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chubin/ the only cheat sheet you need
Unified access to the best community driven cheat sheets repositories of the world.

Let's imagine for a moment that there is such a thing as an ideal cheat sheet. How it should look like? What features should it have?
documentation  programming  development  software  cheat_sheet  cli 
july 2018 by rdark
Failed Experiments: The High Cost of AnyVal subclasses...
The claim of a multi-paradigm language is to harmoniously serve various approaches to programming. The AnyVal subclass feature forms a strong counterargument to Scala’s multiparadigm claim.
performance  type_safe  scala  development  software  blogs 
july 2018 by rdark
Introduction · mostly-adequate-guide
About this book
This is a book on the functional paradigm in general. We'll use the world's most popular functional programming language: JavaScript. Some may feel this is a poor choice as it's against the grain of the current culture which, at the moment, feels predominately imperative.
javascript  functional  development  software  FP 
may 2018 by rdark
How To Drive Change as a Software Engineer
You have an idea. Your boss is indifferent, your team-mates apprehensive, and that other team whose help you need are dubious. You are an individual-contributor with no direct-reports. You still think it's a good idea, but cannot make it happen alone. What next?
development  software  engineering 
may 2018 by rdark
44 engineering management lessons
Welcome to engineering management. It’s fun, it’s exhausting, it’s rewarding — but most importantly it’s new! What worked for you before won’t work now. You’ll have to acquire a new set of skills, and shed some bad habits in the process. Here is a short guide to get you started.
management  engineering  software  rethinkdb 
may 2017 by rdark
A curated list of awesome applications, softwares, tools and shiny things for OS X.
software  github  osx  desktop  tools  mac 
september 2015 by rdark
Pulp is a platform for managing repositories of content, such as software packages, and pushing that content out to large numbers of consumers. If you want to locally mirror all or part of a repository, host your own content in a new repository, manage content from multiple sources in one place, and push content you choose out to large numbers of clients in one simple operation, Pulp is for you!
Today, Pulp supports RPM package types (rpm, srpm, errata, etc.) and Puppet modules.
linux  software  package_management  yum  repository  REST  puppet 
june 2013 by rdark
Powershell-based package management tool. Could be interesting if someone wrote a puppet provider for it..
chocolatety  software  tools  windows  apt  powershell  package_management 
february 2013 by rdark
Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch
This is a program for stretching the audio. It is suitable only for extreme sound stretching of the audio (like 50x) and for applying special effects by "spectral smoothing" the sounds. It can transform any sound/music to a texture. The program is Open-Source and it's released under the version 2 of the General Public License.
paulstretch  open_source  audio  software  music  GPL 
june 2012 by rdark
Ikiwiki is a wiki compiler. It converts wiki pages into HTML pages suitable for publishing on a website. Ikiwiki stores pages and history in a revision control system such as Subversion or Git. There are many other features, including support for blogging, as well as a large array of plugins.

Written in Perl :)
wiki  perl  git  markdown  software 
june 2012 by rdark
The Architecture of Open Source Applications
Our goal is to change that. In these two books, the authors of four dozen open source applications explain how their software is structured, and why. What are each program's major components? How do they interact? And what did their builders learn during their development? In answering these questions, the contributors to these books provide unique insights into how they think.
ebooks  architecture  programming  development  software  open_source 
june 2012 by rdark
Models of Software Acceptance
[old, but strangely relevant] essay on Technology Acceptance
stanford_university  essays  software  business 
may 2012 by rdark
Project Iris: An Iris Recognition Application
The iris recognition application is free, open-source, cross-platform and developed in C++ and Qt.
software  iris  biometrics  open_source 
may 2011 by rdark
Unigine Engine | Unigine (advanced 3D engine for multi-platform games and virtual reality systems)
Unigine™ is a top-notch technology, that can be easily adapted to various projects due to its elaborated software design and flexible toolset. A lot of our customers claim that they have never seen such an extremely-effective code, which is so easy to understand. It is already used in the development of different projects (both games and virtual reality systems).
software  graphics  linux  library  windows 
march 2011 by rdark
IBM Altering project history - Seven Keys to Success - White paper - Australia
Project success is directly tied to effective involvement of business executives. The number one reason for project failures according to observers of project management performance is due to issues surrounding executive commitment and sponsorship.
software  projectManagement  IBM 
march 2011 by rdark
Stashboard: The open source status dashboard
Stashboard is a status dashboard for APIs and software services. It's similar to the Amazon AWS Status Page or the Google Apps Status Page. Stashboard was originally written by Twilio to provide status information on its Voice and SMS APIs. Stashboard is designed to provide a generic status dashboard for any hosted service or API. The code can be downloaded, customized, and run on any Google App Engine account.
api  design  django  google  python  software  googleAppEngine  sysadmin  open_source 
july 2010 by rdark
Real Programmers Don't Use Pascal
Article from 1983. "Real Programmers arrive at work in time for lunch..."
archive  humour  articles  culture  geek  programming  software  hacking 
july 2010 by rdark
iPhone Downloads
Download page for all iPhone softwares, firmwares and other tools
apple  firmware  hack  iphone  ipod  jailbreak  mac  software  tools 
may 2010 by rdark
Kon-Boot is an prototype piece of software which allows to change contents of a linux kernel (and now Windows kernel also!!!) on the fly (while booting). In the current compilation state it allows to log into a linux system as 'root' user without typing the correct password or to elevate privileges from current user to root. For Windows systems it allows to enter any password protected profile without any knowledge of the password.
windows  linux  security  password  tools  hacking  software  livecd 
february 2010 by rdark
Home - autojump - GitHub
autojump is a faster way to navigate your filesystem. It works by maintaining a database of the directories you use the most from the command line.
autojump  shell  linux  bash  tools  unix  software  sysadmin  python  github 
february 2010 by rdark
Scrum (development) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Scrum is an iterative incremental framework for managing complex work (such as new product development) commonly used with agile software development.
development  software  scrum  agile  methodology  programming  projectManagement  productivity  wikipedia 
december 2009 by rdark
Foreman is aimed to be a Single Address For All Machines Life Cycle Management.
Foreman integrates with Puppet (and acts as web front end to it).
Foreman takes care of bare bone provisioning until the point puppet is running, allowing Puppet to do what it does best.
puppet  automation  deployment  linux  sysadmin  ruby  PXE  software  LDAP  solaris 
december 2009 by rdark
DTerm: A command line anywhere and everywhere
DTerm's Philosophy: Command line work isn't a separate task that should live on its own—it's an integrated part of your natural workflow
dterm  osx  terminal  mac  unix  shell  software 
december 2009 by rdark
Lenovo Support & downloads - ThinkVantage Technologies Administrator Tools
useful tools for when you have to deal with lots of laptops running shite OS's.
thinkpad  IBM  software  support  tools  windows 
july 2009 by rdark
Raritan MPC Download
multi-platform MPC KVM client
software  raritan  KVM 
june 2009 by rdark
IBM Tivoli Storage Manager documentation

verbose documentation for TSM.
sysadmin  documentation  reference  backup  storage  IBM  software  TSM 
february 2009 by rdark
Download ESX Server, Virtual Center, Consolidated Backup - VMware
lots of drivers/tools for VI3 - contains TSM enabler for service console backup.
backup  drivers  ESX  vmware  tools  compatibility  software  TSM 
february 2009 by rdark

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