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Can You Still FIRE During a Recession?
I’ve been interested in the financial independence movement, often dubbed FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early), for a while. Probably since 2004, when I found an old copy of Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez’s Your Money or Your Life at the public library. As I’ve written many times before, YMOYL was the book that inspired me to track every penny I earned, spent, and saved—a habit that I’ve kept up for over fifteen years.
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2 days ago by renee9656
The Two-Step Path to Financial Independence
If you’re interested in financial independence, whether you want to see if you can accumulate enough capital to retire early or just want the kind of financial stability that lets you live your life as you choose, there’s a two-step path to getting there.
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5 weeks ago by renee9656

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