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kamranahmedse/pennywise: Cross-platform application to open anything in a floating window
Pennywise allows you to open anything in a small floating window that always stays on top of the other applications all the time, allowing you to multitask with ease. No need to keep struggling with alt + tab, use pennywise and have your work in front of you all the time.
gui  macos  linux  windows  github 
october 2018 by rdark
IIS 8.5 Enable Automatic Rebind of Renewed Certificate via command line | delpierosysadmin
schtasks.exe /query /xml ONE -tn “\Microsoft\Windows\CertificateServicesClient\IIS-AutoCertRebind” > IIS-AutoCertRebind.x
iis  certificates  windows  ssl  PKI 
may 2018 by rdark
Setting up NDES using a Group Managed Service Account (gMSA) – Windows PKI blog
Hallo everybody, this is Andy and Dagmar from Austrian Premier Field Engineering (PFE) describing how to implement NDES using a gMSA (instead of a normal domain user account).
NDES  windows  gMSA  security 
october 2017 by rdark
murati-hu/CloudRemoting: CloudRemoting PowerShell module - an easier way to PSRemoting, RDP and SSM Run Commands.
CloudRemoting module provides an easy and scriptable way to connect to EC2, Azure or to other machines via RDP, PSRemoting and SSM sessions on top of the standard cmdlets by:

Seamless EC2 Administrator Credential decryption for RDP and PSRemoting
Credential pass-through for RDP Sessions
Pipeline integrated SSM Run Command execution
windows  powershell  remote  sysadmin  aws  azure  cloud 
september 2017 by rdark
Group Managed Service Accounts Overview
Group Managed Service Accounts provide a single identity solution for services running on a server farm, or on systems behind Network Load Balance. By providing a group MSA solution, services can be configured for the new group MSA principal and the password management is handled by Windows.
Using a group Managed Service Account, services or service administrators do not need to manage password synchronization between service instances. The group Managed Service Account supports hosts that are kept offline for an extended time period, and management of member hosts for all instances of a service. This means you can deploy a server farm that supports a single identity to which existing client computers can authenticate without knowing the instance of the service to which they are connecting.
windows  microsoft  active_directory  security  server_2012 
september 2017 by rdark
Barn Glass - Rooflights
Supplier of bespoke roof lights/windows
UK  shopping  building  windows  roof_lights  diy 
march 2016 by rdark
Benchmarking Windows Guests on KVM:I/O performance | JRS Systems: the blog
But here’s the big surprise – if we set up a ZVOL, then format it with ext4 and put a .qcow2 on top of that… it performs as well, and in some cases better than, the raw zvol itself did! As odd as it sounds, this leaves qcow2-on-ext4-on-zvol as one of our best performing overall storage methods, with the most convenient options for management. It sounds like it’d be a horrible Rube Goldberg, but it performs like best-in-breed. Who’d’a thunk it?
virtualisation  linux  windows  kvm  zfs  performance  zvol 
november 2015 by rdark
fwupd: Updating Firmware in Linux
This project aims to make updating firmware on Linux automatic, safe and reliable.
firmware  security  linux  windows  EFI  hardware 
november 2015 by rdark
LibreCrypt: Transparent on-the-fly disk encryption for Windows. LUKS compatible. (formerly DoxBox)

This *should* work if you nest an ntfs or vfat filesystem inside a LUKS container - to look at...
LUKS  windows  encryption 
november 2015 by rdark
Microsoft Windows - Docker Documentation
boot2docker windows install howto (also seems to be available in chocolatey)
docker  windows  boot2docker  documentation 
may 2015 by rdark
HSC - Tools - Dislocker
FUSE mount bitlocker filesystems in OSX + linux
forensics  security  bitlocker  windows  linux  filesytem  encryption 
february 2015 by rdark
How to disable IPv6 or its components in Windows
MSI's or 'fixits' to disable or enable IPv6 in various different contexts on Windows. Can do this all through the registry but having msi's is nicer for deployment
ipv6  windows  networking 
february 2015 by rdark
Installation · chocolatey/chocolatey Wiki
Easiest way to install chocolatey from scratch: @powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted -Command "(iex ((new-object net.webclient).DownloadString(''))) >$null 2>&1" && SET PATH=%PATH%;%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\chocolatey\bin
chocolatey  windows  packaging  installation  github 
january 2015 by rdark
Vagrant Boxes for playing with Puppet on Windows (but not limited to Windows)
windows  puppet  vagrant  testing 
december 2014 by rdark
xfreerdp launcher written in ruby and umm.. russian.
windows  rdp  remote  ruby  QT 
august 2014 by rdark
Mind the End of Your Line | Tim's Blog
managing interactions with windows systems and CLRF using git
git  windows  LF  CLRF 
april 2013 by rdark
Powershell-based package management tool. Could be interesting if someone wrote a puppet provider for it..
chocolatety  software  tools  windows  apt  powershell  package_management 
february 2013 by rdark
puppetlabs/vcenter · Puppet Forge
VMware vCenter installation and management
microsoft  windows  vmware  puppet  MSSQL 
january 2013 by rdark
Powershell script to enhance Ninite Pro and turn it into a fully automated kick ass network software patching ninja.
powershell  ninite  patches  security  automation  windows  github 
october 2012 by rdark
Troy Hunt: Lessons in website security anti-patterns by Tesco
Tesco's 'secure' web stack runs on 7 year old IIS 6 + .Net 1.1 stack. yuck.
security  passwords  tesco  IIS  windows 
july 2012 by rdark
PoshPAIG (PowerShell Patch Audit/Installation GUI) allows you to easily audit and install patches on your servers in the network by providing a graphical interface to select which servers to audit/install and to generate reports for the systems.
powershell  security  windows  updates  patches 
july 2012 by rdark
Well, that was a waste of time
freeSSHd conclusion: just use cygwin..
ssh  windows  freeSSHd 
june 2012 by rdark
freeSSHd and freeFTPd - open source SSH and SFTP servers for Windows
freeSSHd, like it's name says, is a free implementation of an SSH server. It provides strong encryption and authentication over insecure networks like Internet. Users can open remote console or even access their remote files thanks to buit-in SFTP server.
windows  ssh 
june 2012 by rdark
Amazon Web Services Blog: VM Export Service For Amazon EC2
easily migrate from your on-premises virtualization infrastructure to the AWS Cloud. Today we are adding the next element to this service. You now have the ability to export previously imported EC2 instances back to your on-premises environment.

You can initiate and manage the export with the latest version of the EC2 command line (API) tools. Download and install the tools, and then export the instance of your choice like this:
ec2-create-instance-export-task –e vmware -b NAME-OF-S3-BUCKET INSTANCE-ID
amazon  ec2  aws  export  windows 
may 2012 by rdark
Working with Excel in PowerShell « Lange's Tech Musings
Good example of how to pull header row from a given worksheet into hashtable
excel  workbook  powershell  windows 
may 2012 by rdark
NwAvGuy: ODAC Released
BOTTOM LINE: The ODAC has been released to production and will hopefully be available by the end of May. I’ll soon be publishing more detailed measurements, results of listening tests, etc. I’m confident the ODAC is audibly transparent. And, especially when it’s installed inside the O2 or future ODA, it offers a level of performance that’s difficult to find without spending substantially more. It also offers detailed measurements and blind listening tests to back up its performance which is something very few other DACs offer at any price. And, paraphrasing from credit card commercials, worry free enjoyment of music can be priceless.
USB  audio  DAC  linux  windows  osx 
april 2012 by rdark
Stupid Geek Tricks: Tile or Cascade Multiple Windows in Windows 7 - How-To Geek
For whenever I've found myself on a Windows machine and missing awesome WM on linux..
howto  windows  tile 
april 2012 by rdark
PowerShell Community Extensions
PowerShell Community Extensions (PSCX) is aimed at providing a widely useful set of additional cmdlets, providers, aliases, filters, functions and scripts for Windows PowerShell that members of the community have expressed interest in.
powershell  tools  windows  extensions  programming  open_source 
september 2011 by rdark
KMS Client Setup Keys
By default, the Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems use KMS for activation. In volume installations, the setup key is installed by default, which makes the system a KMS client. If you are converting a computer from a KMS host, MAK, or retail edition of Windows to a KMS client, install the applicable setup key (GVLK) from Table 9 using slmgr /ipk
licensing  deployment  KMS  microsoft  windows 
august 2011 by rdark
KiTTY is a fork from version 0.60 (build 20100914) of PuTTY, the best telnet / SSH client in the world.
windows  ssh  putty  open_source 
may 2011 by rdark
Utility Spotlight: Script Elevation PowerToys for Windows Vista
powertoy called "elevate" acts like a basic version of sudo
blog  windows  tools  scripting  sudo 
april 2011 by rdark
CoreUtils for Windows
The GNU Core Utilities are the basic file, shell and text manipulation utilities of the GNU operating system. These are the core utilities which are expected to exist on every operating system.
linux  windows  GNU  unix  tools  sysadmin 
march 2011 by rdark
Unigine Engine | Unigine (advanced 3D engine for multi-platform games and virtual reality systems)
Unigine™ is a top-notch technology, that can be easily adapted to various projects due to its elaborated software design and flexible toolset. A lot of our customers claim that they have never seen such an extremely-effective code, which is so easy to understand. It is already used in the development of different projects (both games and virtual reality systems).
software  graphics  linux  library  windows 
march 2011 by rdark
YouTube - Chain of Fools : Upgrading through every version of windows (HQ)
An experiment to see the effects of installing every major upgrade version of windows, in order, on the same machine.
video  windows  history  microsoft 
march 2011 by rdark
User Management
Overview of user management/creation with powershell.
powershell  userManagement  windows  sysadmin  active_directory 
august 2010 by rdark
igor.moochnick - Pash
PowerShell open source reimplementation for "others" (Mac, Linux, Solaris, etc...) and Windows (including Windows Mobile and Windows CE)
powershell  bash  shell  scripting  linux  windows  open_source 
august 2010 by rdark
Nagios plugins
some cool OID's for checkpoint FW's
cisco  monitoring  nagios  plugins  snmp  sysadmin  windows  checkpointFW1 
august 2010 by rdark
Molog - Project site of Jelle Smet
MoLog is a Linux/Unix syslog and Windows eventlog monitoring solution made to work together with a Nagios(tm) Core based monitoring solution.
molog  monitoring  logging  sysadmin  linux  unix  windows  syslog  eventlog 
july 2010 by rdark
VIM, Windows, Powershell, and Signed Code Security
PDF on howto use (g)vim7 on windows with code signing and powershell integration
pdf  powershell  vim  codeSigning  x509  windows 
june 2010 by rdark
You can use IBM® ToolsCenter Bootable Media Creator to create bootable media that is suitable for applying firmware updates, running preboot diagnostics, and deploying Windows® operating systems on supported systems.
ibm  tools  deployment  xseries  windows 
april 2010 by rdark Blog » Blog Archive » Direct Routing aka. Direct Server Return on Windows 2008 using loopback adpter
loopback adaptor/routing wierdness when configuring lvs/tun or lvs/dr load balancers in front of ms server 2008 nodes
server2008  microsoft  lvs  windows  load_balancing 
april 2010 by rdark
Kon-Boot is an prototype piece of software which allows to change contents of a linux kernel (and now Windows kernel also!!!) on the fly (while booting). In the current compilation state it allows to log into a linux system as 'root' user without typing the correct password or to elevate privileges from current user to root. For Windows systems it allows to enter any password protected profile without any knowledge of the password.
windows  linux  security  password  tools  hacking  software  livecd 
february 2010 by rdark
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