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Choir! Choir! Choir! sings Cowboy Junkies - Misguided Angel - YouTube
Liked on YouTube: Choir! Choir! Choir! sings Cowboy Junkies - Misguided Angel
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6 hours ago
iOS 12 is Out: Here's What It Means for Your iPhone Photography
Apple just released iOS 12, the latest mobile operating system for the iPhone and iPad. Bundled among the many new feature additions and upgrades are some significant photo and camera improvements.
First off, iOS 12 brings performance boosts across iPhones as far back as iPhone 5S. You’ll find that things across the board are faster and more responsive. The built-in camera will launch up to 70% faster once you install the update.
RAW Editing
If your iPhone or iPad contains an A9 chip (found starting in the iPhone 6S), you’ll be able to edit RAW photos now. This functionality was previously only available in third-party photo-editing apps.
Photos for You
There’s a new For You tab in your Photos app that combines and reveals your favorite moments from Memories and your iCloud Shared Albums.
ios12  photography 
6 hours ago
Most Interesting Lakers No. 1: LeBron James and the Lakers, underdogs? - Silver Screen and Roll
New Lakers star LeBron James is heading into the first season in recent memory in which he’ll be an underdog in his own conference, which will be a fascinating dynamic this season and moving forward.
Editor’s Note: The Silver Screen and Roll staff is counting down the most interesting Lakers heading into next season (The 15 guaranteed contracts plus the two guys on two-way contracts). We continue today with No. 1, LeBron James. Did you really think anyone else would top this list?
Ah, yes. LeBron James joining the Los Angeles Lakers, the classic underdog story.
For the first time recent memory — if not ever — James is heading into an NBA season with lowered expectations. He’s playing for the NBA’s marquee franchise in one of the biggest media markets in the world on a team that just about every fan base hates — and usually because they’ve had their hearts ripped out by the Lakers at some point — but yet here are James and the Lakers, the plucky underdogs just trying to figure out their place in this wild and crazy league.
Unlike Ben Simmons, when someone calls James a coward, he takes the challenge upon himself. And jumping to an entirely new conference seems a lot more difficult than merely shooting a single three.
basketball  lakers  lebron 
6 hours ago
A day at the game with an SNL alum and a (real) celebrity Rams fan - Los Angeles Rams Blog- ESPN
LOS ANGELES -- Taran Killam’s excitement reached a fever pitch near the end of the third quarter.
It wasn’t just that the defense was dominating or that the offense was flowing or that his beloved Los Angeles Rams were riding a 27-point lead over the division-rival Arizona Cardinals with less than 20 minutes remaining. It was that they were doing it all without Greg Zuerlein, their All-Pro kicker, a circumstance that forced them to attempt two-point conversions at inopportune times and even prompted their punter, Johnny Hekker, to try a couple of field goals.
Killam, the actor and comedian of “Saturday Night Live” fame, expressed his unbridled joy the only way he knows how. He grabbed the smartphone out of his shorts, turned it toward his face and screamed into it from the top of his lungs on this searing Sunday afternoon.
football  rams  tv  comedy 
6 hours ago
Stream Alain Johannes Trio ft. Mike Patton – “Luna A Sol” | New Music | Consequence of Sound
Off the Trio's upcoming debut full-length, due out next year
Chilean-American musician and staple of the California rock scene Alain Johannes has played with just about everyone, most notably Them Crooked Vultures, Queens of the Stone Age, and Eleven. His latest project, however, sees him teaming up with brothers Felo and Cote Foncea as The Alain Johannes Trio. The group’s debut full-length is due out next year on Mike Patton’s Ipecac Recordings, so it’ makes sense that the Faith No More singer appears on the album’s new single, “Luna A Sol”.
music  alt_rock  south_america 
6 hours ago
EuroCollege Hogeschool - Posts
De eerste pakkendag zit er alweer op! Wist je dat? Dat we bij EuroCollege een pak dragen iedere donderdag. Op die manier raak je bekend met het dragen van een pak. In veel landen buiten Nederland, is het dragen van een pak nog erg normaal.
#eurocollege #weetjes #pakdragen #pakkendag #utrecht #rotterdam #amsterdam #eindhoven
The first pakkendag is on again! Did you know that? That we wear a suit at eurocollege every Thursday. That way you get familiar with wearing a suit. In many countries outside the Netherlands, wearing a suit is still very normal.
#eurocollege #weetjes #pakdragen #pakkendag #utrecht #rotterdam #amsterdam #eindhoven
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7 hours ago
iOS 12, thoroughly reviewed | Ars Technica
Apple's OS focuses on performance and laying the groundwork for future apps.
Apple's iOS 12 software update is available today for supported iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, and on the surface, it looks like one of the smallest new iOS releases Apple has pushed out.
This isn't a surprise; Apple said earlier this year that iOS 12 would be more about performance and stability than adding new features. Some major additions that were originally planned—like an overhauled home screen—were reportedly delayed to a later release.
And it's also not a bad thing. Frankly, iOS 11 had some problems. Apple released several small updates in late 2017 and throughout 2018 to fix those problems, all while battling some frustrated customers' perceptions that the company was deliberately making older devices obsolete to encourage new sales as overall smartphone sales slowed their growth industry-wide.
ios12  review  ars_technica 
7 hours ago
The 2008 Crash Was Not a Singular Event - WhoWhatWhy
How a Decade of Financial Crisis Changed the World
The holy grail of physics is a unified field theory that somehow explains both the micro and macro aspects of how the world works. The same holds true for what Thomas Carlyle called the “dismal science” of economics, as we seek to understand the causes and consequences of the 2008 financial meltdown.
In this week’s WhoWhatWhy podcast, Jeff Schechtman talks with economic historian Adam Tooze, professor of history at Columbia University and award-winning author, about a reinterpretation of the 2008 financial crisis through the lens of what came before and what followed in its wake.
On this tenth anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Tooze explains how, contrary to popular mythology, this was not just a problem that started in the US and rippled outward, but a global problem: the first real crisis of the global age.
economics  finances  banking  stock_market  2000s  gov2.0  politics  podcast  transcript 
Up-to-date: Hot Wheels ’16 Ford GT Race – theLamleyGroup
A little something I am trying on the Lamley Extras Channel.  Think of it as a video catalog of the Lamley Collection.
hot_wheels  cars  ford_gt  2010s  video 
On the Street…Color Play, London « The Sartorialist
I thought the color play (two shades of orange, burgundy and khaki) made this the most chic look I’ve seen so far this fashion season!
Thanks for the color inspiration @lisa.aiken
fashion  sartorialist  photography  color 
Yasiel Puig named NL player of the week - True Blue LA
Puig hit .429 with five homers
For the third time in his career, Yasiel Puig has been named NL player of the week. This is his first time winning the award since 2014.
This should come as no surprise, as Puig was the hottest hitter in baseball this past weekend.
For the week, Puig hit .429, the highest in the national league among players with at least 21 at-bats. Most notably, Puig hit five home runs in a span of 24 hours, with two coming on Friday and three coming on Saturday.
He was also first in RBI (10) and second in runs (7).
It’s overall been an amazing September for Puig. For the month, he’s hitting .367/.457/1.000.
baseball  dodgers  puig  award 
Dodgers Week 25: Maximum Puig - True Blue LA
Batter of the week
Yasiel Puig turned on the power, hitting two home runs Friday and three more on Saturday against the Cardinals, just the ninth Dodger with consecutive two-homer games. Puig was 9-for-21 (.429) for the week with a .500 on-base percentage. His power surge earned a pair of smooches from hitting coach Turner Ward.
— Fabian Ardaya (@FabianArdaya) September 15, 2018
baseball  dodgers  puig  twitter 
APOD: 2018 September 14 - Ice Halos at Yellowknife
Explanation: You've probably seen a circle around the Sun before. More common than rainbows, ice halos, like a 22 degree circular halo for example, can be easy to spot, especially if you can shade your eyes from direct sunlight. Still it's rare to see such a diverse range of ice halos, including sundogs, tangent, infralateral, and Parry arcs, all found in this snapshot from planet Earth. The picture was quickly taken in the late morning of September 4 from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. The beautiful patterns are generated as sunlight (or moonlight) is reflected and refracted in six-sided water ice crystals in Earth's atmosphere. Of course, atmospheric ice halos in the skies of other worlds are likely to be different.
astronomy  photography  canada  APOD 
2 days ago
The Next Track: Episode #122 - What if Apple Does Stop Selling Downloads?
The rumor that keeps coming back: the one that says that Apple is going to stop selling downloads. Andy Doe joins us to discuss this, and give us an overview of how streaming music is affecting the music business.
This week's guest:
Andy Doe
Proper Discord
Show notes:
We got much of our data from Nielsen's U.S. Mid-Year Report 2018
Episode #119 - Caoilfhionn Rose on Gigging, Busking, Recording, and Releasing Her First Album
Our next tracks:
Ólafur Arnalds: re:member
Brian Auger's Oblivion Express: Live in Los Angeles
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2 days ago
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: Corvette Grand Sport Roadster (2018 HW 50th Race Team)
Beautiful casting in the Hot Wheels Racing blue paint! The rims are sweet too!
hot_wheels  cars  corvette  convertible 
2 days ago
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 2012 Ford Fiesta (2018 Checkmate - Pawn | White Recolor)
Interesting concept, I guess if you get all the chess pieces of this mainline sub-series and the respective recolors, you can use these cars to play chess!
cars  hot_wheels  ford  2010s 
2 days ago
Twitter reacts to Johnny Hekker making first FG attempt of his career
The Rams were left without Greg Zuerlein in the early portion of Sunday’s game against the Cardinals after he exited with a groin injury, but fear not – Johnny Hekker is here to save the day.
When the offense stalled in the red zone and was faced with fourth-and-goal from the 2-yard line, Hekker trotted onto the field to attempt his first field goal in the NFL. To the surprise of no one, he drilled it.
Get you a punter who can do it all.
First-career FG for @JHekker is ! #ForTheBrand
— Los Angeles Rams (@RamsNFL) September 16, 2018
football  rams  hekker  twitter 
2 days ago
Todd Gurley joins elite Rams company with 30th TD in 4th NFL season
Although Todd Gurley only had 42 yards rushing and 73 total yards in the Los Angeles Rams’ 34-0 win over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, he was still highly effective – especially from a fantasy perspective. He scored three touchdowns in the game, all rushing, helping lift the Rams to victory.
The first, which came in the second quarter, was the 30th rushing touchdown of Gurley’s young career. With that, he joined some elite Rams company as one of three players to score 30 rushing touchdowns in their first four seasons.
football  rams  gurley 
2 days ago
Get you a punter who can do it all.

First-career FG for is 💰!

2 days ago
Lina Khan and the “Hipster Antitrust” Movement - The Atlantic
Lina Khan has a novel theory about monopolies—and her sights are set squarely on the company.
Shortly after i met lina khan, her cellphone rang. The call was from a representative of a national organization, regarding a speech it had asked her to give. Khan was courteous on the phone, but she winced momentarily after hanging up. “That was the American Bar Association,” she confessed. “I don’t know if I’ve passed the bar yet.”
This feeling—that Khan’s ideas are in high demand slightly before her time—has characterized much of her life lately. In the past year, the 29-year-old legal scholar’s work has been cited approvingly by the lefty, rabble-rousing congressman Keith Ellison and by a Trump-appointed assistant attorney general, Makan Delrahim. She has been interviewed by NPR and written op-eds for The New York Times.
business  monopoly  amazon  antitrust  economics 
4 days ago
New chip from Texas Instruments to make driving with high-beams on less rude | Ars Technica
Adaptive driving beams still need a little regulatory help, though.
Twice a year or so I drive from Denver to LA, and there's a stretch of highway in Utah that's pretty solitary at night. It's often outside of cell service, and barreling through the dark (no streetlights, of course) in a 2005 Toyota is tricky business. With my brights on, I've been able to see and slow down for elk grazing just 15 feet away from the highway. If one of them had decided to make a leap for the other side of the highway and I hadn't seen them beyond the curtain of darkness, both of us would have quickly been toast.
But that kind of driving requires a lot of vigilance, because you also don't want to blind oncoming truckers for equally serious safety reasons. So, if you do that stretch of highway at night, you end up spending 250 miles with a finger on the headlight post, keeping the brights on when you're alone, and turning them off when any headlights or taillights pop up on the horizon.
cars  driving  technology 
5 days ago
Remote control a Mac from an iPhone via Workflow - Six Colors
Handoff is a nice feature that I use here and there to transfer data between my Mac and iOS devices, but it’s the exception that proves the rule: It’s not particularly easy to control a Mac commands from an iOS device. (It’s also frustratingly hard for my Mac to communicate with my iPhone about an event back at my desk.)
Yes, if I absolutely need to control my iMac Pro from my iPhone, I can launch a screen-sharing app (I use Edovia’s Screens), but pushing a cursor around a 27-inch iMac from an iPhone screen is ridiculous. What if you just want to pause iTunes on your Mac, or turn down the system volume, or send it a webpage from across town, or anything else you can think of?
Dan Sturm, co-host of the Defocused podcast, was frustrated about a lack of Mac remote control, too, and he decided to solve it. His solution is unusual and will undoubtedly make security-minded people aghast, but I’ve tried it and it really works—though I’ve modified it to make it a bit less terrifying, security-wise. (I should point out that there’s a less technical solution here, which is to use the Mac app Alfred and the Alfred Remote iOS app, though I believe it only works when both devices are on the same network.)
remote  mac  iphone  automation  ios  workflow 
5 days ago
Facial recognition at US airports becoming routine, researchers warn | Ars Technica
Prof asks: “We’re wondering if this is the best use of a billion dollars?”
The premature quest for AI-powered facial recognition to simplify screening
Georgetown University researchers have released yet another report warning of the potential dangers and ineffectiveness of the beginnings of routine facial recognition scanning by certain airlines at a handful of airports nationwide.
The new report, which was released Thursday, comes on the heels of a related 2016 report showing that half of Americans’ faces are already in a facial recognition database.
“As currently envisioned, the program represents a serious escalation of biometric scanning of Americans, and there are no codified rules that constrain it,” the report concludes.
In July 2017, Ars reported that facial-scanning pilot programs are already underway in international departure airports at six American airports—Boston, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, New York City, and Washington, DC. More are set to expand next year. In a recent privacy assessment issued one month earlier, DHS noted that the “only way for an individual to ensure he or she is not subject to collection of biometric information when traveling internationally is to refrain from traveling.”
security  privacy  flying  facial_recognition  AI/ML 
5 days ago
Apple Unveils the iPhone XS and XS MAX: Smart HDR and Bokeh Slider
Apple has just announced the iPhone XS and XS MAX, a new generation of iPhones that brings iPhone photographer to the next level.
The iPhone XS and XS MAX are both made of surgical-grade stainless steel. On the front and back are the most durable glass that has ever been introduced in a smartphone.
The phones come in three finishes (Gild, Silver, and Space Gray) and two sizes: the XS features an edge-to-edge 5.8-inch 2.7-million-pixel screen and the XS MAX features a 6.5-inch 3.3-million-pixel screen.
iphoneXs  apple_event  camera  bokeh 
5 days ago
Journalism, ‘fake news’ and disinformation: A handbook for journalism education and training
This new publication by UNESCO is a timely resource and highly topical subject for all those who practice or teach journalism in this Digital Age.
Developments in the last few years have placed journalism under fire. A range of factors are transforming the communications landscape, raising questions about the quality, impact and credibility of journalism. At the same time, orchestrated campaigns are spreading untruths – disinformation, mal-information and misinformation – that are often unwittingly shared on social media:
Disinformation: Information that is false and deliberately created to harm a person, social group, organisation or country
Misinformation: Information that is false but not created with the intention of causing harm
Mal-information: Information that is based on reality, used to inflict harm on a person, social group, organisation or country.
Written by experts in the fight against disinformation, this handbook explores the very nature of journalism with modules on why trust matters; thinking critically about how digital technology and social platforms are conduits of the information disorder; fighting back against disinformation and misinformation through media and information literacy; fact-checking 101; social media verification and combatting online abuse.
propaganda  fake_news  social_media  media  literacy 
5 days ago
Moscow’s Mouthpieces
Skype logs and other documents obtained by Re:Baltica, Postimees and Buzzfeed offer a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the Kremlin’s propaganda machine.
The Russian government via companies in Serbia and Cyprus discreetly funded a group of seemingly independent news websites in Eastern Europe to pump out stories dictated to them by the Kremlin, BuzzFeed News and its reporting partners can reveal.
Russian state media created secret companies in order to bankroll websites in the Baltic states — a key battleground between Russia and the West — and elsewhere in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
The scheme has only come to light through Skype chats and documents obtained by BuzzFeed News, Estonian newspaper Postimees, and investigative journalism outlet Re:Baltica via freedom of information laws, as part of a criminal probe into the individual who was Moscow’s man on the ground in Estonia.
The Skype logs and other files, obtained from computers seized by investigators, reveal the secrets and obfuscating tactics used by Russia as it tries to influence public opinion and push Kremlin talking points.
The websites presented themselves as independent news outlets, but in fact editorial lines were dictated directly by Moscow.
russia  propaganda  europe  social_media  messaging  news  fake_news  web  money 
5 days ago
THIS is how you appropriately report on Botham Jean.
5 days ago
Cowboy Junkies "Misguided Angel (Live from Massey Hall)" - YouTube
Liked on YouTube: Cowboy Junkies "Misguided Angel (Live from Massey Hall)"
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5 days ago
PSA: It’s 'Bokeh' not 'Bokuh'
There are many sounds that native American English speakers have trouble reproducing. The French “r” (aka the “voiceless uvular fricative”), the rolled double “rr” in Spanish, tonal sounds in various Chinese languages like Mandarin and Cantonese.
But when it comes to the Japanese word that has entered the photographic lexicon to describe the quality of out-of-focusness, there is no excuse. It’s only two syllables.
photography  bokeh 
5 days ago
Cowboy Junkies "Misguided Angel (Live from Massey Hall)" - YouTube
Cowboy Junkies
Published on Jul 17, 2018
Cowboy Junkies performed live at Canada's iconic Massey Hall (Toronto, ON) on May 24, 2018
music  concert  canada  youtube  country_rock 
5 days ago
Now Available: Led Zeppelin, THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME | Rhino
“It was 50 years ago today / That Led Zeppelin first came out to play...”
Okay, so maybe we shoehorned that little factoid into the opening lines of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” for our own amusement, but it’s nonetheless a true statement.
Well, mostly, anyway.
Technically, it wasn’t the debut of Led Zeppelin, it was the debut of The New Yardbirds, and if you don’t know this story, we’ll just give you the nutshell version: when The Yardbirds broke up, they were still legally obligated to perform several concerts in Scandinavia, and when Jimmy Page was given authorization by his former bandmates to use the band’s name to fulfill those obligations, he put together a new lineup that included – wait for it – John Bonham, John Paul Jones, and Robert Plant.
So, yes, the first time that the four members of Led Zeppelin played together in front of an audience was  50 years ago today at the Gladsaxe Teen Clubs in Gladsaxe, Denmark. They just weren’t called Led Zeppelin yet.
But, hey, that’s still close enough to make this a perfect day to reissue one of the band’s albums, which brings us to the really important news: as of now, you can pick up a copy of the long-awaited reissue of the soundtrack to THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME.
music  ledzep  concert  box_set  remaster  70s  anniversary  soundtrack  movies 
5 days ago
Kellie Pickler Shaved Head - Why Kellie Pickler Shaved Her Head
What's a country music diva without her big blonde 'do? Stronger, says Kellie Pickler, who shaved her head to support a friend with cancer.
There's hair. And then there's Southern girl hair--usually long, blonde, full, and beautiful. Summer has that kind of hair. It was one of the first things I noticed when I met her, besides her bright smile and her sparkly hazel-blue-green eyes. At 17, I was more of a tomboy--scrapes and bruises down my legs and on my knees--who just wanted to sing. When you come from a place like Albemarle, NC, where there aren't so many opportunities for singers, you take any chance to be handed a microphone. I figured one way to get that chance was to enter a beauty pageant. I didn't enter because I thought I was beautiful--I just wanted to win the talent portion. I had done gymnastics and had been a cheerleader, so I wore a little mascara and lip gloss, but I knew I'd need a lot of help. Summer, who was 27 at the time, had been Miss Stanly County, NC: She was the woman I could ask.
country  music  hair  cancer 
5 days ago
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: Custom Barracuda (2018 HWC Original 16 Replica!)
Wow, what an awesome replica. Super shiny too. It's all metal and has working suspensions. On top of that, it has excellent details too!
cars  hot_wheels  collecting  anniversary  dodge 
5 days ago
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 1967 Camaro (2018 HW 50th Anniversary Black And Gold Series | Gold Chase!)
Black and gold, makes for a beautiful combination. Definitely befitting of iconic cars for a milestone anniversary!
cars  hot_wheels  60s  camaro  anniversary  collecting 
5 days ago
'He's addicted to winning' -- Clayton Kershaw's battle to remain elite
LOS ANGELES -- It was the onset of spring training in 2015, Andrew Friedman's first as the Los Angeles Dodgers' president of baseball operations. "Player plan" meetings -- basically, an analytics session with players, coaches and executives -- were being held. They were mostly for the rookies, but accomplished veterans were included so the message would resonate.
The focus turned to Clayton Kershaw, fresh off winning an MVP award and widely considered darn near impeccable. A member of the Dodgers' front office brought up the consistently low swing rate on Kershaw's curveball and began talking about how the three-time Cy Young Award winner could use it as a way to get back into counts. Then Friedman heard a recognizable voice in a tone he hadn't yet experienced.
"Never gonna happen," Kershaw spat.
baseball  dodgers  kershaw 
5 days ago
Browser Extensions: Are They Worth the Risk? — Krebs on Security
Popular file-sharing site is warning users that cybercriminals hacked its browser extension for Google Chrome so that usernames and passwords submitted through the browser were copied and forwarded to a rogue server in Ukraine. This attack serves as a fresh reminder that legitimate browser extensions can and periodically do fall into the wrong hands, and that it makes good security sense to limit your exposure to such attacks by getting rid of extensions that are no longer useful or actively maintained by developers.
In a statement posted to its Web site, said the extension for Chrome was compromised after its Chrome Web store account was hacked. From their post:
“On 4 September 2018 at 14:30 UTC, an unknown attacker uploaded a trojaned version of MEGA’s Chrome extension, version 3.39.4, to the Google Chrome webstore. Upon installation or autoupdate, it would ask for elevated permissions (Read and change all your data on the websites you visit) that MEGA’s real extension does not require and would (if permissions were granted) exfiltrate credentials for sites including,,, (for webstore login),,, and HTTP POST requests to other sites, to a server located in Ukraine. Note that credentials were not being exfiltrated.”
Browser extensions can be incredibly handy and useful, but compromised extensions — depending on the level of “permissions” or access originally granted to them — also can give attackers access to all data on your computer and the Web sites you visit.
security  privacy  browser  plugins  hack  chrome 
6 days ago
You Can't Change Hatred—But You Can Outvote It
There’s an old saying: “When the horse is dead—dismount.”
It’s time to stop beating that horse, America. It’s not going anywhere.
I’ve tried for three years now.
I’ve tried to understand them.
I’ve tried to listen to them.
I’ve tried not to assign motive to them, not to speculate as to why they voted the way they voted, not to believe they consented to every cruel thing their vote birthed and enabled.
I’ve tried not to caricaturize them; not to make them into one-dimensional stereotypes, not to treat them as some fictional other whose presence posed a threat.
I’ve tried appealing to their sense of decency, to their capacity for compassion, to their faith in Jesus.
politics  gov2.0  hate  voting  election  religion 
6 days ago
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 1965 Ford Ranchero (2018 HW 50th Anniversary Black And Gold Series)
Black and gold, makes for a beautiful combination. Definitely befitting of iconic cars for a milestone anniversary!
cars  60s  ford  anniversary  hot_wheels  collecting 
6 days ago
This Newborn Photo Shows a Baby and His Twin Brother's Ashes
New Zealand-based photographer Sarah Simmons has won an international photo competition with a powerful newborn photo showing a baby with his twin brother’s ashes. reports that mother Cherie Ayrton learned the devastating news that one of her twins had passed away in the womb at her five-month ultrasound scan.
She still kept the newborn photo shoot she had booked with Simmons, and the photographer came up with the idea of capturing a portrait of baby Tiger with his brother Johnny’s ashes.
Simmons wrapped Tiger in a cloth, twisted it, and connected the other end to Johnny’s ashes to symbolize an umbilical cord.
photography  competition  award  children  ANZ 
6 days ago
Apple announces iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, coming September 21 | Ars Technica
XR (coming in October) starts at $749. XS starts at $999. XS Max starts at 1,099.
CUPERTINO, Calif.—Apple executives took the stage at the Steve Jobs Theater today to announce the company's new iPhone lineup: the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. The company's newest phones look a lot like last year's iPhone X.
The iPhone XS and XS Max will arrive first, with pre-orders starting September 14 and shipments starting September 21. The XS will start at $999 for its 64GB model, and the XS Max will start at $1,099 for the same capacity. The iPhone XR will arrive later, on October 26, and will start at $749 for the 64GB model. All three phones will also come in 256GB and 512GB storage options.
Apple has said that the iPhone X was the top-selling smartphone after its launch, and the new phones adopt its same basic design. That means edge-to-edge displays and TrueDepth, a 3D sensor array that allows for gesture-based controls, advanced facial recognition, and new augmented reality applications.
iphoneXs  apple_event 
6 days ago
LA Rams’ Greg Zuerlein wins Week 1 Special Teams Player of the Week - Turf Show Times
Legatron is off to a great start in 2018
Los Angeles Rams’ kicker Greg Zuerlein did his part in the team’s Week 1 victory over the Oakland Raiders on Monday Night Football. Connecting on four out of five field goal attempts, and nailing each of this three extra point attempts, Zuerlein is now being recognized for scoring nearly half of his team’s points in Week 1.
Players of the Week for Week 1: Special Teams
AFC: @miamidolphins WR/KR Jakeem Grant (@_TheDreamIsHere)
NFC: @RamsNFL K Greg Zuerlein
— NFL (@NFL) September 12, 2018
football  rams  award  twitter 
6 days ago
Rams K Greg Zuerlein named NFC Special Teams Player of the Week
Los Angeles Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein missed the end of last season after undergoing back surgery, but he picked up right where he left off in Week 1. Against the Raiders on Monday night, Zuerlein drilled four of his five field goal attempts, including a 55-yarder to help lead the Rams to victory.
He was named NFC Special Teams Player of the Week as a result of his efforts, scoring 15 of the Rams’ 33 points.
football  rams  award 
6 days ago
Delete Site Specific Cookies in Safari on iOS
You can delete specific cookies for any website from the Safari web browser in iOS fairly easily. Though the setting to do so is buried a bit, it’s super easy to use and provides a lot of control, offering a complete list of all cookies stored on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and allowing you to edit or remove any cookies on an individual basis. The process is the same in all versions of iOS, as we will detail below.
cookies  safari  ios  ioshints 
7 days ago
Apple's big Wednesday is almost here - Six Colors
So here we are. A day away from the big Apple event, the second public media event at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino. And while last month’s inadvertent image leak was a huge spoiler, there’s always room for last-minute rumors and leaks.
Just outside the 24-hour window is MacRumors, who reported new tidbits from well-connected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, most notably the idea that the iPad Pro might be going to USB-C, and that the new low-cost Apple laptop might be replacing the 12-inch MacBook, and might include Touch ID. Both of these reports are a bit sketchy, but it’s Kuo, so they need to be taken seriously.
In the last week there’s also been a back and forth about possible product names, in the wake of Guilherme Rambo’s clever image sleuthing. Yesterday Mark Gurman reported that the “likely” names for the top-of-the-line products are, as Rambo reported, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Gurman also says that Apple at one point considered calling the new lower-cost 6.1-inch LCD device “iPhone Xr.”
iphoneXs  rumor  apple_event 
7 days ago
Apple’s September 12, 2018 event: What we expect to be “gathering round” for | Ars Technica
Definite or likely announcements
These are the products we're fairly confident will make an appearance at the show, based on our knowledge of Apple's plans and reports from reliable insiders over the past several months.
At least two (possibly three) successors to the iPhone X
Last year, Apple announced the iPhone X, the iPhone 8, and the iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus iterated on the basic design the company has been using for its flagship iPhones since the iPhone 6 in 2014. That meant a significantly faster processor, new sensors for augmented reality, and support for wireless charging. The latter of those necessitated the back of the phone be made with glass, which didn't thrill users who worry about breaking their phones.
The iPhone X is also made of glass, but it brought the most radical innovations to the iPhone line in years. Apple switched from an LCD display to OLED, which offers deeper blacks and better contrast ratios—and that screen stretched nearly edge to edge across the front of the device, providing more screen real estate for apps to work with. The iPhone X also introduced the TrueDepth camera, a front-facing 3D camera that allowed for more advanced facial-recognition features than any prior consumer phone. But that's just the start; TrueDepth can be used for myriad other things once third-party app developers support it.
The iPhone X went on to be the world's best-selling smartphone. So it should be no surprise that Apple is doubling down on that design in 2019. Multiple reports from Bloomberg citing sources close to Apple's plans have said that Apple will again launch three phones at this year's event and that every one of them will be modeled closely after the iPhone X.
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Bloomberg: Big iPhone X on the way - Six Colors
Mark Gurman and Debby Wu at Bloomberg:
Apple Inc. is preparing to release a trio of new smartphones later this year: the largest iPhone ever, an upgraded handset the same size as the current iPhone X and a less expensive model with some of the flagship phone’s key features.
In other words, an iPhone X Plus and an iPhone 9 that inherits a lot of styling from the iPhone X, but with less expensive parts, including an LCD screen. Seems like a confirmation of much of Ming-Chi Kuo’s report from January.
iphoneXs  rumor 
7 days ago
Report: Apple plans three new iPhones for 2018—and they’re all like the iPhone X | Ars Technica
The iPhone X’s basic design and features will live on in each model.
According to a new report, three new iPhones will launch in 2018, all derived from the design and features of the iPhone X. One would be a direct successor to the iPhone X, another would be a significantly larger cousin with the biggest smartphone screen Apple has yet produced, and the third would be a cheaper version that makes some concessions for cost.
The source, Bloomberg, cites "people familiar with the products." This report follows several rumors from various points in Apple's supply chain that have described a similar lineup. The launches are still months away (they will likely come during September, October, or November, given Apple's past releases), so plans are still subject to change.
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7 days ago
STS Prefects - Intro Video 2018/19 - YouTube
STS Prefects
Published on Sep 7, 2018
Join us while we start this school year off right!!!! We're talking whipped cream, philosophical discussions on the playground, and Mr. Lederer's final song. It's going to be one heck of a year.
Film & Animation
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7 days ago
The Best Tape Measure: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company
After dropping, extending, and scrubbing the blades of 17 different tape measures with 60-grit sandpaper, we found that the best one is the classic 25-foot Stanley PowerLock Tape Measure. It’s our pick after 45 hours of research and three annual updates to this guide, including another 15 hours of work in 2015 testing it against new tools. That’s because the PowerLock delivers the best basic combination of durability, ease of use, and accuracy—and all for a very low price. In fact, the PowerLock is one of the least expensive tape measures that we’ve looked at.
Our pick
25-foot Stanley PowerLock Tape Measure
The best tape measure
The PowerLock is easy to use, durable, affordable, accurate, and capable of doing its job without additional features that aren’t necessary for around-the-house work.
$10 from Amazon
$10 from Home Depot
The weakest part of any tape measure is the blade, and the PowerLock’s is more durable than nearly all the others’ we tested. The thumb-operated blade lock is smooth, strong, and easy to operate with one hand, unlike some other more cumbersome models. Its blade is a quarter-inch slimmer than most contractor’s tools, so it’s easy to lay flat for marking measurements, yet still stiff enough to stand out unsupported for nearly 8 feet, which is plenty. It’s a basic tool whose pared-down simplicity makes it light, tough, accurate, easy to handle, and affordable. Taking all this into consideration to name the tool that gives you the best value, the other tapes—which often cost more—all fell short compared to this one.
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Snow Peak Collapsible Coffee Dripper | Cool Tools
Lightweight pour-over
I bought the Snow Peak folding coffee dripper ($29) three years ago as I wished to brew coffee while traveling where good coffee is often hard to find or expensive. After studying the various different models of travel coffee makers on the market I settled on the Snow Peak version for these reasons:
It folds almost totally flat, meaning it can be folded away to fit in a luggage pocket.
It is fairly lightweight. At 4.9 oz the drip isn’t ultralight, but I am willing to carry that extra weight due to its usefulness.
The stainless steel construction is robust and food safe. I find that continuous use of those plastic coffee drips can warp the material and I am dubious about which plastics they are constructed from. After using the Snow Peak drip I can wash it and it looks as good a new. Occasionally I have dropped the drip from waist height and there has been no damage.
The dripper takes a standard flat paper coffee filter (I prefer the no. 2 size) which can be found worldwide. My favorite brand is Melitta. One can also use the pointed Hario style cone filters, but the filters used in coffee machines will not fit.
I enjoy the taste of filter coffee more than espresso brew style or a coffee press.
The Snow Peak drip is a beautiful object which I appreciated which when felt and used, one senses that there has been a greater consideration in the design.
Very quickly after purchasing the Snow Peak coffee drip I started using it every day at home as well as traveling. My girlfriend also uses it daily so it brews roughly four cups a day. The drip has brewed over four thousand cups so far and operates and looks as if it is new.
Drip coffee is not a fast method of brewing coffee, but I enjoy the slowness. If I could change one thing about the drip it would be the steel construction. Snow Peak is a brand known for their innovative use of titanium, so it would be great to see the coffee drip is offered in that material. I presume the drip would maintain the strength but would be lighter.
There are now multiple travel style coffee makers on the market at the moment and I would be happy to use another if it fulfills my criteria better then the Snow Peak version, but I have yet to find a travel coffee drips which competes.
-- Oisin
Buy on Amazon
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New data from A4AI looks at the price of 1GB of mobile data across 60 countries – World Wide Web Foundation
This is the latest data pricing research from the Alliance for Affordable Internet. To see the data in full, visit
Survey after survey shows that the high cost of accessing and using the internet remains one of the major factors keeping billions offline. As the Web Foundation, through our Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI), works to develop and implement the policies needed to reduce prices and enable those offline to afford to connect, current data on the level of broadband affordability across low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) is critical to tracking progress and impact.  
Based on A4AI’s understanding of affordability, where a 1GB mobile prepaid broadband plan is priced at 2% or less of average monthly income — a definition adopted earlier this year by the UN Broadband Commission — we assessed the price of 1GB of mobile prepaid data in 60 LMICs. What does this newest data show?
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Apple confirms Twitter live stream of tomorrow’s iPhone event | iLounge News
Apple has confirmed that it will be live streaming tomorrow’s iPhone launch event on Twitter, following speculation that was fuelled by a promoted Tweet that has been making the rounds. While Apple has announced its events via Twitter in the past, this is the first year the company has outright suggested a live stream on the social media service, with the Tweet noting users can “watch the #AppleEvent live on Twitter.” Apple has confirmed both to MacRumors and TechCrunch that this does indeed mean that the entire keynote will be live streamed on Twitter, in addition to Apple’s usual live streams available via its tvOS Apple Events app and Special Events page. The keynote is scheduled to begin tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time in the new Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino, California.
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7 days ago
Twitter To Livestream Apple’s Fall Keynote – MacStories
TechCrunch has confirmed that Apple is expanding how its September 12th keynote can be consumed. In years past, Apple keynotes were limited to streaming in Safari and the Apple Events app. This past summer, Apple expanded browser-based streaming to include Firefox and Chrome.
Join us September 12 at 10 a.m. PDT to watch the #AppleEvent live on Twitter. Tap ❤️ below and we’ll send you updates on event day.
— Apple (@Apple) September 10, 2018
Yesterday, Apple began offering reminders of its event via Twitter, which the company has done in the past. As Sarah Perez of TechCrunch notes, however, the wording for tomorrow’s event was a little different:
Instead of saying “follow” the event on Twitter, the tweet says “…watch the #AppleEvent live on Twitter.” (Emphasis ours).
Watch implies a live stream, and the tweet itself featured an animated GIF as another hint.
That wording kicked off speculation that Twitter would stream the keynote, which TechCrunch and other media outlets have since confirmed.
Apple will hold its special event at the Steve Jobs Theater tomorrow at 10 a.m. PDT. Besides the Apple Events app and Twitter livestream, the event will be available on
apple_event  twitter 
7 days ago
How the Stanford Heart Study App Saved Jason Perlow – MacStories
Last fall, Apple launched the free Heart Study app in partnership with Stanford University. The study, which was closed to new participants in August and has begun to end for some early participants, was available to US residents over 22 years old with an Apple Watch Series 1 and newer. The app used the Apple Watch to monitor the user’s heart rate for atrial fibrillation, a leading cause of stroke.
Over the course of the Stanford study, stories have surfaced of instances where it discovered dangerous Afib conditions that were undiagnosed before. One such recent story comes from ZDNet writer Jason Perlow. A self-described Apple critic, Perlow purchased a refurbished Series 2 Nike+ Apple Watch earlier this year to test it.
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Apple's Safari Falls For New Address Bar Spoofing Trick
An unpatched vulnerability in the Safari web browser allows an attacker to control the content displayed in the address bar, a security researcher discovered. The method enables well-crafted phishing attacks that are difficult to spot by the average consumer.
The bug is a race condition type and it is caused by the browser permitting JavaScript to update the address bar before a web page loads completely.
Apple is taking its time to release a fix
Security researcher Rafay Baloch was able to reproduce the vulnerability only in Safari and Edge web browsers.
He informed the makers of the two browsers about the risk, but only Microsoft responded with a patch on August 14, as part of its regular release of security updates.
Apple received a report about the bug on June 2, and 90 days to fix it before public disclosure. The three-month period expired more than a week ago and there is no patch for Safari.
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Professor Jocylen Bell Brunell an inspiration - The Catholic Astronomer
This week  Professor Jocylen Bell Brunell  from Northern Ireland was awarded a significent prize. This was for her scientific achievments and inspiring leadership. The annnouncment reminded me of her generous nature. One lecture she gave back in 2005 stands out.  My article is an account of her lecture at Trinity College in Dublin.
At the time I found her talk fascinating and informative, therefore I wanted to share it once again here.  Her lecture gave voice to Stanley Eddingtons work. Eddington's work gave voice to Albert Einsteins work. Professor Brunell's lecture gave voice to both of them.  The fact that Professor Brunell gave away her award to help others is testiment to her personality and beliefs. A women true to herself, an inspiration to us all.
Here is an article about Professors Brunell's award
A leading Belfast-born scientist has won a $3m international prize for her ground-breaking work and contribution to the field of physics.
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7 days ago
Collective Interests: Going Numb on 9/11 - WhoWhatWhy
Another year has passed since 9/11, and it seems as though accountability for those who financed and supported the perpetrators is further from reality than ever.
While yet more evidence has surfaced this year about the people involved in covering up the crime, secrecy reigns supreme in Washington. Yelling “national security” a whole lot, which US intelligence officials and lawmakers tend to do when they don’t want classified information released for public consumption, has a funny way of locking up scandal nice and tight.
Additionally, the major news outlets rarely mention the involvement of high-ranking Saudis in the plot or the cover-up. So the anniversary has become a day of little more than patriotic memorials and sorrow, while deferred justice is left to what remains of the court of public opinion.
But there is precious little progress on that front.
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How Safe Is the Mac App Store? Privacy-Violating Apps Uncovered | The Mac Security Blog
Security professionals often advise users that Apple's Mac App Store is one of the safest places to download apps.
After all, Apple has a review process that's supposed to help prevent potentially harmful apps from ever being published. Additionally, App Store apps are sandboxed, which is supposed to limit apps' ability to engage in undesirable behavior. Together, Apple's app review process and sandboxing theoretically make the App Store a more trustworthy software source than most.
Lo and behold, new information has come to light that calls into question the safety of the App Store platform. Many apps have recently been caught doing unscrupulous things, circumventing protections supposedly provided by the App Store, and invading users' privacy.
So then, just how safe is the Mac App Store? And what should Mac users do?
apps  data  mac  privacy  security  store  tracking 
7 days ago
Apple takes down Trend Micro Mac apps that collected, stored user data | Ars Technica
24 hours of users' browsing data was unknowingly sent to Trend Micro's servers.
Apple removed several anti-malware apps from its Mac App Store after the apps were found to export users' browser histories. All of the apps in question are made by the cyber-security company Trend Micro, which initially denied the allegations but has since issued an apology to its users.
"Reports that Trend Micro is 'stealing user data' and sending it to an unidentified server in China are absolutely false," the initial statement says.
The statement also details what Trend Micro found in its investigation: the company claims that some of its apps, including Dr. Cleaner, Dr. Antivirus, and Dr. Unarchiver, uploaded a "small snapshot" of users' browser histories that covered the 24 hours before installation. The company claims this was done for "security purposes," particularly to see if users had recently come into contact with adware or other threats. The collected user data was uploaded to a US-based server hosted by Amazon Web Services and managed by Trend Micro.
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7 days ago
Apple Removes Several Trend Micro Apps For Collecting MacOS Users' Data
Apple has removed almost all popular security apps offered by well-known cyber-security vendor Trend Micro from its official Mac App Store after they were caught stealing users' sensitive data without their consent.
The controversial apps in question include Dr Cleaner, Dr Cleaner Pro, Dr Antivirus, Dr Unarchiver, App Uninstall, Dr. Battery, and Duplicate Finder for Mac computers.
The apps were removed just two days after Apple kicked out another popular "Adware Doctor" application for collecting and sending browser history data from users' Safari, Chrome, and Firefox to a server in China.
"This was a one-time data collection, done for security purposes (to analyze whether a user had recently encountered adware or other threats, and thus to improve the product & service)," Trend Micro argued.
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7 days ago
Sofa Buying Advice From the People Who Design and Make Them: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company
Nobody buys a house without researching the neighborhood and inspecting the foundation, plumbing, and electrical. Yet many people drop serious money on a sofa without understanding what goes into a well-made piece of upholstered furniture. It’s a leap of faith that often leads to buyer’s remorse and one too many “for sale – hardly used” Craigslist postings.
The quality of the frame, suspension, cushioning, and upholstery are what separate a sofa that will last 10 to 20 years from one that will start to wobble or look dingy after only a few. To understand what distinguishes quality components from inferior ones I toured BSC Furniture sofa factory with owner Joshua Siegel, the manufacturer responsible for BenchMade Modern’s line of upholstered seating, followed by a visit to Modernica’s facilities in Los Angeles guided by Jay Novak, co-owner and president of the modernist furniture manufacturer. In 2017, Wirecutter senior editor Christine Cyr Clisset toured the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams factory, based in Taylorsville, North Carolina.
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7 days ago
Sofa Buying Guide: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company
After 45 hours of research, including visiting three furniture factories, interviewing industry experts, and parking ourselves on nearly every sofa we’ve seen, we can tell you exactly what separates great sofas from future curbside donations. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to bring home a durable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture.
Finding the right sofa for your space and budget begins with deciding what type and style you want. Just as important, you’ll need to determine what size sofa will fit in your home (including through the delivery path of doorways, hallways, stairs, and other exterior/interior obstructions). Then consider how many people you want to seat, and what to avoid (and invest in) if pets or kids will regularly use the sofa. We cover how to check for quality construction, how much you should expect to spend, and when you can get the best deals. We’ve also put together a buying checklist that you can take with you when you’re shopping, to help you remember the most important details.
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7 days ago
The Best String Trimmers: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company
After using 10 string trimmers to level 12,598 square feet of an overgrown field and trimming over 6,000 linear feet along walls and fences, we’re convinced the best string trimmer (also known as a weed wacker or a weed eater1) is the Ego ST1502-SF Power+ 15″ String Trimmer.
Our pick
Ego ST1502-SF Power+ 15″ String Trimmer
The best string trimmer
The Ego far outdistanced the competition in run time and power. It’s also very comfortable to use, even for extended trimming sessions.
$180* from Home Depot
*At the time of publishing, the price was $200.
Compared with other cordless trimmers, the Ego ST1502-SF Power+ 15″ String Trimmer is at a different level—it cut through 1-inch thick Japanese Knotweed like it was grass, while the others pathetically slapped their strings against the thick stalks. With all of that power, you’d expect it to be noisy, but it was also the quietest tool we tested, with a hair-dryer-like hum that sounded more pleasant than the whine of its competitors. The Ego is just as powerful and affordable as a gas tool, but without the messy fuel, smelly exhaust, or time-consuming maintenance. It was also the most capable cordless trimmer we found, with enough run time to cut a 1-foot-wide strip of grass almost two-thirds of a mile long on a single battery charge. At 10 pounds, it was not the lightest trimmer we tried, but its excellent balance and handling made it one of the easiest to swing around and maneuver in tight spots.
gardening  tools  comparo  wirecutter  review 
7 days ago
LeBron James, Point (Power) Forward - Forum Blue And Gold
LeBron James, for his entire career, has been a point forward. He’s often brought the ball up the court, initiated his team’s offensive sets, and been the player most leaned on to quarterback the progressions within those sets to reach a desirable outcome. Even when he’s played with other ball dominant point guards (like Kyrie Irving), LeBron has held onto this role to at least some degree. There simply has been no fully taking the ball out of his hands.
And for good reason! As not only the game’s best player, he’s also the league’s smartest player who understands how to leverage his immense skill set in a-beat-ahead-of real time to manufacture good shots for his team’s offense. There’s a reason LeBron’s teams consistently hover in the top-10 (and usually in the top-5) in the league in Offensive Efficiency (hint: the reason is him).
What happens, then, when you slide LeBron up a position and he becomes not a point forward, but a point power forward? The Lakers are about to find out and, I think they’re going to find it makes him even more dangerous.
basketball  lakers  lebron 
7 days ago
LA Rams offensive lineman land on PFF’s team of the week - Turf Show Times
What a dominant performance from the offensive line in week 1
If you thought the Los Angeles Rams’ offensive lineman performed well last night, you’re partially right.
What do I mean by that?
Well, they didn’t just perform well. They absolutely dominated.
The Pro Football Focus team of the week features FOUR offensive lineman from the Rams. Yup, four.
Here’s what they said about their performances...
rams  football  award 
7 days ago
4 Rams offensive linemen named to PFF’s Team of the Week
To say the Los Angeles Rams dominated in the trenches during their opener Monday night against the Oakland Raiders would be an understatement. The offensive line that took a huge step forward last season under the leadership of Aaron Kromer showed no signs of regression yesterday and completely mauled the Raiders’ defensive front. Pro Football Focus recognized this, naming four Rams linemen to their Week 1 Team of the Week.
The four players making the cut were Andrew Whitworth, Rodger Saffold, Austin Blythe, and Rob Havenstein. Four out of the five offensive line slots were given to Rams, and the only position that wasn’t a Ram was center, which went to Matt Paradis of the Broncos.
rams  football  award 
7 days ago
How U.S. News Calculated the 2019 Best Colleges Rankings | Best Colleges | US News
Here's a breakdown of the key college data that go into the annual rankings.
How U.S. News Calculated the 2019 Best Colleges Rankings
Deciding where to go to school is tough. Quality is more nebulous in higher education than goods like clothes and streaming music. But the 2019 edition of U.S. News's Best Colleges can at least make finding the right fit more manageable.
The rankings evaluate colleges and universities on 16 measures of academic quality. They allow you to compare at a glance the relative quality of U.S. institutions based on such widely accepted indicators of excellence as first-year student retention, graduation rates and the strength of the faculty. And as you check out colleges already on your short list, you may discover unfamiliar schools with similar metrics and thus broaden your options.
Along with the rankings is a searchable online directory of school profiles. Each one includes data used in the rankings, user reviews of schools, plus key characteristics on applying, academics, cost, student life, safety, services, post-graduate employment and salary outcomes. Because U.S. News surveys schools directly, much of these data are not readily accessible anywhere else.
Taken together, the rankings and profiles – combined with college visits, interviews and your own intuition – can be a powerful tool in your quest for the right college.
university  college  ranking  top_ten 
7 days ago
Fisher, RIT, U of R named among best universities in U.S. | WHAM
Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - Three local colleges are being recognized among the top universities in the United States.
U.S. News & World Report named the University of Rochester, Rochester Institute of Technology and St. John Fisher College among the top tier institutions in the country among its National Universities rankings.
The list was released this week, with Princeton, Harvard, and Columbia Universities rounding out the top 3. The full list of colleges and universities can be seen here.
The colleges are being praised for their undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs being offered. They were also recognized for an emphasis on faculty research.
The methodology for the selection process can be found here.
university  rochester  ranking  college 
7 days ago
Trans-national America - The Atlantic
As World War I unfolded in Europe, intensifying ethnic antagonisms, native-born Americans became increasingly suspicious of the pockets of immigrant culture thriving among them. In 1916, critic and essayist Randolph Bourne challenged such attitudes with an essay—now considered a classic of forward thinking—calling for a new, more cosmopolitan conception of America and a reconsideration of the “melting-pot” theory.
No reverberatory effect of the great war has caused American public opinion more solicitude than the failure of the ‘melting- pot.’ The discovery of diverse nationalistic feelings among our great alien population has come to most people as an intense shock. It has brought out the unpleasant inconsistencies of our traditional beliefs We have had to watch hard- hearted old Brahmins virtuously indignant at the spectacle of the immigrant refusing to be melted, while they jeer at patriots like Mary Antin who write about ‘our forefathers.’ We have had to listen to publicists who express themselves as stunned by the evidence of vigorous nationalistic and cultural movements in this country among Germans, Scandinavians, Bohemians, and Poles, while in the same breath they insist that the mien shall be forcibly assimilated to that Anglo- Saxon tradition which they unquestioningly label ‘American.’
usa  gov2.0  politics  immigration  1910s 
7 days ago
Directed by Bart Peters
Documentary Feature / 90 mins / Tennessee
A documentary about Ashley Cleveland; an award-winning singer and songwriter from Knoxville, TN who has an undeniable talent that is overlooked by the music industry. She is no stranger to rock bottom. The difficulties within her family and upbringing led Ashley to find her love of music, but she fights a constant battle with her secondary love of drugs and alcohol. Amidst these challenges, Ashley perseveres and is signed by Atlantic Records. This win is short-lived as Ashley walks away from this record deal to follow her faith. In turn, she unearths musical honesty and ultimately discovers a place where she is seen, heard, and belongs.
FILM BLOCK 14 - Sunday, Sept. 16 - 4:00 pm - THEATER 1
movies  music  trailer  religion  blues_rock  ashley  documentary 
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The Navy WAVES
This week’s blog came about after Camille Breeze discovered some women’s military uniforms on a visit to the costume collection at Keene State College (see photo gallery below). After our recent AWVS uniform project, our interest was peeked by yet another example of women contributing to the WWII efforts. The Keene uniforms are clearly labeled as belonged to two ladies who served in the Women’s Reserve of the U.S. Naval Reserve, also known as Woman Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Services, or WAVES.
The WAVES were created on July 30th, 1942, becoming the first women’s division of a U.S. military branch. It was also the first time in U.S. military history that women were paid and disciplined the same as men of the same rank and status. However it was understood from the outset that the WAVES would be a temporary division, and that it would dissolve once the war ended (hence the emergency part of the name).
navy  waves  WWII  40s  uniform  women 
7 days ago
The American Women’s Voluntary Services 
This month Museum Textile Services is lucky enough to work with a prized piece of American history. We are conserving a large group of WWII women's uniforms and accessories for the permanent collection at Wheaton College.
The American Women’s Voluntary Services, or AWVS, was founded in January 1940. Its founders were intelligent and wealthy international socialites that based the AWVS on an English counterpart of the Women’s Voluntary Services. The founders believed that the United States would surely enter the ever growing war, and thus they formed the American Women’s Voluntary Services as a way to prepare the country for the war. The formation of the group was believed to be premature, as the AWVS was originally thought of as suspicious and an alarmist group.
women  military  uniform  WWII  40s 
7 days ago
♫ Listening to “Ruler Of My Heart” by Norah Jones from the album “Stay With Me” (bonus)
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♫ Listening to “Ruler of My Heart” by Linda Ronstadt from the album “We Ran” (bonus)
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