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15 Trends in Graphic Design for 2018 - YouTube
Great set of examples for different trends using photography, type, illustration and more.
trends  Design  LogoDesign  GraphicDesign  Illustration  Typography  lists  Awesome  Video 
february 2018 by rasagy
The State of UX in 2018
Great roundup of UX trends and where the industry is going.
lists  Reference  Design  trends  Pattern  Inspiration  Article  Career  Technology  AI 
december 2017 by rasagy
Data Gallery — Think with Google
Data Gallery by @ThinkwithGoogle is a useful set of data points about mobile, consumer trends, tech adoption & more.
Tweeted  research  statistics  Reference  dataset  Data  Google  trends  Presentation 
july 2016 by rasagy
trends - Why do some logos look.. old? How does design age? - Graphic Design Stack Exchange
This drives me crazy.

What makes design look old? How subjective is this? Who decides?

On trends, fashion, style and more
Article  Design  Reference  LogoDesign  UI  GraphicDesign  trends 
june 2016 by rasagy
2015 Internet Trends — Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers
RT @randfish: REMINDER: Mobile didn't kill desktop; it just killed all our free time.
(via )
trends  reference  presentation  mobile  technology  design  dataset 
july 2015 by rasagy
Tech Trends 2015 | frog
Frog Design's Tech Trends 2015
(Ambient intelligence, 4D Printing, Digital Currency etc.)
Tweeted  favorited  trends  technology  design  inspiration  Future 
january 2015 by rasagy
Flat Pixels: The Battle Between Flat Design And Skeuomorphism
Flat Pixels: The Battle Between Flat Design And Skeuomorphism (A #MustRead Article by @SachaGreif)
usability  ui  webdesign  Tweeted  article  ux  reference  design  flat  skeuomorphism  trends  awesome  MustRead  graphicdesign 
february 2013 by rasagy

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