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Nando's-inspired sex slang used by girls as young as 10 | Technology | The Guardian
- you've got to wonder about what other level of monitoring and censorship is going on
consumerbehaviour  gen-a  online  social 
28 days ago by renaissancechambara
The Era of Antisocial Social Media | HBR
- saying that after years spent constructing carefully curated online identities and accumulating heaps of online “friends,” they want to be themselves and make real friends based on shared interests. They’re also craving privacy, safety, and a respite from the throngs of people on social platforms — throngs that now usually include their parents.

To reach these younger audiences on social, marketers are going to have to re-think their approach. The first step is to understand the distinct characteristics of these more closed, and often more private and interactive online spaces. Since I believe that naming a trend helps provide a framework for understanding it, I have dubbed these spaces “digital campfires.”
social  consumerbehaviour  gen-z  jargonwatch 
7 weeks ago by renaissancechambara
Beekeeper in China strikes gold with live-streaming - Inkstone
- romanticisation of rural life by city dwellers is key to the success in the agri-DTC business farmers are using to reach
china  media  social  consumerbehaviour 
11 weeks ago by renaissancechambara
The strange case of Paul Zimmer, the influencer who came back as a different person
- I get him wanting to reinvent himself but he burned to many people to get away with it
social  meme 
11 weeks ago by renaissancechambara
Awash in Disinformation Before Vote, Taiwan Points Finger at China - The New York Times
- At first glance, the bespectacled YouTuber railing against Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, just seems like a concerned citizen making an appeal to his fellow Taiwanese. He speaks Taiwanese-accented Mandarin, with the occasional phrase in Taiwanese dialect. His captions are written with the traditional Chinese characters used in Taiwan, not the simplified ones used in China. With outrage in his voice, he accuses Ms. Tsai of selling out “our beloved land of Taiwan” to Japan and the United States. The man, Zhang Xida, does not say in his videos whom he works for. But other websites and videos make it clear: He is a host for China National Radio, the Beijing-run broadcaster.
Taiwan  social 
11 weeks ago by renaissancechambara
“Patient Zero”: The Philippines Offers A Preview Of The Disinformation Tactics The US Could See In 2020
Three years after Duterte’s 2016 campaign rode a wave of false stories, paid trolling, and the resulting Facebook engagement to victory, opposition candidates who once lambasted the president and his legions of digital disinformation agents have adopted some of the same tactics. The result is a political environment even more polluted by trolling, fake accounts, impostor news brands, and information operations, according to a new study.

Alarmingly, this uptick occurred in spite of Facebook investing in third-party fact-checking and acting to remove pages and accounts that violated its policies — including the takedown of a network belonging to a key Duterte social media adviser.
philippines  social  online  memes 
11 weeks ago by renaissancechambara
Nostalgia and eclecticism: A sociologist's view on social media's cultural impact | Advertising | Campaign Asia
- social media is breaking apart the bonds of popular culture through which brands communicate with consumers.
culture  analysis  social  online 
12 weeks ago by renaissancechambara
Mediatel: Newsline: Vodafone's 'matured' digital strategy reappraises adspend
- "Many advertisers, including Vodafone, have come to realise that a lot of the social platforms are high frequency but very, very low attention," she said. "When you are launching a new brand or proposition you can't communicate it in one and half seconds." - honestly, fuck me with a duck. You could have realised that a decade ago. Social is poor for brand building, but what are Vodafone going to do with it?
vodafone  online  social  brands  marketing  advertising 
december 2019 by renaissancechambara
‘Influencing is heading into the void’: Natasha Stagg and Kate Durbin on the future of social media
author Natasha Stagg joins Kate Durbin to discuss the Kardashians’ quest for immortality, ‘it girls’, and maintaining identity in the content economy
social  online  consumerbehaviour 
december 2019 by renaissancechambara
In U.K. Vote, Online Disinformation Is the New Normal | New York Times
- this will then affect domestic and foreign opinions on the legitimacy of the British government
online  social  uk 
december 2019 by renaissancechambara
(2) Mobile: Social - Unpacking what holds the loyalty industry back... from what it could be. | LinkedIn
- wider implications around people who've been conditioned by mobile ( and other technologies towards internet, multi-channel TV etc) to expect instant gratification in general
wireless  social 
november 2019 by renaissancechambara
Facebook’s fake numbers problem — Lex in depth | Financial Times
- "
Please use the sharing tools found via the share button at the top or side of articles. Copying articles to share with others is a breach of T&Cs and Copyright Policy. Email to buy additional rights. Subscribers may share up to 10 or 20 articles per month using the gift article service. More information can be found at

Facebook’s own estimates suggest duplicate accounts represent approximately 11 per cent of monthly active users while fake versions make up another 5 per cent. Others claim the total is higher. Yet Facebook continues to promote its user base as an incredible 2.45bn per month — close to one-third of the global population."
Facebook  social  online  advertising 
november 2019 by renaissancechambara
Something in the air - Why are so many countries witnessing mass protests? | International | The Economist
As Red Flag, an Australian socialist journal, sees it: “For more than four decades, country after country has been ravaged by neoliberal policies designed to make the mass of workers and the poor pay for what is a growing crisis in the system.”
economics  social  online  consumerbehaviour  trends 
november 2019 by renaissancechambara
IPA | IPA reacts to Twitter’s political ad ban
If online platforms won’t commit to a publicly available, platform-neutral, machine-readable register of all political ads and ad data online, then they should consider following Twitter’s lead in banning political advertising - and even then what would the first solution solve, given the failure of legislative regulation
legal  social  politics2.0 
november 2019 by renaissancechambara
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