rasagy
20 ways to make your design critiques more effective - UXM
Some good points like taking care of HiPPO (Highest Paid Persons Opinion), individual vs group feedback and probing feedback.
critique  Design  Inspiration  Reference  process  Article  advice  Career 
june 2018 by rasagy
A practical guide to running effective design critiques
Good article on the different roles and responsibilities during a design critique.
Design  critique  Career  Article  Reference  advice  introduction  process 
june 2018 by rasagy
The Design Thesis – Shopify UX
Great idea by @verneho to add depth to your design practice.
Also loved his way of evaluating designers by their answers to “Why?” — how they rationalize their design decisions. 👏🏻
Design  Career  Reference  mentorship  advice  Inspiration  ToDo  Awesome  MustRead 
june 2018 by rasagy
Is imposter syndrome a sign of greatness? — Quartz
Is Imposter Syndrome a sign of greatness?
Great piece on Imposter syndrome: how it was originally identified as a condition unique to women, its correlation to success, and how it’s still not a desirable condition:
Psychology  Article  Life  CognitivePsychology  MustRead  advice 
june 2018 by rasagy
When You Give Your Team a Goal, Make It a Range | HBR Ascend
A short read on HBR Ascend that highlights the value in using ranges for a goal instead of a specific number.
goal  management  Career  Reference  Article  advice  MustRead  Awesome 
june 2018 by rasagy
How to Use OKRs for Quarterly and Annual Planning
Great introduction to Objectives & Key Results, and how to use OKRs effectively.
goal  Reference  advice  Career  MustRead  Awesome  Inspiring  Article 
june 2018 by rasagy
A Primer on Setting Goals for You and Your Team - HBR Ascend
A good read on HBR Ascend that introduces different type of goals (Org vs Personal, Long term vs short term, Quant & Qual), and framing goals better using SMART criteria.
goals  Career  Reference  advice  Article  Inspiring  job  MustRead  Awesome 
june 2018 by rasagy
How to make an impact as a designer - Anita Cheng
“Design is not about awards or accolades or what your resume looks like. It’s the impact you make.”
Words of wisdom from Anita Cheng on not waiting for permission to make an impact.
Leadership  Reference  Design  Career  Inspiring  Article  advice 
june 2018 by rasagy
Building a UX Team – Medium
Good thoughts on design in context of an organization.
Design  Inspiration  Reference  Career  team  UX  Article  advice  work-culture 
may 2018 by rasagy
Frank Chimero · A Few Bullet Points on Design Criticism
“…ask the right question and stay with it until the best answer is evident. Some questions are like eggs: you sit on them until life appears and pushes its way out.”
Great advice on design criticism by Frank Chimero.
process  critique  Design  Career  Reference  Article  advice  Awesome  MustRead 
may 2018 by rasagy
What Goodhart’s Law Can Teach You About Performance Data | AdExchanger
“When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.”
A great introduction to Goodhart’s Law and caveat of using metrics to track individual/team/company success
Career  Reference  statistics  Data  Article  advice  management  Awesome  MustRead 
may 2018 by rasagy
Seth's Blog: On average, averages are stupid
Averages almost always hide insights instead of exposing them.
statistics  Reference  Article  advice  Life 
april 2018 by rasagy
What I Learned at Google as a Designer – Hardik Pandya – Medium
“Be willing to say, ‘I don’t know the answer but I am going to find out’ […]
You aren’t paid to have all the answers, you are paid to find the answers.”
Hardik’s reflections from his first few months at Google.
Article  advice  Life  Career  Design  UI  UX  Google  people  India  Reference 
april 2018 by rasagy
Users Don’t Hate Change. They Hate Our Design Choices. – Medium
Users don’t hate design changes, they hate the choices designers make when rolling out a change.
Design  process  UX  Inspiration  advice  Article 
april 2018 by rasagy
5 “designers should” myths: how designers can stop these mostly terrible expectations from slowing…
Next time someone tells you that “Designers should code/study business/use X tool/learn Y soft skill…”, use this myth-buster list by @lucaswglenn to understand why to say “NO!”.
Design  Career  Reference  UX  Inspiring  advice  Article  MustRead 
april 2018 by rasagy
The Imposter Syndrome – Desk of van Schneider – Medium
But the problem is, the more “successful” you become, the more it makes you feel like a fraud.
Reference  Article  Design  Career  advice  Inspiring  Life  Psychology 
april 2018 by rasagy
The Imposter Syndrome – The Year of the Looking Glass – Medium
“Here’s the thing though: it gets easier. You start trusting yourself. You’re an imposter less and less, and you’re yourself more and more.”
Julie Zhuo’s advice on recognizing & beating the Imposter Syndrome is essential reading for everyone. Much needed.
advice  Design  Career  Reference  Inspiring  MustRead  Psychology  Awesome  Life 
april 2018 by rasagy
How Typing Is Destroying Your Memory
Important reminder to consciously choose the medium to take notes (💻vs 📝)
While laptop is great for verbatim notes, handwritten notes consistently lead to better conceptual understanding and higher recall.
sketchnote  Reference  Inspiration  Psychology  research  Article  advice 
april 2018 by rasagy
Six Myths about Data-Driven Design | UX Magazine
Great points on data driven and data informed design process.
Data is not objective!
Data  Design  UX  process  Article  MustRead  advice  Reference  Inspiration 
april 2018 by rasagy
The Boring Designer
Obvious over clever
Right idea over their idea
Article  advice  Life  Career  Design  UI  UX  Inspiring  MustRead  Awesome  manifesto 
april 2018 by rasagy
Your Sketch library is not a design system | Brad Frost
Are you building a toaster, or just drawing pictures of a toaster?
Great post by @brad_frost on thinking about design systems beyond just a Sketch/UI library, and embracing actual implementation/code as part of the process.
sketch  Reference  styleguide  UI  UX  Inspiration  Awesome  MustRead  Opinion  advice  process  Design 
february 2018 by rasagy
To those new to design – CCA IxD Thesis Writings – Medium
“Anyone can come up with a solution given a pen and a whiteboard.”
Much needed advice for designers!
advice  Article  Design  Career  Psychology  Reference  MustRead  Awesome  Education  process 
august 2017 by rasagy
Letter of Recommendation: Cold Showers - The New York Times
Freeing yourself from the prison of unexamined preference. Liking and Disliking, those adorable frauds don’t belong behind the wheel.
Life  Psychology  habits  philosophy  MustRead  Article  Awesome  advice  Reference 
july 2017 by rasagy
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