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ProtonMail/gopenpgp: A high-level OpenPGP library
GopenPGP is a high-level OpenPGP library built on top of a fork of the golang crypto library.
golang  pgp  gpg  encryption  security  protonmail  github 
9 weeks ago by rdark
firstlookmedia/gpgsync: GPG Sync is designed to let users always have up-to-date public keys for other members of their organization
GPG Sync is designed to let users always have up-to-date OpenPGP public keys for other members of their organization.

If you're part of an organization that uses GPG internally you might notice that it doesn't scale well. New people join and create new keys and existing people revoke their old keys and transition to new ones. It quickly becomes unwieldy to ensure that everyone has a copy of everyone else's current key, and that old revoked keys get refreshed to prevent users from accidentally using them.

GPG Sync solves this problem by offloading the complexity of GPG to a single trusted person in your organization. As a member of an organization, you install GPG Sync on your computer, configure it with a few settings, and then you forget about it. GPG Sync takes care of everything else.
crypto  gpg  pgp  python  github 
november 2018 by rdark
rewrite of gpg in rust?
pgp  gpg  rust  security 
august 2018 by rdark
Nitrokey | Secure your digital life
Nitrokey is an USB key to enable highly secure encryption and signing of emails and data, as well as login to the Web, networks and computers. Other than ordinary software solutions, the secret keys are always stored securely inside the Nitrokey. Their extraction is impossible which makes Nitrokey immune to computer viruses and Trojan horses. The user-chosen PIN and the tamper-proof smart card protect in case of loss and theft. Hardware and software are both available as Open Source to allow verifying the security and integration with other applications.
gpg  pgp  smart_cards  hardware  security  HSM  yubikey  u2f  crypto  open_source 
may 2018 by rdark
EFAIL describes vulnerabilities in the end-to-end encryption technologies OpenPGP and S/MIME that leak the plaintext of encrypted emails.
EFAIL  pgp  privacy  security  smime  encryption  vulnerability  gpg 
may 2018 by rdark
justwatchcom/gopass: The slightly more awesome standard unix password manager for teams
The slightly more awesome Standard Unix Password Manager for Teams. Written in Go.
gpg  pgp  password  golang  github  security 
march 2018 by rdark
An Advanced Intro to GnuPG
Enjoy this talk by Neal Walfield, full-time contributor to GnuPG. Neal explains the OpenPGP standard, the GnuPG suite of programs, the structure of GnuPG messages, good security practices, and neat tricks you should know. The video below is released under the Creative Commons CC-BY license.
pgp  GNU  gpg  encryption  security  video 
june 2017 by rdark
skskeyserver / sks-keyserver / wiki / Home — Bitbucket
SKS is an OpenPGP keyserver whose goal is to provide easy to deploy, decentralized, and highly reliable synchronization. That means that a key submitted to one SKS server will quickly be distributed to all key servers, and even wildly out-of-date servers, or servers that experience spotty connectivity, can fully synchronize with rest of the system.
pgp  gpg  security  keyserver  development  crypto 
february 2016 by rdark
A Git Horror Story: Repository Integrity With Signed Commits
Recently updated with comparison/trade-offs of various git signing methodologies
crypto  security  gpg  pgp  git 
february 2016 by rdark
Yubico Yubikey 4: PGP, U2F and other things | David North
overview of pgp smartcard functionality changes in yubikey 4, and getting it to work on jessie
yubikey  pgp  gpg  debian  security  jessie  smart_cards 
january 2016 by rdark
Small scripts and utilities, often for using other programs with Tor, routing traffic safely, removing fingerprintable system traits, and deploying/securing remote systems.
github  security  tor  gpg  pgp  crypto  sysadmin  scripts  networking 
october 2015 by rdark
scripts/check-commit-signature at master · isislovecruft/scripts
A server-side update git hook for checking the GPG signature of a pushed commit.
security  git  pgp  gpg  crypto  hooks 
october 2015 by rdark
encryption - How do I list information for a GnuPG encrypted message? - Stack Overflow
Show who a file is encrypted for:

gpg --no-default-keyring --secret-keyring /dev/null -a --list-only
gpg  encryption  pgp 
march 2015 by rdark
End-To-End is a Chrome extension that helps you encrypt, decrypt, digital sign, and verify signed messages within the browser using OpenPGP.

This is the source code for the alpha release of the End-To-End Chrome extension. It's built upon a newly developed, JavaScript-based crypto library. End-To-End implements the OpenPGP standard, IETF RFC 4880, enabling key generation, encryption, decryption, digital signature, and signature verification. We’re releasing this code to enable community review; it is not yet ready for general use.

"Additionally, we plan to add remote private key support in the future. When support for that is ready, high-risk users could protect their secret keys (stored, e.g., in a hardware USB device) from compromise even when an adversary introduces a backdoor in the source code."
github  google  pgp  security  chrome  javascript 
december 2014 by rdark
[Announce] GnuPG 2.1.0 "modern" released
The GnuPG Project is pleased to announce the availability of a
new release: Version 2.1.0.
gpg  pgp  release_notes 
november 2014 by rdark
Keybase will be a public directory of publicly auditable public keys. All paired, for convenience, with unique usernames.

...and a pretty sweet reference client.
crypto  gpg  security  pgp  twitter  github  nodejs 
march 2014 by rdark
eduid-docs/token-setup.mkd at master · SUNET/eduid-docs
How to do external key generation and upload to the neo so you can do subkey generation with specific auth key for ssh and also benefit from a known level of entropy at generation time
yubikey  authentication  subkey  gpg  ssh  pgp 
february 2014 by rdark
how to configure the yubikey neo in dual gpg/HOTP mode and how to get gpg agent working with ssh support
howto  yubikey  ssh  gpg  authentication  pgp  smart_cards 
february 2014 by rdark
SKS Keyservers
modern keyserver pools available on IPv6 and all supporting HKPS
security  gpg  pgp  ipv6  hkps 
november 2013 by rdark
Installer | GPGTools (OpenPGP Tools for Apple OS X)
The GPGTools are a collection of open source tools for encryption on Mac OS X, gathered in an all-in-one-Installer solution. It installs/updates all related OpenPGP applications, plugins and dependencies. You can choose which components to install.
gpg  integration  mac  mail  osx  pgp 
may 2013 by rdark
Why should you be interested in the Monkeysphere?
Interesting - monkeysphere is a trust-based PKI around GPG/PGP & web of trust that has two main components - one, a replacement for X.509 certs on the web via a browser plugin (only available for mozilla-based browsers), the other, that I'm actually more interested in is a replacement for local SSH PKI's.
gpg  ssh  privacy  authentication  security  X.509  pgp 
january 2013 by rdark
Index of Enterprise/LDAP Server Schemas/Active Directory
active-directory (as of 2000 at least..) schema for PGP, compatibility should be implemented in most modern GPG's
active_directory  LDAP  schema  gpg  pgp 
july 2012 by rdark
Secure Key Generation
or, how to generate with GnuPG a keypair that can be stored in a "quite" secure way
pgp  gpg  encryption  subkey 
june 2012 by rdark
subkeys - Debian Wiki
OpenPGP further supports subkeys, which are like the normal keys, except they're bound to a master key pair. A subkey can be used for signing or for encryption. The really useful part of subkeys is that they can be revoked independently of the master keys, and also stored separately from them.
debian  pgp  gpg  security  encryption  privacy  subkey 
april 2012 by rdark
Using multiple subkeys in GPG
how to use easily revoke-able subkeys on less secure machines.
gpg  pgp  security  encryption  privacy  howTo  crypto  dead_links 
july 2009 by rdark

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