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What would a EvE online Internet look like?
I always viewed this map like a network, it’s a large mesh of systems that connect to each other so that people can get across, with most systems having more than two jump gates. this lead me to think what would happen if you took the idea of the map being a network literally? What would a EvE online internet of systems look like?

For this we need to understand how the real Internet works. The internet is a large collection of ISP’s that are all numerically identified with a standardised and unique ISP number, called an Autonomous System Number or ASN ( or AS for shorter ). These AS’es need a way to exchange routes with each other, since they will own ranges of IP addresses, and need a way to tell other ISPs that their routers can route these IP addresses. For this, the world has settled on Border Gateway Protocol or BGP.
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10 weeks ago by rdark
Cisco CSR 1000V Part 1 — Configuration Overview & Creation of an Immutable Artifact
The team at was tasked with eliminating the last piece of on-premises hardware in a client’s infrastructure. This client had a pair of on-premises Cisco ISRs (Integrated Services Routers) that connected their AWS VPC (Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud) of backend service nodes to client devices on a private wireless M2M (machine-to-machine) network.
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may 2017 by rdark
IPsec VPN between Mikrotik RouterOS and an Amazon VPC
This post describes how I configure IPsec tunnels between Mikrotik routers and VPCs (virtual private clouds) hosted at Amazon AWS.
mikrotik  networking  bgp  vpc  VPN 
january 2015 by rdark
High availability with ExaBGP | Vincent Bernat
There is a fourth option which is similar to VRRP but relies on dynamic routing and therefore is not limited to nodes in the same subnet:

The nodes advertise their availability with BGP to announce the set of service IP addresses they are able to serve. Each address is weighted such that IP addresses are balanced among the available nodes.

We will explore how to implement this fourth option using ExaBGP, the BGP swiss army knife of networking, in a small lab based on KVM. You can grab the complete lab from GitHub. ExaBGP 3.2.5 is needed to run this lab.
ipv6  bgp  high_availability  kvm 
september 2013 by rdark
BGP Origin Validation — RIPE Network Coordination Centre
At the beginning of 2011, the RIPE NCC launched a community-driven system that allows Local Internet Registries (LIRs) to request a digital certificate listing the Internet number resources they hold. This Resource Certification (RPKI) system uses open standards that were developed in the Secure Inter-Domain Routing (sidr) Working Group in the IETF. All Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) are committed to operating a resource certification system, making this a global effort.

A resource certificate offers validatable proof of holdership of a resource's allocation or assignment by an RIR. It allows the holder of the certificate to make statements – formally known as attestations – with regards to the resources listed on it.

These statements could be about anything related to the resources, but the practical application offered today is the ability to use the certificates to help secure Internet routing, particularly BGP origin validation.
bgp  RIPE  security  networking  LIR  RPKI  IETF 
march 2013 by rdark
Editor's Note: In this third installment on Traffic Engineering, excerpted from O'Reilly's BGP, learn how to balance inbound traffic.

Various examples of setting routing preferences via various methods - MED, AS prepends, local preferences, etc
networking  bgp  routing  cisco  IOS  oreilly 
october 2012 by rdark
[AusNOG] International link issue
Australia largely wiped off the internet last night due to Telstra BGP fail
BGP  telstra  internet  networking  fail 
february 2012 by rdark
Community Lab - Packet Life
The Packet Life community lab provides free access to modern networking equipment for training purposes. Lab equipment and other costs are provided or sponsored by the site's owner, commercial sponsors, and voluntary contributions by gracious community members.
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january 2010 by rdark
database of peers at most exchanges
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july 2009 by rdark

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