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The Trump O’Clock Follies
Susan Glasser essay with interesting Vietnam War comparison
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yesterday by reginalawrence
What frustrated Obama and his staff was the knowledge that, in large measure, they were reaching their own people but no further. They spoke to the networks and the major cable outlets, the major papers and the mainstream Web sites, and, in an attempt to find people “where they are,” forums such as Bill Maher’s and Samantha Bee’s late-night cable shows, and Marc Maron’s podcast. But they would never reach the collective readerships of Breitbart News, the Drudge Report, WND, Newsmax, InfoWars, and lesser-knowns like Western Journalism—not to mention the closed loop of peer-to-peer right-wing rumor-mongering.
6 weeks ago by reginalawrence
The Rise of American Authoritarianism
Vox piece on research by Hetherington and others
authoritarianism  Trump 
8 weeks ago by reginalawrence
Did Trump Want to Be President?
Frank Bruni column about the BuzzFeed report
political  actors  Trump 
january 2019 by reginalawrence
Six Hours and Three Minutes of Internet Chaos
One of Atlantic's 50 "Unthinkable" essays, on Trump's tweets
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january 2019 by reginalawrence
How Trump Remised the Republican Souther Strategy
great quote: Trump has "discarded the dog whistle in favor of a bull horn."
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january 2019 by reginalawrence
Trump's reality TV supreme court rollout
includes the White House's Twitter video teasing the 'show'
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july 2018 by reginalawrence
Trump’s main media experiences are the absurdity of reality television and the no-holds-barred world of New York tabloid journalism. Sadly, these were the perfect experiences to compete for president in 2016.
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june 2018 by reginalawrence
Testing the Limits
Democracy Fund Voters study shows Trump supporters more likely to not support limits on presidential power
june 2018 by reginalawrence
The Risky Business of Speaking for President Trump
Mark Liebovich essay

Trump's supporters "appreciate that he does not speak in the same lobotomized, on-message way as other politicians. Trump loyalists perceive him to be “plain-spoken” even when he says things that are plainly untrue, or that would sound outrageous if uttered by someone not afforded the same “let Trump be Trump” indulgence. The 45th president has proved, again and again, that he is a sui generis character whose appeal is predicated more on his own colossal selfhood than on any definable set of ideas or positions."
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may 2018 by reginalawrence
How Trump Hacked the Media
Nate Silver - in depth analysis with great infographics
political  actors  Trump  election  2016  journalism 
march 2018 by reginalawrence
Trump is Supercharging the Celebrification of Politics
James Hohmann observes what we argue too about thinning line between celebrity and politics and how Trump's win has encouraged other celebs
political  actors  celebrity  politics  Trump 
march 2018 by reginalawrence
Trumps' Televised Meetings
NPR piece on how his meetings follow the reality TV script
political  actors  Trump  entertainment 
march 2018 by reginalawrence
Why Latin America is Becoming Less Democratic
Populism, understood as a strategy for winning and exerting state power,5 inher­ently stands in tension with democracy and the value that it places upon pluralism, open debate, and fair competition. Populism revolves around personalistic leadership that feeds on quasi-direct links to a loosely or­ganized mass of heterogenous followers. Bypassing or subjugating in­termediate institutions such as firmly organized parties, the leader-- often a charismatic figure--establishes face-to-face contact with large numbers of citizens. In earlier decades, mass rallies were crucial; nowa­days, television allows populists to reach their followers "in person." Chávez hosted a regular Sunday talk show. The leader in turn ascertains "the people's will" through frequent popular votes and opinion polls. To show vigorous leadership, seem indispensable, and boost followers' loyalty, populist politicians are fond of constantly attacking enemies, at least rhetorically. In this way, the leader blames others for the problems that have allowed the leader to take power and act as the savior of the fa­therland. The leader is the star of a drama in which "the people" struggle heroically under the leader's direction against selfish, corrupt enemies at home and abroad.
political  actors  populism  Trump 
february 2018 by reginalawrence
For Trump, A Year of Reinventing the Presidency
“Trump is arguing that we need to take care of my enemies. I really can’t think of any precedent.”

"Mr. Trump has cast aside the mythology of a magisterial presidency removed from the people in favor of a reality-show accessibility that strikes a chord in parts of the country alienated by the establishment."
Trump  political  actors 
february 2018 by reginalawrence
Trump's Radical Honesty
"I sometimes wonder if, perversely, he got points for the fact that he would never disillusion Americans. They had no illusions about him in the first place."
Trump  political  actors 
january 2018 by reginalawrence
"It's All Explosive": MIchael Wolff on Donald Trump
"Such attacks may mask a larger issue: Wolff has eaten the critics’ lunch, as wolves are prone to do. It seems it has taken the step-back view of an author to show clearly the defining characteristics of the Trump White House."

"“I got to a truth that no one else had gotten to, not that they didn’t know it. Everyone around Trump thinks he’s a charlatan, a fool, an idiot and someone ultimately not capable of functioning in this job. Pretty much nobody has said that although the Washington reporters are talking to the same people I spoke to and getting the same stories.”"
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january 2018 by reginalawrence

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