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uber/assume-role-cli: CLI for AssumeRole is a tool for running programs with temporary credentials from AWS's AssumeRole API.
CLI for AssumeRole is a CLI tool for running programs with temporary AWS credentials. It is intended to be used by operators for running scripts and other tools that don't have native AssumeRole support.
aws  cli  golang  github  iam 
january 2019 by rdark
remind101/assume-role: Easily assume AWS roles in your terminal.
This tool will request and set temporary credentials in your shell environment variables for a given role.

OSX, Linux + Windows Support
aws  iam  cli  golang  github  shell 
january 2019 by rdark
AdRoll/hologram: Easy, painless AWS credentials on developer laptops.
Hologram exposes an imitation of the EC2 instance metadata service on developer workstations that supports the temporary credentials workflow. It is accessible via the same HTTP endpoint to calling SDKs, so your code can use the same process in both development and production. The keys that Hologram provisions are temporary, so EC2 access can be centrally controlled without direct administrative access to developer workstations.
authentication  iam  iam_roles  aws  ec2  golang  github 
february 2018 by rdark
Complete AWS IAM Reference
Creating IAM policies is hard. We collect information from the AWS Documentation to make writing IAM policies easier.
aws  iam  security  amazon  reference 
june 2017 by rdark
Introducing Aardvark and Repokid – Netflix TechBlog – Medium
When used together, Aardvark and Repokid help us get closer to the principle of least privilege without sacrificing speed or introducing heavy process.
security  iam  netflix 
june 2017 by rdark
I Am Secure, Therefore IAM - Mason Leung provides a guideline on securing AWS password with Terraform and AWS IAM
To associate a MFA device with a user, we wrote a tool that uses oath-tool (to create a virtual MFA for generating the authentication codes) and google charts api to create a qr_code.
iam  terraform  MFA  ruby 
april 2017 by rdark
How to Access the AWS Management Console Using AWS Microsoft AD and Your On-Premises Credentials | AWS Security Blog
With AWS Microsoft AD, you can grant your on-premises users permissions to resources such as the AWS Management Console instead of adding AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user accounts or configuring AD Federation Services (AD FS) with Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML).
authentication  active_directory  aws  iam 
march 2017 by rdark
IAM Policy to Restrict to VPC

I need to create an IAM policy that explicitly grants an IAM user, group, or role permissions to create and manage Amazon EC2 instances in a particular virtual private cloud (VPC).
Short Description

AWS does not currently provide a direct way to create a policy that controls access to EC2 resources by specifying an Amazon Resource Name (ARN) in a blanket EC2 control policy or by using ARNs with conditional statements. Even though some EC2 API actions can be controlled through the VPC ARN, not all operations can be controlled in that way.
security  iam  iam_roles  aws  ec2 
march 2016 by rdark
starting point for a script to rotate EBS snapshots
aws  backup  iam  ebs  ec2  ruby  github 
august 2014 by rdark
S3 Yum repos with IAM authorization - CarrollOps
how to enable iam for an s3-hosted yum repository (needs iam roles,
aws  yum  rpm  s3  iam  iam_roles 
september 2013 by rdark
CreateVirtualMFADevice - AWS Identity and Access Management
AWS API documentation for creation of MFA devices for IAM users and returning the QR code as Base32 string.
aws  amazon  api  documentation  authentication  multi_factor_authentication  iam  security 
january 2013 by rdark

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