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The Ad Contrarian: The Stupidity Of Ignoring Older People | Ad Contrarian
- interesting, it used to be that half the lifetime spend was done before the age of 35. Given that most marketing is short term programmes marketing to older people as well makes sense
demographics  marketing  branding  totwitter 
7 hours ago
More Americans Are Living Solo, and Companies Want Their Business - WSJ
- I was relieved when the half loaf arrived - interesting that there are smaller appliances
FMCG  whitegoods  trends  consumerbehaviour  us  totwitter 
12 hours ago
China Counterfeiters' Hot Product in 2019? Peppa Pig Couture | Jing Daily
- interesting China's fake clothing people have been cranking out snide Peppa Pig wear; including dreaming up Burberry, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Off-White and Givenchy collaborations that haven't happened!
culture  china  shanzhai  ip  legal  streetwear 
12 hours ago
They welcomed a robot into their family, now they’re mourning its death - The Verge
Williams understands that companies have bottom lines and that gadgets come and go, but Jibo was also designed to appeal to children, and those kids are now learning what it means to own a robot and have no control over its fate - pretty dark stuff. It sounds like the product succeeded with customers but was too pricey for what was required
robotics  ux  totwitter  jibo 
When Chinese students were given the uncensored internet - Inkstone
- shouldn’t really be a surprise looking at how limited western media consumption tends to be in aggregate
research  consumerbehaviour  reference  china  totwitter 
2 days ago
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2 days ago
The Youths Are Bringing CDs Back | MEL Magazine
- I tend by CDs now as an arbitrage against the cost of digital downloads and because they are much better quality than Spotify
media  design  totwitter 
3 days ago
WeChat Group Admin Kicks Users out From Group May be Sued&Fined?
wechat  totwitter  china  legal 
3 days ago
Adidas Handed a Loss, as 3-Stripe Mark "Lacks Distinctiveness" in the European Union, Says Court — The Fashion Law
- not the crisis you expect it to be however. Adidas has also protected specific uses and has product designs protected
adidas  apparel  ip  legal  streetwear  sports  totwitter 
4 days ago
Dolce & Gabbana's Expanded Sizing "Proves They’re Really about Selling Clothing," Not Just Leveraging it — The Fashion Law
Dolce & Gabbana has announced that it will increase its sizing to include garments that will range up to size 54 in Italy, the approximate equivalent of a stateside size 18? You bet it is. The move by the Milan-based brand to extend its sizing – which went into force with its currently available pre-fall collection – “makes it one of the most inclusive designer brands for women,” according to The Independent’s Olivia Petter, a far cry from most high fashion brands, which Fashionista’s deputy editor Tyler McCall says “stop much closer to a size 10 [or] below that even.” - I think its a smart move given their problems in China
dolceandgabbana  luxury  apparel  fashion 
4 days ago
About Us | SITU8ED
SITU8ED was founded in 2016 by a small group of experts from academia and industry, with the aim of offering solutions for location-based analytics and advertising, and critically where users’ privacy is assured and compliance to GDPR is a given.

Our pedigree is in situation modelling – hence the company name.  Situations encapsulate places that people visit and their travel betweeen those places, determining their significance for the user and assigning them rich semantics – types of place, brand names, dwell times, types of travel, etc.
advertising  where2.0  analytics  consumerbehaviour  suppliers  totwitter  via:dancall 
5 days ago
The crisis in creative effectiveness | WARC
There has been a serious declining trend in the effectiveness of creatively awarded campaigns over the last ten years. The most recent IPA/WARC Rankings data, explored in the new Crisis of Creative Effectiveness report, confirms this continuing decline; creatively awarded campaigns are now less effective than they have ever been in the entire 24-year run of data and are now no more effective than non-awarded campaigns. We have arrived in an era where award-winning creativity typically brings little or no effectiveness advantage.
advertising  trends  trainwreck  casestudies  planning  via:dancall 
5 days ago
Liu Cixin’s War of the Worlds | The New Yorker
- interesting reading material about China and the US.
china  analysis  economics  future  totwitter 
6 days ago
On the Mac Pro, the G4 Cube and Their Shared Vent Design – 512 Pixels
- interesting breakdown on details. I expect the difference is down to the explosion in CNC capability unleashed by the iPhone
apple  design  process  manufacturing  totwitter 
6 days ago
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