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The trust machine | The Economist
Good easy to understand explanation of blockchain tech
bitcoin  blockchain  crypto 
november 2015 by rdark
Build Status

A multi-transaction protocol for storing data in the Bitcoin blockchain.

This protocol is intended for use while developing OP_RETURN based protocols. Mature protocols should switch to a custom OP_RETURN method that uses as few transactions as possible to store data.

In the meantime, save yourself from premature optimizations. Wait until you've figured out your protocol's most basic requirements so you don't hold up developing applications that consume your APIs.
blockchain  bitcoin  github  development  nodejs  protocols 
october 2015 by rdark
BTC Piñata
BTC Piñata knows the private key to the bitcoin address 183XuXTTgnfYfKcHbJ4sZeF46a49Fnihdh. If you break the Piñata, you get to keep what's inside.

Here are the rules of the game:

You can connect to port 10000 using TLS. Piñata will send the key and hang up.

You can connect to port 10001 using TCP. Piñata will immediately close the connection and connect back over TLS to port 40001 on the initiating host, send the key, and hang up.

You can connect to port 10002 using TCP. Piñata will initiate a TLS handshake over that channel serving as a client, send the key over TLS, and hang up.
games  bitcoin  hacking  ocaml  wargames 
february 2015 by rdark
This is a ruby library for interacting with the bitcoin protocol/network.

Some of the main features are:

Bitcoin::Util provides the basic bitcoin utility functions for base58, ECC, etc.

Bitcoin::Protocol can parse/create (almost?) all protocol messages

Bitcoin::Network::Node connects to peers, fetches the blockchain and keeps it up to date (see NODE for usage)

Bitcoin::Validation validates block and transaction rules

Bitcoin::Storage stores the blockchain and can be queried for transaction data

Bitcoin::Script implementation, create/run scripts and verify signatures

Bitcoin::Key provides a high-level API for creating and handling keys/addresses

Bitcoin::Builder provides a high-level API for creating transactions (and blocks)

Bitcoin::Wallet is a draft implementation of a simple wallet

Bitcoin::Namecoin implements all the namecoin-specific differences (see NAMECOIN)
bitcoin  ruby  github  ruby_gems 
november 2013 by rdark
Coinpunk is an open source, self hosted DIY bitcoin wallet service you can run on your own server.
bitcoin  open_source 
may 2013 by rdark
BitFury 110 Gh/s :: BitFury
BitFury 110 Gh/s unit powered using three powerful 2kW MeanWell power supplies that downconvert grid voltage to safe 12.0 V voltage that is distributed to boards with processors. 6 x 6U rackmount PCB holders that contains 10 boards each with 6 processors on board. Although you may see 8 daughter card slots in gallery, we could not use them all due to cooling problems. Each board contains microcontroller and is connected to RS-485 bus. RS-485 bus is connected to server based on Intel Atom D525 board.
bitcoin  electronics  hardware 
june 2012 by rdark

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