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ProtonMail/gopenpgp: A high-level OpenPGP library
GopenPGP is a high-level OpenPGP library built on top of a fork of the golang crypto library.
golang  pgp  gpg  encryption  security  protonmail  github 
9 weeks ago by rdark
bors-ng/bors-ng: 👁 A merge bot for GitHub Pull Requests
Bors-NG implements a continuous-testing workflow where the master branch never breaks. It integrates GitHub pull requests with a tool like Travis CI that runs your tests.
bot  github  merge  elixir 
11 weeks ago by rdark
We are the home of quality software with a focus on simplicity, usability, security and minimalism. No bullshit, no politics, all genuine.
tools  software  docker  linux  containers  devops  golang  github 
11 weeks ago by rdark
johandorland/gojsonvalidator: A cli tool to validate json documents using JSON schema
gojsonvalidator is a command-line tool based on gojsonschema to validate JSON documents using JSON schema.
golang  json  jsonschema  schema  validation  cli  tools  github 
12 weeks ago by rdark
palantir/bulldozer: GitHub Pull Request Auto-Merge Bot
bulldozer is a GitHub App that automatically merges pull requests (PRs) when (and only when) all required status checks are successful and required reviews are provided.

Additionally, bulldozer can:

Only merge pull requests that match a whitelist condition, like having a specific label or comment
Ignore pull requests that match a blacklist condition, like having a specific label or comment
Automatically keep pull request branches up-to-date by merging in the target branch
Wait for additional status checks that are not required by GitHub
Bulldozer might be useful if you:

Have CI builds that take longer than the normal review process. It will merge reviewed PRs as soon as the tests pass so you don't have to watch the pull request or remember to merge it later.
Combine it with policy-bot to automatically merge certain types of pre-approved or automated changes.
Want to give contributors more control over when they can merge PRs without granting them write access to the repository.
Have a lot of active development that makes it difficult to merge a pull request while it is up-to-date with the target branch.
palantir  github  git  merge  merge_bot  bot 
april 2019 by rdark
gruntwork-io/cloud-nuke: A tool for cleaning up your cloud accounts by nuking (deleting) all resources within it
This repo contains a CLI tool to delete all cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) resources in an account. cloud-nuke was created for situations when you might have an account you use for testing and need to clean up leftover resources so you're not charged for them. Also great for cleaning out accounts with redundant resources.

The currently supported functionality includes:

Deleting all Auto scaling groups in an AWS account
Deleting all Elastic Load Balancers (Classic and V2) in an AWS account
Deleting all EBS Volumes in an AWS account
Deleting all unprotected EC2 instances in an AWS account
Deleting all AMIs in an AWS account
Deleting all Snapshots in an AWS account
Deleting all Elastic IPs in an AWS account
Deleting all Launch Configurations in an AWS account
Deleting all ECS services in an AWS account
Deleting all EKS clusters in an AWS account
aws  github  devops  terraform  golang  cleaning 
march 2019 by rdark
rebuy-de/aws-nuke: Nuke a whole AWS account and delete all its resources.
Remove all resources from an AWS account.

Development Status aws-nuke is stable, but it is likely that not all AWS resources are covered by it. Be encouraged to add missing resources and create a Pull Request or to create an Issue.

Be aware that aws-nuke is a very destructive tool, hence you have to be very careful while using it. Otherwise you might delete production data.

We strongly advice you to not run this application on any AWS account, where you cannot afford to lose all resources.
aws  github  devops  terraform  golang  cleaning 
march 2019 by rdark
aphyr/distsys-class: Class materials for a distributed systems lecture series
This outline accompanies a 12-16 hour overview class on distributed systems fundamentals. The course aims to introduce software engineers to the practical basics of distributed systems, through lecture and discussion. Participants will gain an intuitive understanding of key distributed systems terms, an overview of the algorithmic landscape, and explore production concerns.
aphyr  distributed  github  architecture  systemsw 
march 2019 by rdark
sharkdp/bat: A cat(1) clone with wings.
bat supports syntax highlighting for a large number of programming and markup languages:
bat communicates with git to show modifications with respect to the index (see left side bar):

You can use the -A/--show-all option to show and highlight non-printable characters:
github  tools  cli  rust  cat 
january 2019 by rdark
uber/assume-role-cli: CLI for AssumeRole is a tool for running programs with temporary credentials from AWS's AssumeRole API.
CLI for AssumeRole is a CLI tool for running programs with temporary AWS credentials. It is intended to be used by operators for running scripts and other tools that don't have native AssumeRole support.
aws  cli  golang  github  iam 
january 2019 by rdark
remind101/assume-role: Easily assume AWS roles in your terminal.
This tool will request and set temporary credentials in your shell environment variables for a given role.

OSX, Linux + Windows Support
aws  iam  cli  golang  github  shell 
january 2019 by rdark
tobegit3hub/mirror-dockerhub: Tools to mirror container images from docker hub
Mirror-dockerhub is the tool to mirror container images from docker hub.

You can mirror images from not only docker hub but also other private registries.

Collection of rough bash scripts to mirror docker reops
mirror  docker  bash  github 
december 2018 by rdark
kelseyhightower/kubernetes-the-hard-way: Bootstrap Kubernetes the hard way on Google Cloud Platform. No scripts.
This tutorial walks you through setting up Kubernetes the hard way. This guide is not for people looking for a fully automated command to bring up a Kubernetes cluster. If that's you then check out Google Kubernetes Engine, or the Getting Started Guides.

Kubernetes The Hard Way is optimized for learning, which means taking the long route to ensure you understand each task required to bootstrap a Kubernetes cluster.
documentation  github  kubernetes  containers  tutorial  devops 
november 2018 by rdark
autoscaler/ at master · kubernetes/autoscaler
The answers in this FAQ apply to the newest (HEAD) version of Cluster Autoscaler. If you're using an older version of CA please refer to corresponding version of this document:
documentation  kubernetes  autoscaling  github 
november 2018 by rdark
firstlookmedia/gpgsync: GPG Sync is designed to let users always have up-to-date public keys for other members of their organization
GPG Sync is designed to let users always have up-to-date OpenPGP public keys for other members of their organization.

If you're part of an organization that uses GPG internally you might notice that it doesn't scale well. New people join and create new keys and existing people revoke their old keys and transition to new ones. It quickly becomes unwieldy to ensure that everyone has a copy of everyone else's current key, and that old revoked keys get refreshed to prevent users from accidentally using them.

GPG Sync solves this problem by offloading the complexity of GPG to a single trusted person in your organization. As a member of an organization, you install GPG Sync on your computer, configure it with a few settings, and then you forget about it. GPG Sync takes care of everything else.
crypto  gpg  pgp  python  github 
november 2018 by rdark
kamranahmedse/pennywise: Cross-platform application to open anything in a floating window
Pennywise allows you to open anything in a small floating window that always stays on top of the other applications all the time, allowing you to multitask with ease. No need to keep struggling with alt + tab, use pennywise and have your work in front of you all the time.
gui  macos  linux  windows  github 
october 2018 by rdark
runatlantis/atlantis: Terraform For Teams
A self-hosted golang application that listens for Terraform pull request events via webhooks.
terraform  aws  github  devops  atlantis  CI 
october 2018 by rdark
erikvanbrakel/anthology: A private Terraform registry implementation as an alternative to the official registry.
Anthology is a reimplementation of the Terraform Registry API, intended to be used when your modules can't, shouldn't or don't need to be public. For all means and purposes it works in the same way as the public registry.
terraform  repository  github 
september 2018 by rdark
shorts/ at master · ankane/shorts
Setting up database users for an app can be challenging if you don’t do it often. Good permissions add a layer of security and can minimize the chances of developer mistakes. Following the principle of least privilege, we want to give users only the privileges they need.
postgres  DBA  github  gist 
september 2018 by rdark
spf13/afero: A FileSystem Abstraction System for Go
Afero is an filesystem framework providing a simple, uniform and universal API interacting with any filesystem, as an abstraction layer providing interfaces, types and methods. Afero has an exceptionally clean interface and simple design without needless constructors or initialization methods.
filesystem  github  golang 
august 2018 by rdark
niieani/bash-oo-framework: Bash Infinity is a modern boilerplate / framework / standard library for bash
Bash Infinity is a standard library and a boilerplate framework for writing tools using bash. It's modular and lightweight, while managing to implement some concepts from C#, Java or JavaScript into bash. The Infinity Framework is also plug & play: include it at the beginning of your existing script to import any of the individual features such as error handling, and start using other features gradually.
github  cli  library  bash 
august 2018 by rdark
astrada/google-drive-ocamlfuse: FUSE filesystem over Google Drive
google-drive-ocamlfuse is a FUSE filesystem backed by Google Drive, written in OCaml. It lets you mount your Google Drive on Linux.

Full read/write access to ordinary files and folders
Read-only access to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides (exported to configurable formats)
Multiple account support
Duplicate file handling
Access to trash (.Trash directory)
Unix permissions and ownership
Symbolic links
Read-ahead buffers when streaming
Accessing content shared with you (requires configuration)
Team Drive Support
fuse  google  ocaml  filesystem  google_drive  storage  github 
june 2018 by rdark
autopkg/jss-recipes: AutoPkg recipes that use JSSImporter to upload software packages to your JSS.
This repository of recipes strives to represent a collective expression of best-practices in automated software patch management for administrators of Jamf Pro (Casper Suite).

Let us unpack that statement!

First and foremost, the contributors of this repository aim to agree upon a standard software testing workflow that mirrors community-supported standards in use by other deployment frameworks. While it is possible to upload and deploy software in many ways using JSSImporter, the workflow reflected in these recipes will be safe, consistent, and sane.

Next, we aim to promote this standard workflow by peer-reviewing all recipes in this repository. This process will ensure that the recipes can be relied upon to faithfully realize the standard workflow, and administrators will be able to extend and override these recipes with predictable and consistent results.
jamf  macos  desktop  sysadmin  deployment  testing  github  autopkg 
june 2018 by rdark
Github Deployments
The GitHub Deployments extension allows you to deploy rules and database connection scripts from GitHub to Auth0. You can configure a GitHub repository, keep all your rules and database connection scripts there, and have them automatically deployed to Auth0 each time you push to your repository.
github  auth0  plugins  deployment 
may 2018 by rdark
k88hudson/git-flight-rules: Flight rules for git
What are "flight rules"?
A guide for astronauts (now, programmers using Git) about what to do when things go wrong.

Flight Rules are the hard-earned body of knowledge recorded in manuals that list, step-by-step, what to do if X occurs, and why. Essentially, they are extremely detailed, scenario-specific standard operating procedures. [...]

NASA has been capturing our missteps, disasters and solutions since the early 1960s, when Mercury-era ground teams first started gathering "lessons learned" into a compendium that now lists thousands of problematic situations, from engine failure to busted hatch handles to computer glitches, and their solutions.

— Chris Hadfield, An Astronaut's Guide to Life.
git  reference  github 
may 2018 by rdark
yieldr/terraform-provider-auth0: Auth0 Terraform Provider
Another terraform provider for auth0. This one actually has some tests though!
terraform  auth0  github  golang  authentication 
may 2018 by rdark
gruntwork-io/terragrunt: Terragrunt is a thin wrapper for Terraform that provides extra tools for working with multiple Terraform modules.
Terragrunt is a thin wrapper for Terraform that provides extra tools for keeping your Terraform configurations DRY, working with multiple Terraform modules, and managing remote state.
golang  devops  github  terraform  aws  terragrunt  locking 
may 2018 by rdark
cesar-rodriguez/concourse-pipelines: Collection of Concourse pipelines for AWS infrastructure provisioning
This repository contains a collection of Concourse CI pipelines used for AWS infrastructure provisioning. Each pipeline directory contains a pipeline.yml defining the pipeline, and a settings.yml file containing the expected parameters. The scripts/ci directory contain the scrips used by the templates.
terraform  concourse_ci  ci  github  aws 
may 2018 by rdark
shellharden/ at master · anordal/shellharden
This guide accompanies ShellHarden, but I also recommend ShellCheck: ShellHarden's rules shall not disagree with ShellCheck.

Bash is not a language where the correct way to do something is also the easiest. If there is anything like a driver's license for writing bash, it must be rule zero of BashPitfalls: Always use quotes.
github  security  linux  bash  shell 
may 2018 by rdark
arl/ at master · kaxap/arl
arl - lists of most popular repositories for most favoured programming languages (according to StackOverflow)
scala  github 
may 2018 by rdark
Introducing the Checks API, a better way to connect integrations and code | The GitHub Blog
What’s new
Instead of pass/fail build statuses, your integrations can now report richer results, annotate code with detailed information, and kick off reruns—all within the GitHub user interface.
github  ci  api 
may 2018 by rdark
github/gh-ost: GitHub's Online Schema Migrations for MySQL
gh-ost is a triggerless online schema migration solution for MySQL. It is testable and provides pausability, dynamic control/reconfiguration, auditing, and many operational perks.

gh-ost produces a light workload on the master throughout the migration, decoupled from the existing workload on the migrated table.

It has been designed based on years of experience with existing solutions, and changes the paradigm of table migrations.
DBA  github  mysql  migration  golang  database 
may 2018 by rdark
AWS Quick Start
Automated gold-standard deployments on AWS
aws  automation  reference  github 
march 2018 by rdark
justwatchcom/gopass: The slightly more awesome standard unix password manager for teams
The slightly more awesome Standard Unix Password Manager for Teams. Written in Go.
gpg  pgp  password  golang  github  security 
march 2018 by rdark
auth0/rules: Rules are code snippets written in JavaScript that are executed as part of the authentication pipeline in Auth0
Rules are code snippets written in JavaScript that are executed as part of the authentication pipeline in Auth0. This happens every time a user authenticates to an application. Rules enable very powerful customizations and extensions to be easily added to Auth0.
github  auth0  javascript  scripts  authentication  authorisation 
march 2018 by rdark
aws-samples/aws-kube-codesuite: The CodeSuite Continuous Deployment reference architecture demonstrates how to achieve continuous deployment of an application to a Kubernetes cluster using AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild and AWS Lambda.
The CodeSuite Continuous Deployment reference architecture demonstrates how to achieve continuous deployment of an application to a Kubernetes cluster using AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild and AWS Lambda.
aws  deployment  ci  aws_codepipeline  aws_codecommit  kubernetes  aws_codebuild  aws_lambda  github 
february 2018 by rdark
goreleaser/goreleaser: Deliver Go binaries as fast and easily as possible
GoReleaser builds Go binaries for several platforms, creates a GitHub release and then pushes a Homebrew formula to a tap repository. All that wrapped in your favorite CI.

This project adheres to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct. By participating, you are expected to uphold this code. We appreciate your contribution. Please refer to our contributing guidelines for further information.
github  automation  golang  build  deployment  release  ci 
february 2018 by rdark
veggiemonk/awesome-docker: A curated list of Docker resources and projects
A curated list of Docker resources and projects Inspired by @sindresorhus' awesome and improved by these amazing contributors.
docker  github  tools 
february 2018 by rdark
AdRoll/hologram: Easy, painless AWS credentials on developer laptops.
Hologram exposes an imitation of the EC2 instance metadata service on developer workstations that supports the temporary credentials workflow. It is accessible via the same HTTP endpoint to calling SDKs, so your code can use the same process in both development and production. The keys that Hologram provisions are temporary, so EC2 access can be centrally controlled without direct administrative access to developer workstations.
authentication  iam  iam_roles  aws  ec2  golang  github 
february 2018 by rdark
localstack/localstack: 💻 A fully functional local AWS cloud stack. Develop and test your cloud apps offline!
LocalStack provides an easy-to-use test/mocking framework for developing Cloud applications.

Currently, the focus is primarily on supporting the AWS cloud stack.
atlassian  testing  devops  aws  lambda  python  github 
february 2018 by rdark
hrbrmstr/ipv4-heatmap: Update to The Measurement Factory ipv4-heatmap codebase
Update to The Measurement Factory ipv4-heatmap codebase (i.e. the seminal code to generate Hilbert curve IPv4 heatmaps)

This new one uses the viridis color palette which is much easier on the eyes. You can also use a few colorbrewer palettes: brbg, puor, rdbu, rdgy, rdylbu, spectral, bupu, reds, ylgnbu, ylorbr, ylorrd via the -P palette directive and invert the sequence with the -i option.
ipv4  github  heatmap  networking 
january 2018 by rdark
jirutka/ldap-passwd-webui: Very simple web interface for changing password stored in LDAP or Active Directory (Samba 4 AD).
The aim of this project is to provide a very simple web form for users to be able to change their password stored in LDAP or Active Directory (Samba 4 AD). It’s built with Bottle, a WSGI micro web-framework for Python.
python  password  ldap  github 
january 2018 by rdark
google/puffs: Parsing Untrusted File Formats Safely
Puffs is a domain-specific language and library for parsing untrusted file formats safely. Examples of such file formats include images, audio, video, fonts and compressed archives.

Unlike the C programming language, Puffs is safe with respect to buffer overflows, integer arithmetic overflows and null pointer dereferences. The key difference between Puffs and other memory-safe languages is that all such checks are done at compile time, not at run time. If it compiles, it is safe, with respect to those three bug classes.
github  google  parser  security 
november 2017 by rdark
fugue/credstash: A little utility for managing credentials in the cloud
CredStash is a very simple, easy to use credential management and distribution system that uses AWS Key Management Service (KMS) for key wrapping and master-key storage, and DynamoDB for credential storage and sharing.
aws  password  security  dynamoDB  KMS  python  github 
november 2017 by rdark
grpc-ecosystem/grpc-gateway: gRPC to JSON proxy generator following the gRPC HTTP spec
grpc-gateway is a plugin of protoc. It reads gRPC service definition, and generates a reverse-proxy server which translates a RESTful JSON API into gRPC. This server is generated according to custom options in your gRPC definition.

It helps you to provide your APIs in both gRPC and RESTful style at the same time.
golang  grpc  proxy  REST  json  api  gateway  swagger  github 
november 2017 by rdark
Autodesk/aomi: Provide secrets to build and release pipelines in a self service way using Hashicorp Vault.
The purpose of aomi is to provide a data model, suitable for use in a continuous delivery pipeline, to facilitate the storing of operational secrets within Hashicorp Vault. This data model is expressed as YAML in a file (generally) named Secretfile. You can then leverage this data model to provide consistent deployment of secrets in isolated environments with distinct Hashicorp Vault servers.
python  vault  hashicorp  github  ci  security 
october 2017 by rdark
aws/aws-sdk-java-v2: The official AWS SDK for Java - Version 2 (Developer Preview)
The AWS SDK for Java 2.0 Developer Preview is a rewrite of 1.0 with some great new features. As with version 1.0, it enables you to easily work with Amazon Web Services but also includes features like non-blocking IO and pluggable HTTP implementation to further customize your applications. You can get started in minutes using Maven or any build system that supports MavenCentral as an artifact source.
java  scala  aws  SDK  github 
october 2017 by rdark
PharkMillups/beautiful-docs: Pointers to useful, well-written, and otherwise beautiful documentation.
With that in mind, here's a list of docs and other developer resources that myself and others find particularly useful, well-written, and otherwise "beautiful." May they serve to inspire you when writing and designing yours. Thanks to various contributors, we now also have sections dedicated to Writing about Documentation and Tools for Generating Docs.
documentation  github  design  reference 
october 2017 by rdark
aminjam/pipeline-generator: concourse pipeline generator supporing ranges
I wanted to be able to define a go template, so that we could define a .Range for our repeatable resrouces and jobs. If you are looking for a more robust solution without regex replacement checkout goflat.
golang  concourse_ci  github 
september 2017 by rdark
aminjam/goflat: Expand go templates for generating configuration files
A Go template flattener goflat is for creating complex configuration files (JSON, YAML, XML, etc.).
concourse_ci  golang  pipeline  ci  github 
september 2017 by rdark
aweber/rabbitmq-autocluster: Automatically manage node membership in RabbitMQ clusters
A RabbitMQ plugin that clusters nodes automatically using Consul, etcd2, DNS, AWS EC2 tags or AWS Autoscaling Groups for service discovery.
rabbitMQ  consul  etcd  aws  automation  github 
august 2017 by rdark
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