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Reported sexual assault at Notre Dame campus leaves more questions than answers | National Catholic Reporter
Now a lawyer, she contacted me after reading an earlier story I wrote about Lizzy Seeberg to say that two of the same young men accused in the case Anson wrote about, along with a third man, were caught in the act of raping her in her dorm room two years after the original case. Her resident assistant shooed them out of the room and took her to a top St. Mary’s official, who she says told her that one of the men had raped another St. Mary’s student as well. And then? “I was told to shut up and mind my own business,” and she did, until now. Which is not to say she ever really healed: “Every part of my life, every decision I’ve made has been completely different because of what happened that night.”
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april 2012 by rat_on

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