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Squarespace/pgbedrock: Manage a Postgres cluster's roles, role memberships, schema ownership, and privileges
pgbedrock is an application for managing the roles, memberships, ownerships, and most importantly the permissions for tables, sequences, and schemas in a Postgres database.

Given the parameters to connect to a Postgres database (i.e. host, port, etc.) and a YAML file (a "spec") representing the desired database configuration, pgbedrock makes sure that the configuration of that database matches the spec. If there are differences, it will alter the database to make it match the spec.

It can be run as a docker container (via docker run or as a local command-line utility (via pip install pgbedrock).
squarespace  postgres  authentication  authorisation  permissions  python 
december 2018 by rdark
file-permissions management for capistrano v3.
Supports ACLs.
capistrano  deployment  permissions  filesystem  ruby_gems  github 
february 2014 by rdark
Chris Friedhoff - POSIXFileCaps
With the inclusion of File POSIX Capabilities in Kernel 2.6.24 has Linux finally reached a stage, where POSIX Capabilities are usable and useful. Although POSIX Capabilities arrived at Kernel 2.2, the File part waited up to 2.6.24 to make its appearance. Now Linux is closing its gap to other systems in regards of POSIX Capabilities.Well, from far above, thats true and even closer its not wrong. But there were plans and patches for file support of PCaps for 2.3. Later different patches were also available. Due to a bug called the sendmail bug, they hadn't had enough support. And further an open question was, where actually store the File POSIX Capabilities.Now the dark age is over and the bright future of POSIX Capabilities in Linux is awaiting us.
posix  linux  security  permissions  fileCaps 
may 2010 by rdark

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