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Concourse Tutorial by Stark & Wayne
Learn to use with this linear sequence of tutorials. Learn each concept that builds on the previous concept.
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january 2019 by rdark
cesar-rodriguez/concourse-pipelines: Collection of Concourse pipelines for AWS infrastructure provisioning
This repository contains a collection of Concourse CI pipelines used for AWS infrastructure provisioning. Each pipeline directory contains a pipeline.yml defining the pipeline, and a settings.yml file containing the expected parameters. The scripts/ci directory contain the scrips used by the templates.
terraform  concourse_ci  ci  github  aws 
may 2018 by rdark
aminjam/pipeline-generator: concourse pipeline generator supporing ranges
I wanted to be able to define a go template, so that we could define a .Range for our repeatable resrouces and jobs. If you are looking for a more robust solution without regex replacement checkout goflat.
golang  concourse_ci  github 
september 2017 by rdark
aminjam/goflat: Expand go templates for generating configuration files
A Go template flattener goflat is for creating complex configuration files (JSON, YAML, XML, etc.).
concourse_ci  golang  pipeline  ci  github 
september 2017 by rdark

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